It’s wonderful to dream and imagine a different life, be it a new career, further education, owning a house, a new car, or travelling. Perhaps your dreams are simpler – redecorating, creating an oasis of serenity in your home, or spending more time with your family and friends. 

Time to ask yourself some tough questions. Whatever goal you have, be realistic about it. What is the true Reality of your current life? What actions do you need to take, to gain a foothold on any of those particular ladders? 

Identify those actions. Ensure they are valid and achievable. Thinking about your goals or dreams is insufficient in itself. You need to know how to achieve them and to act upon them. Make your life simpler with the right forward planning. 


If you’re buying something new for your home, or a new car, you research the best brand. You get recommendations. You check online or visit the store. You stick to your budget. 

Apply these same rules to your goals and dreams. They are not ‘pie in the sky’ or ‘maybe one day’ imaginary dreams, they are what you genuinely want and even need in your life. So how can you go about achieving them? 

Know the reasons why these goals and dreams are for you. Ensure they are the right ones. Research what you need to do to realize them. Plan and set a date and be truly realistic. Then, work towards them. 



You’ve done your research. You’ve made a plan. Are you ready to begin your project? Why not? What’s holding you back? 

Procrastination can be our greatest enemy. We make excuses. I’m tired. This isn’t the right time. I’m too busy. 

Fear of not being good enough. Fear of not having enough time. Use that ‘fear’ and befriend it. Perceive it as the starting point which will propel you forward. Don’t let it hold you back. Use it to propel you forward. You’re moving in the right direction, so go with the flow. 

There may be an occasional pause when fear slows you down but focus on the future. You know you’re ready because you’re half-way towards achieving your goal. Don’t look back. Don’t hesitate. Stride ahead like the winner you are. 


Being receptive will open many doors for you. Be open to advice, new ideas, open to change. Open your mind. This will enable you to see your work more clearly. 

During the process of painting the artist will stand back from his work to view it from a different angle, to see if the mental image matches the physical. Like the artist, pause and stand back. Allow your mind to absorb what you have achieved so far and don’t be afraid to make changes. Being receptive will enhance your work and allow it to flow even more freely. 



Online resources are plentiful and easily available whatever project you are undertaking. Again, do your research. YOUTUBE has tutorials on practically everything you need. Don’t be shy. Talk to people and find out as much information as you can. People love giving advice and you may well learn something new or discover the one element that was missing in your work. 

There are many coaches who offer free sessions. Avail of them. Having someone else’s viewpoint will open your eyes to many more opportunities, and they will hold you accountable to ensure you complete your task. 



Be confident about your inner strength. Be strong and believe that you can cope with whatever comes your way, with everything you need to do. Resilience is one of the many ingredients you need to play the game of life. It’s the fuel you need on whatever journey you are undertaking. 

No matter what schedule or plans you have put in place there may be some obstructions along the way. Never give up. Remember why you started this journey. Adapt to any new situations and stride ahead. Perceive setbacks as signs of progression rather than stumbling blocks. Keep going with a smile on your face. Allow resilience to propel you forward into your new future.



One often hears people say – ‘I’m using my reserve energy.’ Avoid this situation as much as possible. Build up a strong reserve of emotional and physical energy and save it. Perceive it for what it is – a life-saving reserve that will enhance your performance when required. That final boost that energises you rather than depletes you. 

It’s very easy to dip into your reserve tank just because it’s there. You may fool yourself into thinking that you need it now but be resilient and stride forward. Knowing you have that extra source, your own personal reserve, is powerful. Build it up. Don’t spend it. 



Every few months on this new journey, pause and refresh. Pause and reflect on your actions to date. Are they appropriate? Are they working? If necessary, refresh them. Refresh your thinking patterns. Look back and acknowledge what you have achieved. Apply this action to all aspects of your life. It’s time to pat yourself on the back. 



Be relentless on your journey towards reaching your goal. No-one else can do it for you. You may seek advice and help, but at the end of the day it’s your dream, your goal, your journey. Focus on it – every waking moment. Work it – every waking moment. 

Perceive yourself having achieved all that you wanted and worked towards. Remember the reality of where you were at the beginning of this journey. The research you did which ensured your goal was reachable. You were ready. You were receptive. You were resourceful. You were resilient. You built up a reserve of emotional and physical energy which is still banked. That knowledge alone is powerful. 

Pressing the pause button occasionally allowed you to refresh, but never for one moment did you believe you wouldn’t achieve your goal. Relentless in the face of any obstacle that came your way, you allowed yourself to become a winner. Believe it.


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  1. Great insight and tips on how to plan and achieve certain goals in life Helena.

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