Summer arrived with a flourish of wings, chasing away the damp days as the family of swallows chirped joyfully, glad to rest after their long journey. Flourishing Father, Gentle Mother, their two sons, Focus and Courageous, and their daughter, Serenity, all wore dark-blue capes to keep them warm.

Although it was almost summer on this small island it was not as warm as their usual home, but they were content and happy to explore. Their long tails streamed out behind them as they skimmed low over the rivers and lakes, then swooped upwards with songs of joy. When the mantle of night covered the sun, they nested in the ruins of an old cottage. Every year they chose a different place to nest – having the freedom to do so. This was part of their great adventure. 


bedtime story

Every night, Flourishing Father lulled them to sleep with one of his special stories, stories that would help them grow strong and hone their flying skills. Every story began the same way: ‘Choose your words wisely. Think before you speak. Once a word is spoken, it cannot be retrieved’. 

Focus always complained: ‘You always say that. But words aren’t real things’. 

The Flourishing Father always sighed and gave the same answer: ‘Words are powerful. Do not use words as weapons. When you speak from your heart you do it with love and meaning. Perceive them as treasures, a gift you can give to yourself and your family. Close your eyes and listen to the words I speak. But first, still your mind’. 

For those brief moments, everything in the great universe came to a halt. Peace descended covering the earth with a soft healing sigh. Flourishing Father opened his eyes and spoke the words of wisdom that would carry far and wide. 

‘Focus, your personal treasure is the name chosen for you – thus named because of your innate ability to concentrate on how you fly, always wanting to perfect it. Sometimes you fly too high and the sun scorches your wings. Use that innate ability in a positive way, your gift to self. Never forget that within imperfection lies perfection. In striving you will succeed. 



Courageous, you are always there to save everyone, strong and steady on wings of love, never afraid to battle with the strongest wind. Sometimes it’s good to fly with the wind and not fight it. Harness its power and it will strengthen your own natural abilities. Continue to be courageous in all you do. It will serve you well. 

Serenity, do not let fear cast shadows on your life. Recognize your strengths and revel in the cloak of serenity that not only protects you, but all of us. It’s a rare gift. Sometimes we fear the shadows and that can halt our growth. Your inner serenity is a gift of healing and a wealth of light. Acknowledge and cherish it.

All of you can learn from each other. Be determined in everything you do, and do it to the best of your ability. Never be afraid to admit you need help. Be kind and loving, and wear the cloak of gentleness your mother has gifted you. Never see gentleness as a weakness, it’s a sign of strength. Wear it with pride. 


Winter cast its cloud across the green island, shapes and shadows chasing the final rays of sunshine away. The swallows prepared for their long journey across the oceans and deserts, looking forward to the brighter days and warmer climate. 

They had discovered many new treasures, ones that would serve them well all their lives. Resilience. Strength of Heart and Strength of Purpose. Positivity. The ability to always learn. The ability to grow mentally and spiritually. The ability to forgive. Most important of all they learned the value of love and family unity. 

The jewels that are of ered to you are the brights jewels of – 

Courage, creativity, and choice, 

Courage – to grow into a unique individual, 

Creativity – develop and learn and allow it to flow, 

Choice – to be the best that you can. 

All these jewels are yours 

to hold and treasure, 

Polish them daily with a dose of love and positivity and your – Precious smile. 

©Helena Abrahams 


come to the edge

There is a time in our lives when we can push the boundaries, stretch our wings and fly, soaring above and beyond our capabilities. There is a time in our lives when we know our own strength, and can use it to develop a strong inner core. 

Let resilience be your master. Keep hope forever in your heart. Believe in all you do with passion and never let it go. 

There is a time in your life to rest. A time to re-think, re-energise, to create a stalwart you. Self-belief and self-care will always be your greatest allies. 


Our lives are like diamonds, many faceted, 

Altered and shaped by our experiences, 

Enhanced by the people we meet, 

Adding to the story of our lives. 

Some friendships span a lifetime, 

Others, a brief moment in time; 

We learn from each other, 

Accept and support each other, 

And like those precious diamonds, 

We sparkle with radiance. 

Every person we meet, every smile that greets, 

Creates wonderful memories, 

Treasures more precious than any precious stone. 

The love and friendship we have forged, 

Is my bright light, my strength, 

The memories we have shared are forever 

Stored in my heart.

©Helena Abrahams 


reach for the stars

Each one of you is unique, special in different ways. You have different talents and strengths. Always believe that you can achieve anything you want to. Aim high and fly above and beyond the horizon. Practise flying every day. Meditate, believe, and know that you can do it.’ 

And so, they grew up believing in themselves. 


You can be 

anything you want to be, 

You can achieve 

anything you want to, 

Only if, 

You want it enough. 

Reach out, 

Stretch out, 

Let your mind take flight, 

And push yourself to the limits, 

Never stop believing 

In Yourself. 

You Are What You Believe! 

©Helena Abrahams

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  1. There is sooooo much Wisdom packed into this blog Helena one needs to go back and read it a few times.Oh wise Guru.I bow once again in all seriousness to your wisdom.👏👏

  2. Helena

    I am very proud of you, your writing improves every week. Thank you for sharing your wisdom in these difficult times.

    You wrote….
    “ Resilience. Strength of Heart and Strength of Purpose. Positivity. The ability to always learn. The ability to grow mentally and spiritually. The ability to forgive”

    As I have grown older and wiser the ability to be forgive has become a virtue that has allowed me to grow. It has allowed me to “accept the things I cannot change, have the courage to change the things I can and ask god for the wisdom to know the difference.

    This guides my focus on my family and doing the next right thing.

    Rather than be resentful or harbor negative feelings I can “forgive” others and leave it in gods capable hands.

    Good work!

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