happy new yearWhatever language you use to wish each other a Happy New Year do it with meaning and gusto, just as you will do everything in your life this year, 2021. Yes, everything you do will be done with intention and a strong purpose. This year you’re not making New Year resolutions, you are making New You Plans. You are resolved to realizing all the goals you set for your self last year and the year before, goals that fell along by the wayside as each year unfolded.

Why should it be any different this year? Because you have made a decision to put yourself first and to respect your abilities. One goal, two, or three, the number is irrelevant, but the difference is that by the end of 2021 you will have achieved those goals. This is neither presumptive nor overly ambitious – it’s prescriptive. The prescription you are writing for yourself this year is one that states: You are number one. Take two or more three times daily, or as required. 


Optimism Motivation Enthusiasm Courage Positivity Self-Care Self-Love Self Respect Self-Belief Purpose Strength Confidence Clear Focus Clarity Success 

The list is endless and you can choose your own ‘prescription’. Ensure you take daily.

Swallow with a high dose of serenity and live your life to its full capacity of power and innovation. Design your day. Design your life. Free all that inner potential and allow your dreams to become reality.

Side Effects: The side effects are a balanced life, mental and physical energy and verve, mental and physical fitness, and a plethora of ‘feeling good’ vitamins bouncing through every cell in your body.


weight loss

 Losing weight is often the top of people’s list of New Year resolutions. Scrap that and put Gaining Weight. I’m not joking. However, this is not about the physical you, this is about Gaining Weight in your thoughts and areas of your life that truly matter. It’s about gaining weight in your approach to everything you do and watching the debit balance on the scales decrease and the credit balance increase. Approach your new day with positivity. I’m sure you’re tired of hearing that, but it works. Erase the thoughts – ‘I must lose weight,’ or ‘I must change my life,’ or innumerable other ‘must do’s’ on lists that are so old they have crumbled.

Switch off your phone. Switch off the TV. Switch off your cynicism and self-doubt. Sit quietly for a few moments. If a mantra or sound-creation helps you, go for it. The purpose here is to delete your mind’s hard-drive. Allow that to happen. You know what it’s like when you decide to declutter your home.

Quite often you retain stuff because you do not trust your own judgement. You attach importance to something that hasn’t worked for six months, doesn’t work now, and will not work in the future. You convince yourself it can be fixed. Erase that thought now. It’s a worm crawling in your hard-drive disrupting your life. Delete! Delete! Delete! Time to reboot and gain control of your life, gain control of You.


You will consume vast quantities of positive words, positive books and all articles relating to Your Well-being. You will consume vast quantities of – positive affirmations, performing them daily until your mind is filled. You will consume vast quantities of vital mental exercises that fuel your daily life with high-octane, high performance actions.

Accordingly, your life gets back on track and everything falls into place. You’re not only living your best life, you’re realizing those dreams and goals that have eluded you so far. When you focus on the positive it creates a sense of power and well-being and puts everything into perspective. Gaining mental weight helps you to re-align and reboot. You don’t believe me. I challenge you to try it for a month. 

新年快乐 / 新年快樂 (HAPPY NEW YEAR)

new year

If you don’t speak Chinese or Irish or English the title of this blog would be meaningless to you. You might decide to bypass it and move on to something you do understand. You have an alternative. You could find out the meaning and create that ‘Aah!’ moment in your life which is what gaining mind-weight will do for you. Give you a better understanding of Self. Give weight to your thoughts followed by positive actions. Give your life the importance it deserves. 

The one lesson COVID-19 has taught us is that we must live in the NOW and deal with it accordingly. Many decisions we make as humans are for the future, for tomorrow. I always think to myself that tomorrow never comes because when it does it’s now today. As the saying goes – “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today”. 

Have you ever watched a kettle boil? You stand there with a blank mind waiting. I call that a Zen moment and we have lots of them throughout the day, but sadly we are either not aware of them or ignore them. Just a few moments of brain switched off, no thoughts trolling your mind, that’s the mind’s coffee break.

