I started this journey at the end of 2020 with no specific goal in mind, other than to enjoy it. When a particular blog resonates with someone and they send me a message to say it helped them, I’m delighted. Please keep sending those messages. You can also message on the blog site. It’s been a wonderful journey, sometimes sad, – a journey of words and images to remind me of those who have passed, a journey of motivation, and attempts to make people laugh. Here are some snippets from previous blogs. 


welcome the new day

What was your first thought when you woke up this morning? Was it excitement at all you would achieve today, or did you feel indifferent, assuming it was just another boring day. 

Let’s pause for a moment. Clear your mind. Now rewind. Visualize yourself in that first moment of waking up. Feel how your body automatically stretches. Stretch your facial muscles and smile. Don’t think about anything, just smile. Greet the new day and welcome it. 

Forget about yesterday. It’s done and dusted, over. Whatever happened – happened and you can’t change it. But you can change today, make it a better one, a day to remember, a day to celebrate. It’s a new day filled with endless possibilities. 



Yes, calibrate. Adjust your internal settings on this new day. Switch off the negativity button. Power up the positivity controls to full blast. Visualize yourself doing this as you gear up your mind and body for what will be an awesome day. Tweak, tug, alter, refine, and make whatever adjustments you need to on your usual thought patterns, and ensure you drive through today on full power. This is your first achievement today, a calibration of self. Now you can arise and celebrate this new day with zing and zest and zeal! 



This vibrant and dynamic painting was created by our lovely daughter, Orla. We were privileged to watch its progress from the first brush stroke to its final denouement. For me it’s a reflection of life, a map of discovery, layers upon layers unfolding, bringing us to a sense of discovery. 

Sometimes in our lives we come up against what seems like impenetrable walls. We get lost in the maze. But there is always a way out, often many ways. And if life seems dark and grim, see the bright colours within. A shining light showing you the way. 


The Right Mindset

By now, after months of reading my blogs on positivity, you are in the habit of power lifting your thoughts. Prepped and ready to soar, you have created a positive pattern of thinking that enhances your daily life. Your mental muscles are strong, and you know how to spread your wings to their widest span and fly high. 

I suggested a few weeks ago in the blog about The Great Divide that we are often our own best enemies. Not our worst enemies but our best. We can do this so well. Quoting from that blog: “Make friends with yourself today. Acknowledge your depression, your dark moods, your quirks and quibbles. Then befriend them and use them to shift that darkness away. Visualize yourself doing this. It hurts, doesn’t it? It’s exhausting, isn’t it? No, don’t stop and say you’ll start tomorrow. Do it now”. 



How many times a day do you charge up your cell phone, your iPad, your laptop, battery powered hoover and any other gadget you possess? You don’t think about it. You just do it. 

When was the last time you charged yourself up, amped yourself to the fullest power? Well, today is the day that you will revAMP your life, re-energise yourself mentally and physically, charge up every cell in your body. No matter what physical ailments or mental apathy disturbs the flow in your life, it’s time to unblock it and throw new shadows onto the wall of life. 

It won’t be easy. The good stuff never is, but the unvarnished truth is – 


will power

Believe and know that every thought and action today is a new discovery on this amazing journey, allowing you to reach new heights. ALLOWING you to fathom the depths

of your inner being, the INNER YOU that will be released. The inner you that will be released to acknowledge and nurture the many gifts you have. 



All of our actions in life have consequences. There is a right time for everything we do and say, a time when it all appears to be taken out of our hands, out of our control. That is when we must trust and believe, knowing we are protected. 

All of our thoughts create internal dialogue and allow our story to evolve. Let those thoughts be true and filled with grace. Let them soar and fashion your life. 

Taking action on a positive thought demands courage. You have that courage in abundance. Your desire to change your life is strong. You have all the necessary tools to make possibilities into the true realities of your life. You have the key to open the door to this new life, where you are the master of your own destiny; a life where your skills, talents and creativity have already written your new story. You have mined the depths and discovered new jewels. Wear them with pride. 


Zig Zigglar

If you choose not to feel worthy and it is a choice, you are not being true to yourself. So you think that feeling guilty is right? That you must punish yourself? Is that going to erase any mistakes you have made? Will it solve any problems? NO! Hear that loud and clear and get over yourself. 

