It’s fascinating when you look at old photos and remember a special occasion, or see the people you know at a different age, a different time. Perhaps they are people who are no longer with us and memories are stirred into life. Be it a black and white photo or a more recent one. these images evoke strong emotions. The emotion you felt that day is as vivid as ever, mixed in with a certain puzzlement of how time has passed so quickly. 

We cross many bridges in life, some with fear as we hold on hoping we don’t fall into the turbulent waters that flow below us, hoping someone will save us if we do.

We cross many bridges in life with a smile on our faces looking forward to what is waiting for us on the other side. 

And the camera clicks and whirs these actions into images – held forever in that one moment in time. 


Do we smile with love at the person behind the camera, grateful they are in our lives, grateful they are there to help us cross the bridge? 

Do we strike a pose in anticipation of what life has in store for us? Graduations. Weddings. The birth of a new child. The celebrations of every year passed. A gathering of family and friends. Moments that are forever shaped into images that we can revisit at any time. 

A pause in time that encapsulates so much emotion. 


Do you remember that day? Do you remember what happened just before the photo was taken? You look surprised. The camera has caught you unprepared. Life has caught you unprepared. 

Do you remember the day you left home for the first time? You were excited, but also sad. The camera has captured those emotions as you look at your family, wondering when you will see them again. 

Do you remember the day you got married? Love transformed your whole being as you gazed into the eyes of your partner, hand in hand, ready to travel a new path in life. One moment in time forever held in your heart. 

Do you remember the day you were promoted? You were filled with pride and also trepidation, wondering if you could take on this new responsibility. The photo shows you celebrating with your friends – a wry smile on your face. Now you can look back and laugh at your fears. Take a selfie right now and celebrate your success, 


Sometimes the grief inside us shadows all happiness, happiness that has been stolen away by life’s traumas. Our smile is forced. We look uncomfortable and ill at ease. Who took the photo at that particular time in your life? Do you remember or do you want to forget? And if you destroy or delete that image will it go away? No. It’s imprinted on your mind and the memory is stored. Hopefully, time will soften the curled up edges. 



Joy is a feeling, an emotion that we should carry with us everyday. It’s that indefinable emotion that makes us feel good, that makes us feel we are champions. Joy is the light in our lives, the belief that all is well. It makes us feel secure and serene. 

When you glance at a certain image and see your smiling face, a face without guile, it’s a joyous moment, one you should remember and treasure. 

Being able to look at photos and images of ourselves, and all the people we love is like dipping into a treasure chest bursting with precious memories – laughter, joy, sadness tinged with regret that we didn’t forgive. Now it’s too late. 

The ‘Wow’ moments we relive over and over with gratitude. 



Sometimes, it’s sad to look at photos of people we knew, people who perhaps played an important part in our lives, many of whom have passed on. If you have lost parents, not only does their love remain as strong as ever, you pass it on to your children. It’s a daily process, remembering the good times, the love, the laughter, and the joy. This is not to say that you don’t acknowledge the unhappy times, but maturity often brings a new perspective and clarity. 

Some photos shock us when we see them, people we want to forget, and memories that need to be addressed. If you have confronted these memories through counselling delete them forever – just do it! Our personal healing is of paramount importance. 

Isn’t it amazing that a static image can evoke so much emotion? Remember, it’s our choice what to do with it.

Who knows, there might be a breakthrough and you decide to reach out to a long-lost relative you haven’t seen for a long time. Make that reunion a happy one and frame it with love. 



A few seconds is all it takes to immortalize one’s image. You can photo-edit, and I assure you there are many photos that I wish I had airbrushed. However, these are the photos that show me what aspect of life I am experiencing now. I may not like them, but they are the truth. Sure, I don’t want to remember the pain, the trauma, but I know It will get better. They also show me how far I have progressed and how far I need to go. Snap! Crackle! Pop! 

Perhaps a session from my grand-daughters on posing and pouting will help. In many years to come they can all laugh at my daft poses. I don’t mind. What’s important is that these images show we had many happy days together. We captured the love we have for each other. We captured our joy and our craziness. 

As the sadly departed Gay Byrne, host of the Irish Late Late Show used to intone – “Roll it there, Róisín, ” a phrase repeated in every household. 

Time to get Snappy in all aspects of your life! 

Pause! Pose! Purr!

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