The State of You? Of course it exists. You live in You, and wudya look at yourself. Is that what you call a ‘pull-together-can’t- be-bothered’ look? If that was your aim you’ve succeeded, BUT…. really? Please tell me you’re going to a fancy dress party and not to work. 

Is your glass half-full? No! That’s no excuse. Buy a bigger glass and fill it, and keep it filled after you’ve availed yourself of life’s free libaton – water. 

Smell the roses. They grow so beautifully with the aid of horse-shit. Great manure that makes them bloom in glorious technicolor. I’m not recommending a similar cure for you, quite the opposite. Step out of the shit you’ve chosen to live your life in. Are you addicted to it? Is it enriching your life? Have you lost many friends? Do you have any friends? 

Don’t give me that whole spiel on I can’t afford this, that, or the other. Do you know how many Life Coaches are online offering to help you – free of charge. Yes, I did say free of charge, no hidden agenda. They care enough to shift you out into the world and live it as you should – awesomely. 

Scrap the fear. Delete. Scrap the bad attitude. Delete. Get out of those tracksuit bottoms with the elasticated waistbands and the t-shirts emblazoned with unicorns. Unicorns? Are you for real? You were just popping out to the shop. Oh, puleeze. That old chestnut. Whatever about showing yourself respect, what about the people who serve you. Don’t they deserve respect, acknowledgement? Of course they do. When you dress smartly, be it casual-smart or with a slight quiver of sophistication, (we’ll save the full quiver of sophistication for later), people will make eye-contact with you and smile at you. The people serving you will appreciate the effort you’ve made. There is a definite whiff of something hovering above you – the whiff of respectability which no-man can deny – (unless you haven’t showered for a week). 

Dress for success. 

Dress for the life you desire and choose to have. Move to the State of Awesome You. 



Tough cookies! Dunk them. Life isn’t fair. It’s a series of potholes you can fall into or choose to ignore. So, you weren’t born with a silver spoon in your mouth, or indeed any spoon. Who really cares? Eat your soup with your fingers and if you succeed doing that, then fairplay to you. You’re a much more talented person than I am. Use a straw and slurp your way through life. Get off your ass and get a life. Use it. Work it. Appreciate it. 

While you’re at it read last week’s blog and all the other blogs on positivity and actually living as intended. Don’t be an ass all your life. Life is a see-saw not a hee-haw.


You indolent sloth! What’s your problem? You dilly-dally all day and achieve nada. Stop goldbricking! The only bits of you that move are your eyeballs, and that’s only because you’re surfing the web or watching box-sets. You know you can’t live in this State anymore. You’ve got to move – NOW! 

The State of Animation has openings galore for people like you. All you need is some drive and ambition. Engage your brain in the real world. Engage your gluteal muscles and move! Kick ass! Life is for living. 


Are you for real? Nobody wants to live here and you actually chose it. Do you enjoy living here? That’s a rhetorical question. Do not attempt to answer it. Living in this State is not beneficial to your wealth, financial or otherwise. It’s draining all your mental and physical resources. Don’t roll your eyes. You know it’s true. 

You must and will move to the State of Positivity, even if I have to drag you there. You need friends who support you. You need goals and dreams and all that super-duper-stuff that will make you a nicer person. Stop whinging and moaning about life. That’s why you keep on being kicked in the posterior. 

If the State of Positivity is too OTT for you, move to the State of Peppiness. It has a lot to offer. 


Why are you living here? Is it working for you? Oh, you think it is. You say it pushes you forward, helps you get promotion. And when you’re walking all over your colleagues do you hear their screams, their complaints? The few must be savaged for the success of one – is your mantra. Change your mantra. Stop hissing at people. Choose to live your life calmly. 

The occasional rant is allowed, but leave the rage in its cage. It has no place in your life now or ever. The deep grooves of discontent on your face will disappear saving you a fortune in botox. 

Chillax! You have a choice. The State of Bliss is just a few miles of calm thoughts away. Rev it up a gear or two and get into the groove of tranquillity. Put a smile of Bliss on your face. If needs be, fake it till you make it. The fake smile is always in vogue and before

you know it that smile will be real. No-one can possibly live in the State of Bliss without feeling good about themselves. Live a life of wonders. Live a life of bliss. 



Come with me. Hurry up. Life is too short for your nonsense. I’m taking you to the State of Peppiness. Leave all your baggage behind. It’s making your shoulders droop. You’re now going to live life lustily with vim, and vigour, and vibrancy, and drive everyone crazy with your uber-peppiness. That’s an added benefit. Go hustle! Thrust yourself forward, jump the queues. Smile at your detractors and anyone who moans. Even better buy them a ticket to the State of Complaints, or make them watch The Sound of Music and The Waltons, over and over again. 

Living in the State of Peppiness is amazing. Who doesn’t want the wow factor in their life, or wow moments. Imagine experiencing that every day. ‘Goodnight, John Boy. Goodnight, Elizabeth. Goodnight Daddy. Goodnight, son. Goodnight, Mary Ellen. Goodnight, Daddy. Goodnight, Mama’. 

Enough already. And while The Walton Family who live on Walton’s Mountain – where else would they live – have a good night’s sleep, I await your arrival in the State of Bliss and Peppiness and Positivity. How you live your life is your choice. Choose well. Live well. Be well.

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  1. Great blog Helena. Great play on words.
    You’ve put me in a State of hope and happiness.xxxx

  2. Love the voice!
    Trying to install it instead of the one that rants inside me x

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