We live in a material world, one of great inequality, socio-economic layers that are dependent on each other. Whether you’re at the top of that structure or at the bottom, there will be times in your life when someone special makes a huge impact on your life story. Without these incomparable special people who help so many, our universal problems would be even greater.

Our sympathy for people who need help is often short lived. We’ve ‘done our bit’ and feel justified in moving on, but fortunately these angels of mercy are working away quietly in the background, alleviating hunger of the body and of the mind, bringing relief to those in need.

What you see isn’t everything and often our own perceptions are biased. Being able to give without judgement is truly awesome.

The inner essence of mankind glows in the dark.


My journey in life has brought me into contact with so many special people. What amazes me most is that they don’t realize how special they are. They set aside their own worries in order to help other people, strong in the face of adversity, reaching out to those in need. They share what little they have. They bring love and joy and laughter into so many lives, unaware of these gifts that will make someone’s life easier. And if they can carry your load they will do so, because they truly care. They believe it’s the right thing to do.

It’s these very special people who make the world a brighter and better place. It’s these very special people who hold your hand and lead you back onto the right pathway. Whatever role they play in life they are always there when you need help the most.

They are the champions who will carry you when you cannot walk. They are the champions who never let you down. They are the champions who light up your world. They are the true champions who applaud you when you reach the finish line. They are the extraordinary and special people who are unaware of all they do, because they do it with love and from the heart.

helping hand

There are times in life when we need

A helping hand,

A healing hand,

A hopeful heart,

There are times when we need

Someone special,

Who we can trust.

You provide all that and more,

You have been there to heal and help,

Support and give willingly of your time,

You have reached out and touched many lives,

With God’s grace and blessings,

Now returned to you tenfold and more.

                                                              ©Helena Abrahams


It’s said that “self-praise is no praise,” but I want you to set that aside today and realize how special you are. You live life fully, giving generously of your time. If someone needs help, you are there. If someone needs a listening ear, you do so with compassion. Your thoughtfulness stretches beyond all borders. For you there are no borders.

You treat everyone equally with love and respect. You see the best in people and encourage them to see beyond whatever barriers they have created for themselves. You encourage them to remove those barriers and create a better life.

Your inner serenity flows freely into many lives, healing bruised souls. Your laughter rings freely bringing a smile to everyone’s face.

Living joyously, dancing to the rhythm of life – that’s you and that’s what makes you so special.


You have the gift of seeing beyond the external images, seeing the shadows in the mirror. When you look at someone you see what lies beyond their bright smile. You see the pain in their eyes and you reach out to help, be it with a kind word, or a healing hug. You act intuitively answering the call for help in whatever way you can.

There is no greater gift than kindness bestowed when one needs it most. There is no greater gift than a helping hand across turbulent waters, support given with no expectation of anything in return. You are truly special.


You fed me when I was hungry. You brought me water when I was  thirsty. You gave me shelter when I lost my home. You supported me unconditionally. You mentored and sponsored me helping me to get back on the right road. You looked after me when I was ill. You cleaned and covered my wounds. You hugged me when I was sad. You taught me how to hope again. You helped me smile again. You made me feel whole. Most of all, you accepted me, unjudgementally.

Not once did you ask for anything in return. All I had to offer you was my gratitude.

These gifts you passed on to me so that I too could help others. They are gifts of the heart, priceless gifts that can change many lives.



These two words can not begin to express my gratitude

for everything you have done,

You believed in me, supported me, mentored me,

You were there when I faltered,

motivating and encouraging me to move on,

not to give up.

There are no words that can express my gratitude –

So, I humbly say,

Thank you.

                                    ©Helena Abrahams


When you help someone without any expectation of receiving anything in return, you have taught that person how to help others. These acts of kindness create a ripple effect throughout the world breaking down the walls of recrimination.

It takes a truly special person to see the truth, to act with kindness, and not to judge. It takes a truly special person to give up their own time, go out and feed the hungry. It takes a truly special person to save lives, to stand side by side in life’s battle fields with those who need support.

This generosity of spirit is the string of glowing pearls that connects and surrounds us all, surrounds the universe as more pearls are added – glowing in the dark.

Thank you for all you do. Thank you for being you – truly Special


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