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It is now the month of October, the 2nd month of Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. Outside the sky is streaked with wisps of dawn light. The darkness of night is gradually fading away, revealing pale blue skies, the promise of another day.

What today will reveal is still a mystery. How it will unfold none of us know. No matter what plans we have made, what daily chores we have to do, it is a new day, filled with possibilities. The flowers in my garden are falling asleep, preparing to hibernate, yet not quite ready to do so, bravely facing the chill autumnal air.

This gives me hope, sustains me in our world of uncertainty, a world currently in crisis with Covid. We too can remain strong. We can sustain and support each other. And if we must hibernate again with further lockdowns, so be it. We will arise with new strength, fully prepared to face another new day.


What was your first thought when you woke up this morning? Was it excitement at all you would achieve today? Or did you feel indifferent, assuming it was just another day? Let’s pause for a moment. Clear your mind. Now rewind. Visualize yourself in that first moment of waking up.

Feel how your body automatically stretches. Stretch your facial muscles and smile. Don’t think about anything, just smile. Greet the new day and welcome it. Forget about yesterday. It’s done and dusted, over. Whatever happened – happened and you can’t change it. But you can change today, make it a better one, a day to remember, a day to celebrate. It’s a new day filled with endless possibilities.



WHEN you woke up this morning

Did you say ‘Hello’ to your creator?

Did you greet him with a smile?

And embrace him within your heart?

And as the day went by,

Did you stop and think about him?

Your heavenly father?

Did you offer him all that you were doing?

And ask for his help and guidance?

And as sleep bade you goodnight,

What was your last thought?

Did you say – ‘Thank You Lord,’

Did you reflect on the day’s gifts?

Did you pray today?                    ©Helena Abrahams


Yes, calibrate. Adjust your internal settings on this new day. Switch off the negativity button. Power up the positivity controls to full blast. Visualize yourself doing this as you gear up your mind and body for the day. Tweak, tug, alter, refine, and make whatever adjustments you need to on your usual thought patterns, and ensure you drive through today on full power. This is your first achievement today, a calibration of self. Now you can arise and celebrate this new day with zing and zest and zeal.



The choice is yours. You can choose to languish or flourish, to smile or frown. But you have re-calibrated. You will flourish. If someone upsets you or insults you, smile and say – ‘Thank You.’ This is a ploy adopted by our four-year-old grandson when his sister is being less than kind. Grab it and run with it.

You will feel good! Hold your head high and walk tall. Literally. Instead of taking one step forward, take two. Fulfil the promises you made weeks ago. File all your paperwork today. Bin the detritus including any negative thoughts that stray into your mind. Do not recycle them. Shred. Begin your weight loss journey by having a sugar free or carb free day. It’s your gift to self, the creation of a healthier body. Don’t dawdle.

Accelerate and walk faster even if it’s only for 5 or 10 minutes. Complete the application form you have shoved into a drawer, be it for a business loan, promotion, a new job, college application, passport renewal. Post it! All of life’s applications need to be completed and circulated, allowing the universe to do its job and maximize your possibilities, bring them to fruition.

Don’t delay, start today. Begin the story you want to write. Begin a new hobby. Begin your life. It’s full of endless possibilities. How exciting is that?


Life isn’t all about chores, careers, and choices. It contains so many emotional aspects, often a slew of incidences that have the capacity to derail us or get us back on track. Take time out today and rebalance your emotional life.

Phone, message, or physically write, to the friend or family member you’ve lost contact with.

Make up with your sibling or anyone you’ve had a negative discourse with. Forgive and forget. Move on. Move forward.

Thank your partner for their love and support. Thank your children for their love, support, and kindness. Thank yourself for seeing the possibilities, giving them a physical face, and for turning them into opportunities. Be proud of these achievements.


Success is,

Understanding, being


Completion of a task,

Encouraging oneself and others,

Satisfaction of a job well done and

Serenity deep within.

Some people succeed academically,

Some people succeed manually and creatively,

With dexterity and art,

Some people succeed with giving love and kindness,

Some people succeed in all of these,

But most of all,

The greatest gift,

The greatest success is,

In giving and receiving


©Helena Abrahams


maze of life

This vibrant and dynamic painting was created by our lovely daughter, Orla. We were privileged to watch its progress from the first brush stroke to its final denouement. For me it’s a reflection of life, a map of discovery, layers upon layers unfolding, bringing us to a sense of discovery.

Sometimes in our lives we come up against what seems like impenetrable walls. We get lost in the maze. But there is always a way out. Often many ways. And if life seems dark and grim, see the bright colours within. A shining light showing you the way.


You came into my life long before I was born,

You made my life and created all that I am,

You came into my life at every storm and port,

And steadied the boat that I travelled in.

You led me to safety along the path of life,

Encouraged and soothed me in times of strife,

You held my hand continually,

And never ever let go,

What can I say to thank you?

I believe in You.

©Helena Abrahams

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