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I would like to tell you a story and one I hope you pass on to your children and their children. It’s a story about the inherent talents we all possess. It’s a story about faith and hope. It’s a story about ‘Knowing!’

Cordelia grew up in a large family in a small town. Where that is of no relevance so I won’t bore you with details. She was the middle child in a family of six girls, timid and seemingly of no consequence. Her opinion was never sought. Her demeanour ws never commented on. Her voice was rarely heard. Loud and outspoken her sisters held sway in the house. Their mother mistress of all that is verbal was well able to take part in the melee of voices that shook the very rafters.

Pops, as they called him, sat quietly in the corner reading a newspaper, often upside-down as he tried to ignore the strident voices. An occasional wink thrown Cordelia’s way reminded her that she was still alive. You see, she did wonder and even wondered if she was invisible. Quietly, she grew up, if one can call 5ft grown up. When she was 18 she filled a backpack with a few essentials and left home. No-one noticed. They were all still busy opining and trying to outdo the other. But that’s family life for you.



Like Dick Whittington and his cat, a tale from English folklore, she walked for miles, but minus the cat. Eventually she arrived. Arrived where you may well wonder. She arrived at that particular place that you are meant to be at that moment in time. Neither enthusiastic nor excited she walked past houses and shops and grandiose buildings of all shapes and sizes, rather like humans she thought. You know, how some are big and strong and tower over everyone, and others stand in their shadow. Cordelia was a smart girl and thoughts such as these were not uncommon, albeit never voiced.

For some reason she was driven to climb a steep stairway. It was the entrance to an opera house of note (pardon the pun). A colourful poster caught her eye and she read the words avidly. Auditions for backing singers were being held at that very moment. Her heart didn’t pound as you would expect it to. She didn’t feel nervous as you would assume someone as shy as she was should. She just knew this was her moment.


The auditorium was full. Cackling females gathered in small groups confident and assured, waited for their moment on stage to impress. Cordelia slipped her backpack off and walked slowly towards the stage. Up the steps, into the centre, not pausing. Before anyone could object or ask who she was she broke into song, letting her voice do all the talking it had been denied for years.

Of course, this being her moment, she was chosen to be one of the backing singers for the Almighty Diva who was performing that week. I know, not much time to prepare, but often life throws a lifeline our way and it’s best to grab it without overthinking, or rehearsing, or wasting time. Cordelia just got on with it quietly, preparing for her moment in the spotlight.


The audience applauded enthusiastically when the Almighty Diva made her grand entrance, excited to hear this world-renowned artiste. The concert began. Orchestral notes swayed and soared along with the Diva’s voice, occasionally swooping, then soaring once more. Cordelia along with her two cohorts trilled and vocalized where they should, generally adding truly little to the Diva’s magnificent performance. Who could? Classically trained, world renowned, her voice was surely divine and she knew it.

‘Knowing’ you are the best adds perfection to your performance in life. Confident and holding the audience captive to her brilliance she began to sing the final song. The iconic song, written by Richard Rodgers, known to the world at large, an anthem to millions, filled the auditorium gloriously. The Almighty Diva’s sultry voice offered the words of the first verse to the audience like a gift from the heavens, golden and pure, unaccompanied by the orchestra. And they wept.


When you walk through a storm,
Hold your head up high
And don’t be afraid of the dark.
At the end of a storm
There’s a golden sky
And the sweet silver song of a lark.

Walk on through the wind,
Walk on through the rain,
Though your dreams be tossed and blown.

Walk on, walk on,
With hope in your heart,
And you’ll never walk alone,
You’ll never walk alone!

Walk on, walk on,
With hope in your heart,
And you’ll never walk alone,
You’ll never walk alone!


                                        ©Richard Rodgers


Cordelia stepped forward, unselfconscious, quietly confident, knowing this was her moment. Her voice soared to new heights as she sang the chorus. Every single note was pure, a Capella of perfection filling everyone’s heart with joy. She sang, not for fame or acclaim, but simply because she could no longer contain her voice.

She sang from her heart, with no expectation of applause. She sang because she had no choice. She sang because it was greater than any other desire she had ever experienced. She was the music, the purity and strength of inner joy and, that inner knowledge of just being.

Every note Cordelia sang reminded everyone of that one moment in time when one is seized with an unexpected sense of happiness, of serenity. That one moment that cannot be explained. That one moment when all is right with the world and you just know – your moment is now.

As one the audience stood and joined in the chorus allowing Cordelia’s voice to lead them and show them new pathways. Allowing Cordelia’s voice to enhance their lives with unsurpassed wealth, knowing the truth of those words would remain with them forever and that they would ‘Never stand-alone’ ever again.


You are Cordelia. The world is your opera house. The world is your stage. Seize the moment, seize the day, and allow your greatness to shine. This one moment in time is your opportunity to claim the life you deserve, a life filled with celestial music, a life filled with gratitude for the voice within that can now reach soaring heights, new and undiscovered until now. Your creation, your gift to the world is now heard. Know that you are unique. Recognize that quality within that makes you shine, that makes you unique. Know! Carpe Diem.

And the Almighty Diva bowed deeply and smiled at Cordelia.


Holding the hand of your loved one,

Every fibre in your body reaching out,

Wishing you could take the pain away,

Healing and hoping and praying,

Believing in the miracle of life,

Always believing.

Listen to your inner music,

Allow it to flow,

Listen to the words,

They tell the story of your love,

And heal the brokenness in your heart.

You’re not alone,

Nor ever will be,

Take succour from the love that surrounds you,

The cloak of strength and protection.

Listen to your inner music,

Allow it to flow and resonate,

Listen to the words,

And know you’ll never walk alone.

                                                               ©Helena Abrahams

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  1. What makes you beautiful?
    It’s your thoughts and your words and the way you share it with the world.
    It’s your eyes and the way you see the world
    It’s the way you touch and hug my heart
    It’s the live you so freely give even when you are miles away.
    This be but a inkling of what makes you beautiful ❤️

    You are beautiful Helena

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