The Incredible Boxes


Imagine having Incredible Boxes filled with wonderful and extraordinary gifts to oneself, gifts that you can use every day, gifts that bring you joy and create an incredible life. Time to activate your imagination and create this very simple process. 

Imagine at the end of the year dipping your hand into any one of your Incredible Boxes and seeing what you have achieved, how you have grown spiritually, and how love and positivity have helped you in times of adversity. What an amazing gift to give yourself, or you can choose to create that gift for someone special in your life. 

Get some shoe boxes and decorate them. You can paint them, stick on meaningful quotes, or cover them with decorative paper. Think about what you would like each box to contain and label them accordingly, or you can choose just one box. Fill to your heart’s delight with a mix of treasured words and images. Save your treasures and make every day incredible with mindfulness. 


Every day write down your happy and positive thoughts. Here are a few ideas to get you started, or choose your own. You will be surprised at what you choose and how many positive thoughts are flowing in your mind. 

Today is a new beginning. 

I am filled with joy. 

I can achieve anything I want to. 

I will smile all day. 

I am strong mentally and physically. 

I am at peace with myself and all I do. 

Today – I will be kind to someone in need. 

Today – I will listen and hear. 

Today – I will learn something new. 

Today – I will greet the Dawn with joy, knowing I am not alone on my journey. 


Whatever goals you choose ensure they are achievable and practical. Many of us know the short-term wonder of over-doing something and then giving up. Why not start with 5 minutes of meditation, or 5 minutes of exercise. Increase to 10 minutes if you’re comfortable with it. Rather do a little than too much which you soon tire of. Write down your own personal weekly goals. They may be totally different from the obvious and usual goals we set ourselves. This is about you, your life, your incredible journey. 

I will meditate daily 

I will eat a healthy diet. 

I will nourish my body with good nutrients. 

I will exercise my body and mind. 

I will read an excerpt from a book on positive thinking. 

I will strive to create the best version of myself. 

I will dance to the rhythm of life. 



Write down your favourite quotes, or find new ones that will bring increased meaning to your life. They are inspiring and often resonate with us on a deeper level. You can dip into a medley of quotes from the ancient philosophers, choose your favourite spiritual ones, or perhaps quotes from popular psychology. 

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” Nelson Mandela 

“Remember your dreams and fight for them. You must know what you want from life. There is just one thing that makes your dream become impossible: the fear of failure.” 

Paulo Coelho 



Write down all your treasured memories, those precious times in life when your heart was filled with joy. Remember how you felt when you met the love of your life for the first time. No matter what has happened since – that moment can never be erased. 

Perhaps you have old love letters, or notes and artwork created by your children. If you have saved texts or emails because they are meaningful and precious, print them. Take pleasure in looking at old photos. They are images of the special people in our lives, celebratory moments forever captured with one click. Choose the ones that make you smile and save them in your treasure chest. 

There are many precious moments like this in your life, unique to you. Celebrate them and frame them with love.



What are your dreams? What aspect of your life would you like to change? These are examples of the obvious things. Do you want to study? Own a bigger car, a bigger house? Go on a cruise, or a fabulous holiday in the sun? Perhaps your holiday is more spiritual and you would like to spend a few weeks in an ashram. 

Less obvious dreams are both heart-rending and heart-warming. A wish for improved health. To walk again. To be free from addiction. To reach a one to five year goal of being free from serious illness. To have a home that is habitable. To have a secure roof over your head. To earn enough money to provide for your family. These dreams may seem simple, but they are the pinnacles on many a journey. 

Find images that appeal to you. On every image, write a ‘wished for goal achieved date’ as well as the ‘actual goal achieved date’. This will help you to focus more clearly and hearten you. 


box memory

This may seem strange initially, writing a love letter to yourself, but it will boost your self-esteem. Here’s an example. 

It’s been a difficult week and everything has been topsy-turvy. I have found it hard to smile and battled with myself daily, but I succeeded. What have I learned this week? 

I have learned that I am strong and resilient. 

I have learned that I can cope with life’s ups and downs. 

This letter is to remind me that I am worthy of all the good things life has to offer, and that I care about myself. 

Loving myself makes me stronger and ensures that I love and respect the people in my life. 

Loving myself gives me the courage to make the right choices, and be more positive in everything I say and do. 

Loving myself allows me to have moments of doubt, knowing that they are temporary. 

Today and everyday I will say: I love myself. I love myself.


love letter

There might be something specific you want to tell someone, or perhaps just a note to tell them how much you appreciate and love them. Keep a copy for your treasure box to remind you of how truly awesome people are. It can be a few simple lines like this which you send with love. 

‘Thank you for all you have done for me, for your support and friendship. Thank you for being there when I needed you.’ 

I was approached by a mum in Cape Town who requested the gift of words for her daughter’s 21st birthday. 

She said to me: “I can’t afford a party or even a gift. My daughter is already so complete and amazing that no gift could compete. I would like to surround her with words of love that she can carry with her throughout her life.” 

I wrote this verse for her, words that cannot compete with the love in that mother’s eyes, one of the many inspiring and heart-warming moments in my life. 


No words can describe our joy and pride every time we look at you,

Or the depth of happiness in our hearts; 

You have given us love and treasured memories that continue to grow;

We look at you in awe and treasure all that you are, 

All that you have strived for, 

All that you have become and know; 

You are a masterpiece made with love, imbued with true spirituality,

Framed with your own unique spirit. 

Remember to save the memories, 

The love on the faces around you, 

The smiles that greet you, 

The peace in your heart. 

Treasure the joyous moments when the sun shines on your face,

And your heart overflows, 

These are your best gifts, 

Life’s jewels set in love, 

Surrounded by the golden aura of family and friends. 


                                                                               ©Helena Abrahams 



Whatever wonders and treasures your Incredible Box or Incredible Boxes contain, use them as a guide on your journey. Dip into them and randomly choose a special memory, a dream, or a goal. Live an incredible life of love and laughter and daily joy.

Perceive the moments of fear or difficult times as learning curves, the stepping stones across the rivers of life which you approach cautiously, but successfully. Do not hesitate to learn and grow and be not afraid in the midst of battle. Let it spur you on to greater feats of living your life incredibly with a strong heart and a strong spirit.

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