Our tendency to live in the future rather than in the NOW weakens our creativity, our productivity, our life-force. We put things off until tomorrow. We pile stuff up in the in-tray and don’t deal with it. Come on you know by now this does not work. Take Action! Gaining Weight in your thoughts and deeds anchors them.


The life-giving organ that keeps you alive is your heart, pumping blood into your lungs. The air you have breathed oxygenates that blood and it goes back to your heart. The heart then sends this blood around your body to all the receptors waiting to be filled and given their life force. It doesn’t stop there. The blood goes back to the heart and starts the process all over again. This is happening to you on a daily basis and you don’t think about it. It is an automatic process that allows you to live. 

Imagine if you could train your mind to do just that. Perceive it pumping good thoughts, positive thoughts, refuelling them in your inner consciousness and sending them on their way to ensure you live the best possible life, be the best possible you – healthy in mind, body, and spirit. Visualize it daily and soon it will become so automatic you won’t even notice it. Your heart repeats a cycle of life-giving force. Your mind can also do that. Visualize it as a central life force, fed by a tree of knowledge that branches out to various aspects of your life injecting it with a plasma of power and ‘kick-ass-attitude’. Allow it. 



We are now encouraged to wash our hands innumerable times throughout the day. Clean surfaces with anti-bacterial products. Social distance. Wear masks on our faces when we enter shops, travel on public transport, and also at work. We do it and accept it because we know the consequences if we don’t. We’ve become aware of unseen bacteria lurking in our homes and we constantly swipe and wipe. Let’s turn this around. Every time you’re wiping the bacteria away visualize your negative thoughts being decimated also. 

Social distance yourself from Facebook, not entirely, but ignoring fifty or more ‘likes and loves’ will gift you time for your mental weight gain as will a few less episodes of binge-watching box series. Sure, trawl the net. Use the time to read articles or books on high achievers. Find books on positivity that appeal to you. Equally read some that don’t appeal and you may find a nugget of gold. 

The mask is diverting germs from entering your system. Give it extra work to do and divert negative thoughts from entering your mind. Perceive washing your hands as symbolic of washing away guilt and anger and niggly thoughts that have no place in your mind. Remember the past does not define you so wash it away and move forward.


covid mask

Courage – It takes a lot of courage to remain calm in the face of a storm, but courageous we must be. This is the time to rely on that inner strength we all possess and have the courage to remain calm no matter how difficult it is. We can’t change the current scenario, but we can change how we deal with it.

Overture –  Led by your inner music imagine this time to be a curtain raiser, the harbinger of good news and of a new life. This is a time of learning how to live a different life.

Visionary – Be a visionary and imagine how the world is changing and developing. Look beyond the here and now and perceive the positive aspects and the long-term plan. The rainbow after the rain. And remember to wear your mask with pride.

Illuminating – That is You. You are the light that shines. The light that guides. The light that illuminates everyone and everything around you.

Discovery – Make every day one of discovery. Invest in a few A11 exercise books and write down your thoughts. Write random words or ones that rhyme. There are no rules. Just let your imagination flow and discover the inner you. Choose to hear and choose to see. Choose to be creative and choose to free your inner voice.

19 – This number refers to the year 2019, on December 31st which is when the World Health Organization were informed. Likewise, Covid is simply an acronym – CoronaVirusDisease. We tend to think in terms of days or weeks or months when we plan a new project or make the elusive New Year’s Resolution list. 

Your challenge which can start now is to achieve 19 goals between now and 31st December 2021. It may be as simple as reading one of the classics, learning Tai Chi, Yoga, or any other martial art via UTUBE. You might decide to dance once a day for 10 minutes. Learn a song. Write a verse. Tidy your sock drawer (regularly). So, put on your thinking cap and write down 19 mini-projects, or big projects if you prefer, goals you will achieve. Discard the ‘I’ve always wanted to do but…’ negative thinking. ‘Can Do and Will Do’ is your new mantra. Gain weight in your life where it matters. Enjoy! 


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