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Self-Mastery can be applied to any aspect of your life. Whatever it is you want to do, do it with passion and master it. Don’t let life happen to you. Don’t blunder from mistake to mistake, or cruise along hoping for the best.

It’s time for you to gain control. You can do this by paying heed to the gremlins in your mind which might seem self-defeating, but you must acknowledge them. Listen, acknowledge, and then remove them from your subconscious mind. 

Right now you can hear them saying: ‘I’m not good enough. I can’t do this. I have no confidence. Someone will find out I’m bluffing. This is too hard.’ 

STOP! These thoughts will get you nowhere and will decimate your self-esteem and self-worth. Is that what you really want? 

Do you want to be fulfilled in everything you do in life and ensure every action you make is meaningful? Of course you do! No-one wants to spend any part of their lives trying to get out of a hole they have dug for themselves, and giving up because it’s too tough. The choice is yours.

From now on every action you take, every thought that enters your mind will be chosen by you, self-mastered and controlled by you. No-else can do this for you. Let’s begin. 



In order to master any skill, you need a plan and you need to be specific. How are you going to do it? How long will it take you? Pertinent questions which you must answer, understand fully and be very clear about. Let’s work on those gremlin thoughts. Very often they are so ingrained we are unaware of them on a conscious level. They are so ingrained and deep rooted in our minds that we accept them as normal. Repressed memories and anger will hold you back and colour all your actions. 

It only takes 22 to 66 days to transform and re-programme your subconscious mind. Look at all those negative thoughts I mentioned in the first paragraph. You might have some of your own you can add. Acknowledge them. Visualize holding two bags in your hands. Every time you have a negative thought, put it in one bag. Now reach into the other bag and pull out a positive thought. ‘I am good enough’, or ‘I can do this’. Say the positive mantras over and over. Make them your friends. Create a pattern and build the habit on a daily basis. 

Do this frequently and before long the negative bag will be full. Place that bag on a table and say: ‘You have no more power over me. You are the past and of no value in my life. You have hindered me and made me unhappy. I am letting you go. Releasing you from my mind. There is no space for you there anymore’.

Your subconscious and conscious minds have been detoxed, and from now on will be filled with thoughts that are beneficial to your life. Positive thoughts that acknowledge that you are worthy. That you are confident. That you are capable. 

Like anything new you learn you will make mistakes, but just correct them. Like anything new you learn, it takes practice and willpower. Opt to be positive and the best and happiest version of yourself. You will never regret it. 


Welcome the Spirit of Olympism into your life. Light up your mind and all of your actions with the Olympic Flame. Become a champion in your daily life; work, home, family, leisure. Time management will benefit you enormously. Ensure everything you do is done with passion and that you are developing and improving whatever task you have chosen. We tell our children to do their best. Do we do our best? Now is the time to pull out all the stops and start training. 

Train your mind. Learn to speed read and absorb new information. There are many online projects which you can use. If you need support, find a life coach. You will be surprised at how many offer free sessions and how beneficial they are. Join a group of like minds and support each other. Reevaluate your life and especially your thoughts. Can you thinking process be reframed? Absolutely. Go for it! 

Meditate daily. It’s a free source of power which will uplift you. Make all your actions ones of love, actions that are healing and helpful. Learn to eliminate what is not necessary or beneficial in your life. Replace it with empowerment – in everything you see, everything you hear, everything you think, everything you do. Ensure all your senses are on a positive wavelength. 

Every day see visualize yourself in training for the Olympics – the Olympics of Life. Swim with the tide not against it. Run like the wind and allow it to aid your progress. Lift your mind from the depths and let it reach up to the stars. Strengthen your mind and your body and acknowledge the best within, the champion you were born to be. 


You are now living life as you should, a shining example for everyone around you. You are surrounded by champions and supporting each other. However, this does not mean you should get complacent. ‘Resting on your laurels’ is not an option. Rather aim for the ‘Olympic Laurel’.

You want to wear the crown with pride knowing you deserve it, that you have worked for it. That is how champions are made. A lifetime of hard work and practise, training mentally and physically, and constantly reaching out to achieve new goals. Dailypositive thoughts will lead to daily positive actions. Self-Mastery day by day leads to weeks and months and results in a new norm for you. 



To quote Theodore Roosevelt – ‘Nothing worth having is easy’. Do not let that stop you. Erase the whispering niggles, be they your own mind or from other people. Don’t let doubts stop you. Some days will be more difficult than others. Whatever life-change or self-improvement you have decided upon, master it minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. Accept the less easy days and perceive them as worthwhile challenges that show you how to build bridges, how to remove the heavy rocks of negativity in your way, and how to see beyond the clouds to the bright blue sky. 

Continue on this new path you have chosen knowing that you are fulfilled. Create the life you want and never stop reaching for the stars. I repeat – ‘Don’t let life happen to you’. Channel and self-master the best possible version of yourself. The choice is yours. 





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