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Angel’s story is set in Cape Town, South Africa and the story opens with her plaintive cries as she looks for her sister. Her father and twin sister have disappeared from her life and she feels abandoned.

Although the twin sisters grow up in disparate worlds, separated oceans apart; they have shared memories, a shared psyche, and a shared love that links them irredeemably, a love that may destroy them.

Angel finds love with a young student, but he also disappears leaving her devastated and pregnant. Her life spirals out of control. Drug abuse leads to her downfall and she resorts to the streets.

Her rescuer, Fatima, is her one saving grace in a life that is tormented with visions, both past and present.

Book Reviews on Angel

Extremely tough to set down!

This is a stunning sequel to the compelling first book in the series, and unlike anything, I’d read before. Angel and Maya are so passionately, wildly vivid and occasionally bonkers– I suppose they could be called anti-heroines?– that even while you’re gnashing your teeth at the choices they make, you have to keep reading and rooting for them. I can’t wait for the third installment of the sequel


This is a great read. Nicely written and captivating. Well worth buying

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