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There is nothing quite as serene as nature, a palette of vibrant colour with which to paint your own personal mind-pictures, visualizations for you to use anytime. Wake up your mind, heart and spirit as the sun rises. Revel in the gentle unfolding of a new day with all its promise and joy. Don’t think. Be one with it allowing it to light your way, light overcoming darkness. Glorious colours creating pathways for you to travel. A new day beckons you. Welcome! 



You can hear the wind rustle in the trees, 

The sound of the rain, gently restoring, washing the earth’s plains. Look! 

You can see the sunlight, rainbow colours glinting, 

Shining through the clouds. 


The wind caress your face, the sun warm your heart, 

The depth of the sea, 

The glory of the skies, 

The colour of the leaves, 

The Autumn barren-ness waiting to be renewed – reborn, 

Yet rich in hues of gold and shades of brown. 

Colours – colours of nature, 

Nature in all its glory, in abundance, 

Truly this is God,

God’s signature upon the earth. 

©Helena Abrahams 



Anglicized from the Irish – Abhainn Ruibhe, this river owes its name to the sulphur stones found on the riverbed, in 1666 and 1667. I wonder what secrets it holds. From its origin in the Connemara mountains, the Owenriff River flows serenely through a magical landscape – surrounded by centuries of untold stories. And as it weaves its way under The Quiet Man Bridge, I wondered if the iconic movie stars, Maureen O Hara and John Wayne, gazed into its depths, perhaps taking a moment to listen to the whispers of Irish Folklore. 


I call this the tree of life. Almost human-like in form, it’s gnarled branches reach up towards the sun. Twisting, embracing, in the dance of life, telling us its story, showing us its strength and reminding us that we too are strong, can withstand the fiercest wind. 

Roots burrowing into the ground, anchoring it deeply, growing into a strong trunk with which to hold up its branches. Branches of every shape are dressed in the finest glossy-green leaves, some hovering over the river, dipping into the flowing water, others stretching upwards imbibing sunlight, creating a source of life, the oxygen we breathe daily. A masterpiece of nature. 

And as the wind rustles through the trees along the river-bank, I stop and listen. What message do they have for me today? Words of encouragement and hope float on the air, whispering the song of life, lyrics shifting, forming in my mind – ‘never give up’. The eternal song of nature always lifts our spirits and minds to new dimensions. 


I walk under the canopy created by the trees giving me shade from the sun. The birds chirp and trill and warble, calling out to each other, warning, begging, singing their song in the leafy branches, taking flight up and away into new horizons, a demonstration of the beauty and power that is within us all. Different notes, low and loud, birds hovering in the air as their wings spread in a show of freedom. 

Nature mimics the shade and shadow in our own lives. Safety on our journey, sometimes fraught with pain and sorrow, but like the birds we can spread our wings and fly freely, our prayers heard in the universal expanse of grace and inner beauty, bringing peace.


The water flows, rippling over the bedrock, and if you listen carefully you will hear its song, a song of past and present, bringing us joyfully into the future, perhaps reminding us of those we love, now gone, but never forgotten. 

Take time to sit quietly and become one with the flow of water. See how gracefully it meanders catching glimmers of light, no matter how dense the foliage on the riverbank, reminding us that our lives are always filled with light and hope, reminding us to see beyond the shadows – the elixir of life cleansing and energising. Crystal clear water offering sustenance to our souls, and giving us strength to move forward. 

Deora Dé – God’s Tears


Deora Dé – the fuchsia with its glorious colour hugs the walls luxuriantly, attracting the bees to its honey. It always makes me smile, reminding me how as children we sucked out the honey from the blossoms. 

Outside my door the branches of fuchsia 

Sigh in the wind 

Tenderly I hold the blossoms in my hand 

Heavily laden with sadness and happiness 

Heavily laden with love 

Mixed emotions spanning many lifetimes 

Your gift to us 

Healing tears that dispel all sadness 

Your gift to us 

Nature’s bounty 

In all its sublime colour 

Leaving only a great sense of peace 

God’s Tears – your gift to us 

Tears of joy and inner peace 

©Helena Abrahams



As you stroll along the riverside, sheltered by the trees, imbibing all the colour and gentle sounds of nature, your heart lifting as you watch the birds fly from branch to branch, chirping and tweeting joyfully, take time to rest. 

Sit on the stone seat, made just for you. Sit down and rest. You can catch glimpses of the river through the luxuriant growth and see how some of the branches dip into the water. Close your eyes and imbibe all that nature has to offer – the beautiful scent of the flowers, the shade of the trees, the sound of fluttering wings and the trilling of the birds. Open your eyes and see how the beautiful green foliage casts shadows on the water, and how the sun reflects and creates diamond droplets and pathways of light. Offer gratitude for the beauty of nature, a gift from the universe for us. 

As the sun rises and the dawn light 

Creeps gently over the horizon 

I listen for your voice 

And throughout the day 

I reach out to you 

And as the sun sets 

I rest in the haven 

Of your divine love 

©Helena Abrahams

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  1. Beautiful observations Helena.
    Makes us want to stop and look and listen and take a breath.

    • Sadly the world has no time to stop and smell the roses! Thanks for the feedback.

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