Your Story


Who is the author of your story?

What does destiny have in store for you?

Everyone has a story, one that grows daily and is unique to us. How our story develops is up to us, or perhaps regardless of what we do it will play out as it’s meant to? Will it be what we expect? Will it have so many twists and turns that we feel frustrated and not in control? Will it have a happy ending? None of us know.

Be it friend, family or colleague, we truly don’t know their story. There may be secrets untold. Lives in turmoil, a brave face hiding the daily struggle and pain.

If you knew your full story would that change your life now? Would you do things differently, make different decisions and plans? Either way, our knowledge of what is, what can be, and what will be – is limited.


Our story starts the day we are born. The circumstances of that birth will vary from country to country. The birth of a child is greeted with joy and a sense of wonder. Every milestone is recorded and celebrated. The first word. The first step. The first day at school. Graduation from high school. Graduation from university. Starting a new career. Love and marriage. Another new birth. The wheel of life revolves and repeats – generations of love and laughter and special memories forever held in our minds and hearts, in ageing albums or digitally.

However, there are so many occasions when the birth of a new child brings sadness, taking a final breath on entering the world, or given months to live. No matter how brief, the love for that baby never wanes. The memory of soft skin, tiny fingers and toes, bright eyes that speak of unending love.

When a loved one dies, we feel distraught. It may be too soon, unexpected and not what we perceived. We might feel angry and rail at life’s cruelty, lose ourselves in oblivion any way we can. We might be able to carry the burden of pain and soldier on, strong in the face of adversity. None of us know what our reactions will be.

Being compassionate towards each other is a precious gift.



We become isolated in so many ways – grandparents, parents, children, siblings, friends, the immigrant, the stranger. It’s not something we choose. The threads of life weave in so many different ways for us all.

‘Why have you left us so soon?’

‘I was born into poverty. From a young age I walked miles every day looking for water.’

‘I was born with a drug addiction. I have no memory of my physical suffering as a baby. Perhaps it’s locked away waiting to grasp me one day when I’m least expecting it. I live in fear.’

‘I  was one of the lucky ones, saved by medics who cared enough to help the destitute.’

‘I was born into a loving extended family. My grandfather taught me how to be strong. My grandmother taught me how to have faith, and believe in the inherent goodness of people.’

‘I was found in a field, saved before a wild animal feasted on my core. Saved before the elements killed me. Saved by the kindness of a stranger.’

‘I was born to be a leader.’

‘I was in labour with our first child It wasn’t safe to drive. In between shelling of bombs my husband and I walked to the hospital. It took a long time as we sheltered in doorways, hoping we would not be killed. We made it. Our beautiful daughter arrived in the world safely. It was a moment mixed with fear and joy. Would the hospital be bombed? Would we survive? If we died what would happen to our daughter?

We survived and months later arrived in the UK claiming asylum. Our claim was successful and our daughter along with her siblings grew up in a safe environment. We are eternally grateful to our saviours.’

‘There was a knock at the door. I opened it and they shot at me. I was holding my child. I fell to the ground. My child died. My heart is broken.’

‘I have not seen my sister in ten years. We had an argument – angry words  followed more angry words. Now it’s too late.’

‘I have no hope for the future. I have lost my job, my home. How can I support my family? How can I go on?’

I’ve been sober for seven years. I take it day by day. Every day is precious. I’m grateful for all the help and support.

‘I know I’m surrounded by family and friends, but I feel so alone, so utterly lonely.’

‘I was born free.’



We are both standing in front of a beautiful picture. Do we see the same image? Do we see the same colours, the depth, the perspective? Do we see what the artist is saying? No. Physically we are standing in a different space. Our perception is different, thus our life experiences vary.

Everyone travels a different road. Some of us have a mental map and know where we are going. Some of us don’t quite know and take it one day at a time. Some of us strive to reach our goals, do everything we can to make the journey easier, but somehow it goes awry.

Hence all our stories are not the same. We may travel the same road, but we wear different shoes. Our thought patterns are different. What we perceive around us is different. We write our stories as we travel – mental images saved to smile about another day, some we prefer to forget. Our eyes may crease with laughter, or be filled with pain. Every groove on our face is the external map of what we feel inside, life’s joys and sorrows.

We may surge with energy to the finish line at different stages of our journey, or we may limp slowly, happy to have got there at any cost.


Everyone’s story is painted differently with  shades of light and darkness permeating through our daily lives. Shadows casting shapes of sorrow – sunlight easing the pain.

Life is a series of events – some we plan for and expect, others making us stumble. Life is a series of moments building up into hours and days and years, filled with endeavour, inner strength, and faith.

Write your story with love and high expectations. Write it with the determination to succeed and to be strong in times of battle. Colour all you do with empathy and be aware of the less fortunate around you. Be generous in thought and deed and allow the great universal power to guide you.

Remember, you are extraordinary.


Life is like a spool of thread,

Every person we meet we unwind a little bit more,

Every new experience, every new day,

We unfold in a multi-coloured weave,

New stories to be told,

New fantasies, new dreams.


Some days we hurriedly reel back and hide,

Bad memories, ill-feelings thrown our way,

Causing us to stumble, to grieve,

Fearful of what lies ahead.


Weave the threads of life

Into a strong cloak of –

Love, compassion and strength,

A cloak that will protect you,

And those around you.

                                            ©Helena Abrahams

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