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The coronavirus has stolen our freedom and sadly too many lives. All the more reason to make Mother’s Day extra special this year. Social distancing may prevent you from hugging your mum or spending precious time with her, but you can be creative and send her a unique gift, one she will treasure every day. Make a video and tell her how much you love her. Sing! Dance! Send messages from her grandchildren. Send her the link to this blog to let her know that she is not forgotten and that you treasure her.



A mother’s love is the cornerstone of every family, a strong affirming love that creates a home. We often take her for granted and don’t always acknowledge her individuality, her strength, her all consuming role as a mother. We assume she will be with us forever, holding our hands in times of need. The greatest gifts we can give her are recognition of her unique spirit, her strength and unconditional love and those three precious words, “I Love You.”

mom you are the best


Today is Mother’s Day,

And I celebrate your life,

Which you have spent,

In loving and caring for me.

Without a thought,

You give all of yourself to me,

And I often take you for granted,

And forget to say – “Hi, Mum.”

But today – your day,

I remember all that you have done for me,

Shared with me,

Given me,

Especially your love.

Thank you, Mum,

I love you from the bottom of my heart.

©Helena Abrahams



Dear Mum, I painted a bouquet of flowers for you to remind you of the strength of my love, everlasting and vibrant. Each flower is a different colour portraying all of your unique talents and abilities. The red rose is your beating heart. The pink fuchsia are the tears of God, a reminder not to hurt you. The white daisy tells me you love me in so many different ways.

The yellow daffodils represent hope and renewal, gifts you give me daily. The scent of lavender reminds me of the comfort of your arms around me. The bluebells remind me of the colour of your eyes, the beginning of Spring and the life you have given me. The pale violet anemone reminds me that you also need time to unwind, time to heal and time to retreat. The purple iris reminds me of your wisdom. The deep red amaryllis, a symbol of beauty is a reminder of your beauty and grace. The pink carnation, long lasting and fragrant just like the deep love you encompass all of the family with. You are the rarest of flowers, surpassing any in nature’s own garden.




A mother is that special person in your life

who gives all of her love, her heart, herself, unerringly,

Her time is spent in caring for her children,

Working to create a home for them,

To be everything to them –

Parent, carer, friend, counsellor.

At times it can be difficult and that is when

we need each other as a family,

To support each other,

To understand – weep and laugh together,

To reach out and ease the load in whatever small we can.

There are times when a mother’s pockets are empty,

But her heart is always full of love for you,

Her thoughts are with you constantly,

When she corrects you, appears to be in your way,

It is because she cares and has travelled the path of life.

She does not want to live your life for you,

she wants to ease your journey.

A mother can teach you all she knows with wisdom,

Treasure her words and hold her in your heart

As she holds you.

©Helena Abrahams



Your love cannot be measured. It springs forth from your heart continually like a fountain of the purest water. It feeds and nourishes me, mind, body and soul. It heals and soothes me. It quenches my thirst and helps me to grow and bloom. You taught me how to steer safely through life’s stormy seas. How to find shelter and serenity in times of unease.

How to be courageous and unafraid to journey forth. You encouraged me to be creative and to never stop learning. You taught me how to listen to and how to be a good friend. You taught me how to be kind and generous and loyal. Countless treasures that never stop giving. You taught me how to love unconditionally. Your love is the miraculous vein of gold deep inside the earth’s core, constantly renewing and energizing. Your love is the most precious diamond, lustrous and glowing. Your love is pure.


You have given so much of yourself,

Graciously and without hesitation,

You have been there for me,

In every possible way,

Putting your own life on hold,

You have made the impossible, possible,

Eased my load, energized me,

Most of all you have made me smile.

Thank you, Dear Mum,

I treasure you and all that you have given,

All that you are.

©Helena Abrahams



Many children have been adopted by someone special, chosen to be the daughter or son of a loving mum. Many people perceive a grandmother or an aunt or a close friend as the mother in their lives. Creating unbreakable ties and a new story and teaching each other the value of love and compassion. The universal mother is just as precious as any biological mum, helping you to embroider the intricate patterns of life with joy, with the vibrancy of love and eternal hope and serenity.



You may not be my mother,

But you’re as close as one can be,

And I treasure every moment,

That you have shared with me.


Your smile is always ready,

Your arms are opened wide,

You have been my inspiration,

A true and lovely guide.


From the time that I was little,

You’ve always been around,

And no matter how far away I’ve been,

Your thoughts and love abound.


So today on Mother’s Day,

I say Thank You,

For all you give,

Your loving heart and bright spirit,

You embody what you live.

©Helena Abrahams



No forest is impenetrable. No mountain too high. No river is too deep. No seas too stormy or too wide. No stars are beyond reach. A mother’s love surmounts all obstacles, creates a clear path through the forest, carries her child up the steepest of mountains, makes a bridge over tumbling waters and a ship to cross the seas, guided by the brightest star in the galaxy. A mother’s love is enduring, the jewel in all our lives.


Dear Mum,

When I was little I would say to you –

“I love you as big as the sky and as deep as the sea.”

Mum, I still love you

As big as the sky and as deep as the sea,

And now my arms and heart are even bigger,

With which to hold you,

As you have held me.

©Helena Abrahams






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