Disrespecting yourself and engaging in mental self-flagellation is a lot more egotistical than believing you are worthy, believing you are awesome. Time to change the tune in your head. 

Living without optimism is like depriving yourself of water. You cannot function properly, nor can you develop as you are destined to. If you continually focus on what is wrong with your life, you’re denying yourself the right to progress and to live your life as you should, as you deserve. 

To quote Zig Ziglar – ‘Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being positive about what could go right’.



Cordelia stepped forward, unselfconscious, quietly confident, knowing this was her moment. Her voice soared to new heights as she sang the chorus. Every single note was pure, a Capella of perfection filling everyone’s heart with joy. She sang, not for fame or acclaim, but simply because she could no longer contain her voice. 

She sang from her heart, with no expectation of applause. She sang because she had no choice. She sang because it was greater than any other desire she had ever experienced. She was the music, the purity and strength of inner joy, and that inner knowledge of just being. 

Every note Cordelia sang reminded everyone of that one moment in time, when one is seized with an unexpected sense of happiness, of serenity. That one moment that cannot be explained. That one moment when all is right with the world and you just know – your moment is now. 

As one the audience stood and joined in the chorus, allowing Cordelia’s voice to lead them and show them new pathways. Allowing Cordelia’s voice to enhance their lives with unsurpassed wealth, knowing the truth of those words would remain with them forever and that they would – ‘Never stand-alone’ ever again. 

You are Cordelia. The world is your opera house. The world is your stage. Seize the moment, seize the day, and allow your greatness to shine. This one moment in time is your opportunity to claim the life you deserve, a life filled with celestial music, a life filled with gratitude for the voice within that can now reach soaring heights, new and undiscovered until now. Your creation, your gift to the world is now heard. 

Know that you are unique. Recognize that quality within that makes you shine, that makes you truly unique. Know! Carpe Diem. 



The Master held his hand up and spoke. ‘Nothing is automatic. We all have to work at it. These new lives you have brought into the world are now your responsibility. You must teach them values. You must show them how to follow their own path – not yours. 

Everyone’s journey is different. Do not make your children live your dreams, your lives. They have their own.Your gifts to them must be: valour, kindness, moral and mental strength, honesty, compassion, and love.

Do not neglect to teach them how to test the stones in the wall before they step on them, to ensure they are secure. Teach them how to climb safely, but also teach them how to climb down without falling. If they fall, teach them how to get up and restore their balance – mentally and physically. Teach them with love and patience’. 


time out

For all of us this is a time of ‘dormancy’ from the lives we knew. Unprepared for the restrictions COVID-19 has brought into our lives, we may find it difficult to remain positive. 

Everything we took for granted and accepted as the norm has been erased. Physical contact – a hug, hands holding hands, sharing meals with family and friends, seeing a smile on someone’s face, now masked and hidden. 

This is the winter of our lives, but its beauty is the knowledge that like the seasons it will change. The sun will rise earlier in the morning and set later in the day, and we will walk confidently into a new future. Life has come full circle. 



To quote Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz: “If we walk far enough we shall sometime come to someplace.” 


We all want to arrive ‘someplace’. That’s the reason for our journey. Make ‘someplace’ a place that is worthy of You, your dreams and values, a place of tranquillity. You can take the high road or the low road. You can choose an easy route or a longer, more difficult one. Use your internal compass to guide you. Live a glorious and honourable life – healthy, wealthy, and wise. 

Study your A-Maze-Ing maps and ensure your journey is vibrant with colour. Remember that whatever route you take will bring you to your desired destination. Your destiny awaits. Choose your map and have an Amazing and Awesome life.

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  1. Congratulations on your 100 blogs Helena !! And here’s to the next 100!!.
    They really were meant to be on a book for us to be able to look back on.
    Such wisdom told so well-without preaching or pomposity.

  2. Helena

    I am so proud of you, what an inspiration to us all! Your grandkids will cherish your wisdom for generations to come.

    Your have stuck with it through lockdowns and other government restrictions… you have PROVED anything is possible if you have a dream and are willing to do the work

    Congrats 🎉

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