Part 2: THE OWL STORY (continued)



The Owl family spread their wings across the night sky, guided by their stars. A light breeze rose to help them on their way. It was a long journey, but soon the sun rose painting the horizon in glorious shades of gold and pink. ‘Wow! Look at those mountains and magical trees,’ they all whooped, filled with excitement.

The trees were nestled at the foot of the mountains, some of them growing up the steep incline, sheltering the glens below and catching large drops of rain with which to feed their roots. Every shade of green, nature’s bounty grew in profusion, providing shade for the weary travelers.

The Owl family hovered overhead gazing in awe at the beautiful landscape as the balmy breeze ruffled their feathers. Beyond the mountain lay a wide expanse of ocean, blue and sparkling, catching the sunrays as they dipped from the sky.



Mummy Owl was excited and just a little bit fearful. She flapped her wings trying to remain where she was, not wanting to go on or go back. Meantime, Fly High Owl, Seeking Owl and Star of Life Owl had swooped down into the trees.

She could hear their cries of excitement as they explored. She saw them flitting from tree to tree, and then flying high up in the air, up and over the mountains and sweeping across the ocean. Daddy Owl had landed on the strongest and largest tree and was making a nest for his family.


never give up


‘Here goes,’ Mummy Owl said. ‘I have to be brave. I must land.’ She lifted her wings just a fraction and flapped them. Nothing happened. She tried again, but it was as if she was caught in a bubble. Daddy Owl looked up and saw what was happening.

He called out to her. ‘Believe! You can do it! You have come this far. You can land. Try again.’ Mummy Owl looked at him. He seemed so far away. Flapping her wings again, a little harder this time, she lurched and plunged downwards. She had forgotten how to fly. Her heart was pounding, and the mountain was coming closer and closer. Frightened she was going to crash she closed her eyes.


A shaft of sunlight made her blink. Right in front of her she saw a beautiful White Owl. His huge wings seemed to encompass the whole earth. Gazing in awe at this beautiful bird she forgot her fear. She was no longer falling. Her wings unfolded and stretched out to their limits, sunrays brushing the tips purest gold.

Higher and higher she flew catching the universal wind. She felt the joy expand inside as she soared and swooped enjoying the freedom of the universe. She heard her children call. ‘Me too! Me too!’ Daddy Owl swept them up on his powerful wings, and they flew together as one.

Whenever you feel afraid, Remember this moment. Know that you can soar beyond that fear.

Slowly she descended and settled on the bough of a beautiful tree. The soft blanket of night lit with golden and silver stars covered her. She hooted softly calling to her family to join her.


They were tired after their journey and the sounds of the night murmured around them lulling them into a deep sleep. The sun rose, yawned widely sending its warm rays far and wide, and into the tree where the Owl family were sleeping.

They awoke from their slumber, rubbing and blinking their eyes as the sunlight playfully teased them. They bathed in the fresh waters of the tumbling mountain stream and feasted on the fruits of the forest. Then they sat, closing their eyes, looking inward to map their new route. The journey was not over yet.


Daily they explored daily. They met other Owl families, some more exotic than others with brilliant plumage and different ways. Some could fly as high as they did. Others were quite happy to trawl through the lower branches of the trees. Late into the night they gathered, exchanging stories, forging friendships and creating unbreakable links.

Fly High Owl, Seeking Owl, and Star of Life Owl flew hither and thither, excited by their new environment and new friends. Sometimes they flew too high up into the sky. Mummy Owl was frightened they would get lost or hurt. Daddy Wise Owl encouraged them to fly even higher.

They got bruised, hurt, badly scratched by brambles when they fell, shoved around by other birds, but they survived and were a little bit wiser. They played and fought and loved and lost, but always Daddy Wise Owl was there with his words of wisdom.

Mummy Panoramic Owl who could see the whole picture more so than her husband, saved her wisdom for another day, preferring to soothe her family, dress any wounds they had and wash away the tears. They explored and followed new pathways high up in the mountain, and occasionally they ventured into the city, attracted by the bright lights.


Star of Life loved the sound of the night music thrumming a steady beat. She loved the very smell of the city itself. She wanted to find a new way of flying, find her own rhythm. But Daddy Wise Owl reminded her not to follow the external sounds but to dance to the rhythm deep inside her, the true rhythm of life itself. She listened and grew in stature and confidence, flying with grace and joy and always helping the younger fledglings[ha1] .


Fly High Owl loved the mountain and flew up there every day sitting quietly on the rocks gazing down in wonder at the scenic sights below; the sparkling ocean, the carpet of colours in the forest, the gentle flow of nature. Every day he flew even higher, pushing himself to the limits, looking for new vistas, new mountains to conquer.


Seeking Owl swooped high and low, letting his mind absorb the beauty around him. He caught his star and shone it even brighter than it was. Then he held it up, looking at the swirling colours and images like a kaleidoscope. It held all his dreams.



On their journey, they experienced trauma, and hunger, broken wings and many other great difficulties. They also gathered glittering jewels of knowledge along the way to enhance their dreams, thus creating their own visions, their own realities.

Sometimes they felt gloomy and lonely when the nights were long and cold, and the strong wind blew ferociously through the trees, making them shiver. They huddled close to Mummy Panoramic Owl for comfort. Daddy Wise Owl was always there reminding them to focus and not to forget their goals, their dreams. It was a time of great change, also a time of growth and learning.

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