Magic Words



Magic words are the ones that make you smile. Words that make you feel good. Words that energize you. Letters strung together that express how you feel and create a whole new you. Too simple? No! Think about it! How does the word ‘smile’ make you feel? How does the word ‘laughter’ affect you?

What about the words, ‘motivation and courage and powerful’? Do they create certain mind imagery? Do they give you purpose? Time to join the Magic Word Boot Camp. The first lesson is to sing these words in a tune you can march to, uplifting your spirits as well as your legs. The sneaky way to exercise.

Everyone has magic words,

That help them every day,

Choose the ones you love the most,

And let them out to play.


And don’t forget to smile,

When you ask – ‘How are you?’

Wait for a reply.

And if you do not want to know,

Don’t ask that question anymore.

Instead, just say,

‘Lovely to see you,

Do have an amazing wonderful day.’

©Helena Abrahams



What gets you out of bed every morning? Necessity? Commitments? Absolutely. Stuff you don’t think about because it’s deeply embedded in your psyche. Let’s give that motivation a boost, jump-lead it into action for you!

When you wake up and groan, dreading the day ahead, or wishing you didn’t have to go to work or do the myriad things that make up your day, stop and rewind. Visualize that Stop Sign. Pause, inhale deeply, now Smile. Today is a New Day full of surprises and you know you’re going to Enjoy it. What do you enjoy most about the morning? That first cup of tea or coffee? A Refreshing shower? Oh, you haven’t thought about it before. Then do so now. Get up fifteen minutes earlier. Sit and Relax while you sip the first Elixir of the day. Spend an extra few minutes in the shower and Relish the surge of the water on your body, Energizing you for the Wonderful day ahead.

Do you have the courage to get up fifteen minutes earlier? Do you have the courage to be kind to yourself? Yes! Of course, you have, because you know you’re worth it.


There are thousands and thousands of books and articles you can read on positivity. You can attend well-being workshops and empowerment workshops and without a doubt they’re’ all excellent tools to help you unlock your potential. These are the obvious tools we think about but, not everyone is enamoured.

They feel they are being bombarded. PAUSE. Do you know someone who drives you crazy because they never say it’s raining? They say the universe is cooling them down. They never say they’re tired. They say their mind and body need to sync. So, it’s irritating but don’t get stressed about it and don’t let that put you off.

Laugh at their witticisms and lead your own life of positivity by example. The following idiom dates back to 1628 so our forebears were way ahead of us. ‘Actions speak louder than words!’ What you do is more important than what you say, but the use of positive words is still beneficial. I compare the overload to the ‘Mwah Mwah’ air kisses that have become so popular. The marmite moment you either love or hate.



Everyone is allowed to have a moan. Empathize, accept and move on. The universe is cooling you down, but you have an umbrella, a mental one. Your mind is yelling ‘I’m tired’ and immediately your body slumps. Sure, you’re tired. You didn’t sleep well, or you’ve worked hard all day, but your body is a powerhouse, with amazing energy.

mind and body and RE-MIND yourself of that throughout the day. And I assure you getting up fifteen minutes earlier regardless of whether you slept well or not will benefit you much more than an extra groggy fifteen minutes in bed.

You’ve got up earlier numerous times without thinking about it, but you were doing it for someone else, or for different reasons, like an early meeting at work or an important interview. Each time you spruced yourself up mentally and physically and faced the day with a smile. Now, you’re going to do that for YOU on a daily basis. The greatest tool you have is Your Dynamic Self.


mind body soul

There are various studies on how long it takes to form a habit. Twenty-one days according to Dr Maxwell Maltz, who was one of the first acknowledged authors in the self-help, popular psychology genres.

This was way back in 1960 with his book Psycho-Cybernetics. He was a plastic surgeon who understood that changing one’s appearance isn’t sufficient. Mind image had to match body image. Personal development heroes, as I like to call them, such as Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy and Zig Ziglar, used his techniques as a foundation for their self-help and visualization programmes.

I am fascinated that elite athletes are trained on the basis of Dr Maltz’s hypothesis in Psycho-Cybernetics. Right now, stop what you’re doing. Okay, maybe not in the middle of performing heart surgery, but you get the gist. Visualize.
Take a mental selfie. You are an Olympic athlete powering down the track at phenomenal speed.

You are the ultimate
guide for all performers. You are ELITE! Once that image is in place, just watch and see how your life changes. Your thought process is now totally positive, and you feel energized and happy. Go for it and win the race of your life. After all, not only are you worth it, but it becomes YOUR LIFE. Be the Champion in your own life!


When you go to work, you wear a company uniform or one of your own work suits. When you get home from work you change into something casual and comfortable. When you go to the gym, you wear specific gym gear. Throughout our lives we wear different clothes for different occasions.

Can we do that mentally? Different mindsets for different occasions? We do. We do it automatically without thinking about it. Upright and confident, (unless your boss is a bully and complete ass) we enter the workplace and greet everyone with a smile. We go to the gym with a positive attitude.

Okay, sometimes it’s tough, but I always remind myself that half a workout is better than no workout. Guess what? As soon as your body gets into motion you go with the flow. It’s the end of the working day. You’re tired and grumpy. You want to scream. Well do it! No-one is stopping you. Scream.

Have a 5-minute rant, no more. Then get into relaxing mode. Shower the day’s troubles away. Let them flow down the plughole. Dress casually in a smart tracksuit or jeans or beautiful lounge wear.

Do not wear old clothes because you find them comfy. Bin them! Do not slob about in pjs. The evening is yours to enjoy and relax. Dress as appropriately for home as you do for work or the gym. And then the mind follows. As you pass by the mirror you smile because you look good. That makes you feel exceptionally good.


Don’t forget to get up 15 minutes earlier tomorrow.

Your time. Your reward. Your gift to Your Self.

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