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I wrote this blog many months ago but have been reluctant to upload it. Why? I know that as soon as our eldest son, Seán, who lives in Cape Town, reads it – he will find a way to hire a bubble machine and have a bubble party for our grandchildren. This is the same guy who recently blew up 200 balloons (manually), and created a balloon party for his children, Saoirse, Taizhe and Oisín.

Just one of many fun and extremely entertaining video clips sent our way. Sweet voice messages from our other grand-daughter, Chloe, and all the WhatsApp messages from her big sister, Tayla, are an essential part of our emotional lives, keeping the love and laughter alive during the Covid crisis. I thought I was being original with my bubble blog, but … what can I say other than – ‘Great minds think alike’. Unfortunately, Ireland is back to Covid-19 Level 5. The recommendation for ‘support bubbles’ will be of major benefit to people who live alone, and also the most vulnerable in our society.
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All you need is a bottle of bubbles and the determination to have fun. Right let’s get started. Stand up. Open the bottle, dip in and blow. Watch the bubbles float up and focus on the largest one. Quickly, shout out: ‘I am a champion. I am strong.’ Focus on another one and shout – ‘I am positive.’ Another one – ‘I am successful.’ Keep going. Don’t stop. ‘I am happy. I am motivated. I am serene.’

As the bubbles dissipate relax and acknowledge your power. Know that your affirmations are now out there in the universe, creating new stars in the firmament. Perceive every bubble as a positive thought, a centripetal force in your wonderful new life. There is no escape. You are now obliged to live your life with all of these affirmations in place. You are now obliged to focus on your goals, follow your dreams and realize them.



What have you surpassed? What are you a champion of? Recently our eldest son trained at home for one month and competed in the online global, Martial Arts Karate Kata championships. He came first! This is how what may seem impossible becomes possible. Total focus and practise, practise, practise, creates winners. You can be a champion of whatever you choose. Unearth those inner desires and remove them from ‘I want. I wish,’ to ‘I can. I am.’ Practise. Stretch. Reach up. Become the champion in your own life.

Free the shackles from your mind and bring your dreams to light. You want to run a marathon. Jogging gear on and practise. You are effectively running for your life – the life you wish to live. The life you are now living. You want to be an artist. Book a class or check out tutorials online. Or go with the flow.

You want to be a writer. It only takes one word to start that journey. Open word on your computer and start. Or pick up a pen and a sheet of paper. Visualize each blank piece now covered in words. Watch them come into focus and form. The same applies to your artwork. That first stroke of paint leads to another, colours merging, flowing, and creating a beautiful image. That beautiful image is YOU.


One can never say these three words often enough. As each bubble dissipates visualize every one of your negative thoughts disappearing. It’s as simple as that. They have no place in your life. Do they? ‘No.’ Correct answer. You are on track. Change the ‘I’m no good at that,’ or ‘I’m not able,’ or ‘I can’t,’ to ‘That’s my Forte. I am extremely Able. I Can Do It! Set the world alight with your self-belief and determination to be the top of your game. Have fun while you’re doing it and see how it encourages and motivates the people around you. Dream big. You are the Dream Catcher.

Our 4-year-old grandson, Taizhe, uses affirmations daily. Awesome to see a little one sit in the lotus position with his eyes closed, uttering words he can’t spell yet. Makes my heart melt.


Invest in or hire a bubble machine. Get a group of your family or friends together. Now blow bubbles. Shout out the affirmations. Shout out your dreams and wishes. High five each other and fill your lives with bubbles. Meet a week later and discuss the progress of your Bubble Lives. Mentor and monitor each other. You’re no longer living in your own bubble. You’ve all become Bubble Masters of your own destiny, sharing, supporting, and motivating each other. This marriage of minds will enrich you all.

Alternatively, have a zoom bubble party and connect with family and friends.



Your weekly check-ups are a brilliant way to spur you on to new heights. I bet you already have reminders and notes on your various techno gadgets, and even a few scribbled on paper. What about the ‘to do’ list on the fridge? Collect the dry cleaning. Put the bins out. Make dental appointment. Now, it’s time to rev up your game and add bubbles of fun and colour to your daily life. Your list of daily chores will now include: Affirmations. Actions Achievements.

Remember the affirmations you shouted out at the Bubble Party? Use them daily. It’s fun and they’re a great way to focus that wandering mind, bring you back to centre. Be imaginative and create new affirmations. Don’t forget to follow through with Actions. You have a seven-day time frame within which you can Start that art project, begin your novel, get into the habit of walking or doing a workout at home, Create a zen garden. You know your goals and dreams. Choose one and run with it. The idea is to steal time away for yourself. Perhaps start with one hour a week and add another hour the following week, or more if you choose. Everything you are Now Doing these are your Achievements, a wonderful to-do list that is positive and forward-thinking. The list of possibilities and gifts to yourself is endless. Share it with your Bubble Buddies.



Act! Become! Celebrate!

That first bubble you blow is the Action on your journey. Close your eyes and visualize that specific moment. See how the bubble grows bigger and how the light reflects on it, creating a beautiful prism of colour. That Is, You. Your life.

Your thought force in now in action and you can Become the champion of any skillset you choose. Become an innovator, motivator, an educator, lighting the paths ahead for those who also wish to become the best. Be a champion in your own life.

As the bubbles grow and fill the air Celebrate your hopes and dreams and choices. Celebrate all you will achieve this week. Celebrate the awakening of dawn and the wonderful week ahead. Celebrate your friendships and all the love and joy in your life. Blow bubbles and live a bubblicious life!

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