What if everything we think, say and do, was as a result of just one moment in time? What if the ‘thought’ you had was one of anger which pushed you towards an unguarded precipice? Perhaps you found yourself blind to the helping hands around you. 

What if that one thought was an amazing ‘light-bulb’ moment which steered you towards a life of serenity, a life of total fulfilment? Perhaps you complimented someone and made their day, lifted their spirits. Perhaps you encouraged someone to get help and inadvertently changed their life and yours. What did you think, say, or do today in that one precious moment that changed your life, or the life of someone close by? 

It only takes one moment. 


The world we live in is not perfect and daily struggles vary from person to person, country to country. What we consider poverty in one country is wealth in another. Life’s basic needs are the element that drives us all forward: feeding our family, ensuring they have a safe place to live, educating and clothing them, and raising them with strong values. 

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs are: “Physiological, Safety Needs, Love and Belonging Needs, Esteem Needs, and Self-Actualization Needs.” We can all relate to any of those needs. 

However, one’s environment is not always conducive to meeting those needs. Can one moment in time change any of that? Can one moment in time alleviate hunger, make someone feel safe or make them feel they belong? Unless we try we will never know.

What can you do today to help? 


For one moment in your day, reach out to help someone in need. Individually, we can not feed all the people who are hungry, give them all clean water to drink, house them or educate their children, but as a collective body we can. There is strength in numbers, strength in the power of thinking beyond our own circle and giving with love, being non-judgemental and truly believing what one moment in time can do. 



First of all plant the thought of goodness, the thought of gratitude, the thought of truly helping others. For one moment allow that thought to bloom, Cherish it and let it grow. See it as a gift to the universe, an unseen gift, yet one that flowers into a mighty bouquet and spreads its seeds throughout the world, enabling those who need one moment of relief in their daily lives. 

Thinking beyond one’s own secure borders and boundaries allows us to see the reality of other people’s lives. 


Verbalize that thought of goodness, give it power. One kind word from you can protect someone. Two kind words from you can help someone smile today. Many kind words from you can create a flowing river of goodness that reaches into the hearts of many lives, and encourages others to follow suit. 

When we stand up as a collective body and say ‘No’ to violence – we take away its power. When we stand up as a collective body and say ‘No’ to poverty – we are on the road to alleviating it. Words have the power to change lives, even for one moment in time. Allow those words to become actions. 



Develop all those good thoughts into positive action. See with clarity what lies beyond your safe world. Reach out and help someone in dire need. Discard all judgements and give with love. Discard the selfish thoughts that it’s not your job to help, that you have problems of your own. 

If a family member needed help would you turn away? Would you allow that one moment in time to alter the course of their life? Actions have results and those results depend not only on one person, but on the collective body of humanity, ripples of water increasing into a beautiful flow – unencumbered. 

One moment in time can alter so many lives. 

One moment in time can bring joy. 


A lapse of judgement might endanger you. 

A step in the wrong direction might lead you astray. 

An angry thought might make you hit out,

Many angry thoughts might become your reality, 

taking you to a dark place,

lost and no longer true to yourself. 

For one moment in time – think before

you speak or act.

Question your motives and actions.

Am I safe? 

Am I taking the right road? 

Am I hurting anyone? 

Am I hurting myself? 

What are my internal values? 

How can I do better and live a life of joy? 

Even for one moment in time. 

                                                                   ©Helena Abrahams


Identify your anger and motives. Identify your internal dialogue. Identify your actions. Are they all valid? Why? Are they necessary? Are they helping you live your life in a wholesome manner ensuring you are the best possible version of yourself? 

These are difficult questions to answer and the truth is often difficult to acknowledge. It’s time to reactivate and alter the course you’re on. It only takes one moment in time. 


“Stop at the next pub. I need just one more drink before I go to the AA.”


That one word from a taxi driver, in that particular moment brought one person back on the straight and narrow, back to sobriety, and he in turn sponsored and helped many more people. That one moment saved many lives. 

“Stop. I can’t do this. I don’t need help. I’m fine. I really don’t need to see a counsellor. She can’t help.’”

“If you don’t try you’ll never know what the outcome could be.”

That one moment in time resulted in a breakthrough and the beginning of healing.


I was on my way to see a friend in a hospice. Passing by a road I recognized, I stopped. Childhood memories filled my mind and I almost forgot where I was going. I was tempted to explore my old home, but something pushed me forward. Minutes later I was sitting by my friend’s bed holding her hand, and trying to rub warmth into her arms. 

I was unaware that she was leaving me until that final peaceful exhalation. My heart wrenched with pain at the loss of a dear friend, but her pain was now over. She left me special memories of her love and laughter and joy in life, and whenever I think about her, I smile.

One moment in time meant I could be with my friend as she departed from this world. 



Stop! See where you are. Do you know where you’re going? Are you on the right road?

This one moment in time will ensure your future is safe and secure. Whatever happened in the past is done, gone, over. Discard that load of pain and guilt from your shoulders and mind. Move forward on the right road with ease, clarity and confidence. It takes courage to step along the right road. It takes determination. It takes only one moment in time. 

Don’t live in the shadows of life’s dark doorways. Seek out the light. Take one moment in time to alter the course of your life. 


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  1. There’s a lot to take in in this blog Helena so I will have to read it a few times because I can see many nuggets of wisdom in there.

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