Dedicated to our lovely granddaughter, Saoirse, a child of grace and gentleness, and inner strength.



This is a story about a very special dragon, a dragon with magical powers. Picture this. Thousands of mothers and fathers going to Buddhist temples all over China praying for a girl to be born in this auspicious year, the year of the dragon. Imagine all those hopes, and dreams

and prayers heaped upon you. Many of them were blessed with beautiful children, and because their prayers were from the heart one very special small dragon was sent to earth. Named Saoirse which means freedom, she held the golden key to all the universal treasures and created a whole new world where everything was possible.


Saoirse Dragon was like no other dragon. She was totally unique and logical. There was no need for her to roar. Her gentle nature and soft words of encouragement were so powerful they created bubbles of happy thoughts everywhere she went. Super strong, she practised her karate moves every day which gave her balance and poise. But most importantly, she was very strong mentally and totally focused creating today everything that would benefit her tomorrow. Creating today a future so bright it formed its very own galaxy of stars, even brighter than the constellation of Draco (Latin for dragon) which is in the far northern sky.


At night our intrepid Saoirse Dragon could fly. Gossamer thin wings unfolded, and a soft breeze airlifted her into the vast blue skies. She flew over villages and towns and cities. She flew over valleys and mountains. She flew so high that she almost reached the moon. Fearless and adventurous, but clever enough to know not to fly too near the sun because it was very hot, just close enough to enjoy the sunshine on her face. Sometimes she flew to the Antarctic, a land of ice and snow. She didn’t need a warm coat like other dragons. Her magical powers were so strong she only had to close her eyes, imagine she was warm and immediately she glowed with heat.


Everyday Saoirse Dragon gave someone a gift. Opening the door to the amazing world of treasures with the golden key made her very happy and she made sure she chose the right gift. These were no ordinary gifts. They didn’t need to be wrapped up in shiny paper or tied with pretty bows. They were so special they glowed and sparkled. Her favourite one was the Gift of Love. She handed that out every single day because it was important and made everyone happy.


When Saoirse Dragon met people for the first time she won their hearts with her beauty and charm. Most people are afraid of dragons and think they breathe out fire, but the flames of fire Saoirse surrounded everyone with formed powerful words. She gave everyone the gift of Positivity to help them on their journey. Using dragon letters, she made magic spells and wrote them on paper with invisible ink That meant people had to concentrate very hard and focus to make the words visible. They could then choose the ones they needed the most and they had a lot to choose from.


word magic

‘I am strong. I love myself. I can do it. I am serene. I am wealthy. I am a champion. I am awesome. I am creative. I am accomplished. I am motivated. I am resilient. I am happy. I am amazing. I am conscientious. I work hard every day. I offer gratitude every day. Everything is possible. I am courageous. I can climb mountains. I can swim in deep waters. I can work hard. I can focus on a dream and make it reality. Create your own word magic and practise daily.


Learning new words every day makes you smarter, so Saoirse Dragon decided to choose two new words every day, but there were thousands and thousands of amazing words she got so excited she chose these five: Phenomenal. Prodigious. Analytical. Conscientious. Authentic Once she had mastered how to pronounce them, their meaning and of course how to spell them she would add them to her Word Magic.


Saoirse Dragon was born to be a leader. She was born to realize her dreams but most importantly she was born to help others find their dreams. She was so passionate about helping people she decided to create a dance to help everyone remember where their gifts were. You see sometimes people can be silly and forget and Saoirse Dragon knew that. For days she practised her moves and allowed the dance to flow. Then it was ready and as the music played she taught everyone how to dance. First they had to listen carefully and find their inner music and then they had to choose where they wanted to go or what they wanted to be.


Slither. Slide. Wave your arms. Smile very wide and wag your tail. Jump up and down and shake your head. Now slowly slither yet again. Clap your hands and laugh out loud. Now do the dance all over again Everyone loved the dragon dance and Saoirse’s endless energy taught them all the power of motivation and helped them move forward.


Being born in the year of the dragon meant Saoirse Dragon was always lucky. She wasn’t lazy and didn’t misuse this gift. It was a bonus which helped her make the right choices. Sometimes she had to wear her special cloak. It was such a bright pink it made people blink. Very shiny it sparkled as if it was lit up by a thousand suns. With a swish she could light up all the dark corners and help bad people become good, chasing away all the negative thoughts. Knowledge combined with luck is very powerful. She used them carefully just sprinkling a little bit at a time.


dragon song

I wake up with a smile,

And greet the morning sun,

Happy to begin a new adventure

Today will be such great fun.

Today I will be powerful,

And kind and thoughtful too,

I will use the magic words,

That make me super strong inside.

Today my word is ‘Special,’

Because I’m happy to be me,

And everything I do today

Will be with total glee.

I will laugh and sing

And catch sunrays

And dance with joy,

Because it’s such a special day!

Every day is special,

As is everyone you meet,

Smile, say Hi,

That’s the greatest treat.

Be happy and smile,

Switch on your inner light,

Share a beaming smile,

And make the world super-duper bright.

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