My son has inspired this blog. However, he calls them Masterpiece Days. Days when everything you do is of maximum value and you push the boundaries to create masterpiece moments leading to Masterpiece days.

Whether you’re working out at the gym, eating a healthy breakfast, working at the office or spending quality time with your family, each moment is precious. By creating Masterpiece Days your focus will be shaper and all your senses will be accentuated, working on a higher level. You’ll be actively and fully engaged in everything you do. I love the concept. Check out his blog Sudent of Potential


greeting the dawn

It’s winter here in Ireland and the sun doesn’t rise until after eight. This morning I went into the garden and I greeted the new day. The sky was overcast, but a hint of blue peeped through. There was total and utter silence. Wisps of mist hovered on the horizon, the air felt cool and damp on my skin. Slowly, the sky got brighter, the master painter adding touches of blue and palest peach. Suddenly a flock of birds rose above the tree and wheeled around in a circle. Pure magic. Then they flew off into the distance.

As the sun rises and the dawn light

Creeps gently over the horizon,

I listen for your voice and,

Throughout the day I reach out to you;

And as the sun sets,

I rest in the haven of your

Divine Love.

©Helena Abrahams


strong roots

The fir tree at the end of the garden rises majestically, its branches reaching up towards the first hint of daylight. Now it looks black in the muted light of dawn, but I know that its dark green colour will intensify as the day forms.

Dressed in a dense mass of needle-like foliage, it’s the only tree still wearing its summer attire. Its roots are strong hidden beneath the ground, just like our inner strengths. Like the tree you don’t see those roots and like the tree they support you through every aspect of life.

The strong trunk is covered in beautiful bark in different shades of brown, with a covering of soft green moss in places, and the branches are all different shapes and sizes, one of nature’s many perfect constructions.


I take a different route home, walking along a narrow pathway. Here the river is a wide expanse of calm water, resting a while before it surges forward again. The trees along the riverbank are reflected in the river, perfect upside-down images as if a different world existed beneath the still surface.

“Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has many, not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.” Charles Dickens.


lifes safe crossings

I go through the gate to the park and pause a while. The grass is covered with a fine frost and crunches under my feet. It sparkles in the early morning light. The same river flows through here, swirling shadows of light reflecting in its depth.

I stand on the bridge and think about the many bridges we have in life; bridges that bring us safely across to places of serenity. Bridges we cross from childhood to adulthood. Small bridges and big bridges, some made of stone, some of man-made steel. No matter their shape, size or form they all serve the same function, allowing us to move forward, to cross stormy waters or like now to rest awhile and

The Master Painter has touched the earth with his reflection,

Let us bask in his glory.

©Helena Abrahams


Leaves falling around you as you walk through the woodland. A gentle breeze cooling your skin, rustling through the leaves. Rays of sunlight chasing you, reminding you that there is always light, always hope. The vibrant colour of flowers and winter berries, reminding you of the different seasons, seasons of our lives.

The leaves scattered beneath your feet creating a soft cushion to walk on. The river’s song gentle and soothing, rising to a crescendo as it reaches the rocks, foaming and swirling, then slowing down again into a quiet pool.

The joy of new seasons; each one unique and special. The emergence of new growth in Spring, fresh and vibrant. The joy of Summer flowers smiling as you pass by. The glory of Autumn dressed in different shades of gold. The Winter cleansing, a time to rest. Each season will greet you with glorious sunrises and glorious sunsets; skies painted in bold reds and yellow, or more muted colours of peach and pink. Each season is a time of renewal for us all.


I love you

I etch the words in my heart on the frosty picnic table and send them to my children. Three simple words that have the power to heal, the power to chase away dark shadows and bring a smile to someone’s face, the power to allow us all to live in the moment and know that we are loved.


From emerging dawn light to dusk, the day ebbs away and the night sky blankets the earth in a soft quilt. There is one lone star in the sky. Like a child I make a wish, a story yet to unfold. Tomorrow will be a new day, another Master-Peace.

The sky will be a different colour. The trees will cast different shadows and shades of greenery will have changed, lighter, perhaps darker. Each day is unique, painted in a different way. Like us the artist has many shades to choose from. Make it a special day. Paint it with love and imagination. Allow serenity to enter your life. It’s now time to rest.

It is now time for me to rest,

To close my eyes,

Still my mind

And gently reach out to You.

I will sit quietly at your feet,

And all that I ask of You

Is that I can be there, close,

Totally at peace

With You,

In You,

A part of You.

It is now time for me to rest,

And I sleep unencumbered,

Clothed in God’s love.

©Helena Abrahams

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