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A Brief Description of Maya’s Journey


Mysterious events take Maya from her home in London to South Africa and Ireland in the pursuit of love and acceptance. She finds more than she bargained for. Separated from the people she loves she struggles to find answers.

Why has she been deserted by her loved ones? Why does she feel she is a victim of apartheid? Ensnared in a web of deceit she is determined to unravel the mysteries of her past, present and future. This is a story of secrets and hidden identities, all of which Maya has to decipher.


Reviews of Mayas Journey

Layers of beauty and depth

By SEAN on July 28, 2017

Maya’s journey is written with a superb level of meaning that transports your across an array of incredible emotions and countries. The writer has succeeded in conveying a beautifully intricate story through a captivating journey. You are transported with every page to worlds that with each unfolding chapter reveal depth, growth and incredible perspectives. A stunning read.

 A brilliant insight into how complicated life in South Africa could become in the not too distant past.

By Peadar O Culain on April 16, 2013

Maya’s journey takes in Cape Town, London and Connemara in the west of Ireland. The story shifts and weaves skilfully between these locations but the story of the downtrodden in their own backyard is more poignant than the exciting locations that it’s located in. It’s a rollicking good love story as well that began beneath the mantle of the awe-inspiring Table Mountain. This is a book that you will not want to put down.

A Stirring tale of one woman’s shocking discovery of her true past.

A Stirring tale of one woman’s shocking discovery of her true past.

By Stephen H Martin on 21 Sept. 2013

I bought this some time ago and have only just read it. I’m so pleased I did! Set in post-apartheid Cape Town, London and Ireland, it is the story of an Englishwoman’s shocking discovery of her true identity. Suddenly her life, which seemed to be going so well, is thrown into chaos and she must find the courage to re-evaluate everything she thought about herself.

The discovery has a catastrophic effect upon her romantic relationship, and changes her understanding of her family history and her place in society. At her most vulnerable she must dig deep inside herself for the courage to face a new world stripped of familiar certainties.

Helena Abrahams writes with an acute eye for human emotions, and her prose is rich and descriptive. I enjoyed reading about Cape Town, which I know is a lovely and fascinating city. Maya’s Journey keeps you guessing all the way, and if you like a story that sucks you in completely you’ll love this. The book finishes on a positive note but without resolving the issues, so I look forward to reading book two and three of the series.

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