When you woke up this morning what was your first thought? Were you pleased to greet a new day, or frazzled at all you had to do before dashing out to work? Were you stressed and grumpy, moaning your way through all the morning’s preparation? Did you shout at the kids? Did you aim a (missed) kick at the dog? Did you rumple your partner’s feathers so much he wanted to fly off into the sunset? Did you swear when you missed the bus, nearly giving an elderly lady a heart attack? Did you screech – ‘Old people shouldn’t be allowed out before 10am!’ It’s time to rewind and start your day all over again. Stop! Press replay now.



What gets you out of bed every morning? Necessity? Commitments? Absolutely. Stuff you don’t think about because it’s deeply embedded in your psyche. Let’s give that motivation a boost, jump-lead it into action for you! When you wake up and groan dreading the day ahead, or wishing you didn’t have to go to work, or do the myriad things that make up your day, stop and rewind. Visualize that Stop Sign.

Pause, inhale deeply, now Smile. Today is a New Day full of surprises and you know you’re going to Enjoy it. What do you enjoy most about the morning? That first cup of tea or coffee? A Refreshing shower? Oh, you haven’t thought about it before. Then do so now. Get up fifteen minutes earlier. Sit and Relax while you sip the first Elixir of the day. Spend an extra few minutes in the shower and Relish the surge of the water on your body, Energizing you for the Wonderful day ahead.



Whatever you’re doing now -stop! No, it’s not important, unless you’re giving Tom Cruise the kiss of life. Stop! Pause! Close your eyes. Focus on your breathing. Just two minutes. Synchronize your body and mind and reenergize. Open your eyes and smile. Do that every working hour for the next week and feel the difference. The two-minute pause button will help you centre yourself and release the tension in your body. That’s sixteen minutes during an eight-hour working day.

The time it would take you to go to the local shop, buy a huge bar of chocolate and scoff it. (I can scoff a bar of chocolate in two minute.) The time it would take you to rant and rave at the world and send all the gremlins in your mind a final warning, notice to quit. (Takes me longer than that to have a rant.)

Sixteen minutes every day for five days.. That’s only one hour and a half hours over five days. You’re moaning again and saying you don’t have a spare two minutes, let alone one and a half hours, and even if you had you must do the ironing and clean the kitchen and…. PAUSE! STOP! Remember you are now getting up 15 minutes earlier. Make that 16 minutes instead. Kazoom!!!!!! You’re on target and way ahead of the crowd. You’re no longer caught up in the minutiae of life.



Clarify your basic daily needs, routine daily stuff that has to be done. Time yourself so you know how long it takes. Surprisingly, it always takes longer than you think, so widen the margins and allow yourself space. For example, before you go to bed prepare your clothing for the next day. If you have children lay out their clothing as well. Make their lunches and your own.

The fridge will keep them fresh. Walk the dog. Feed it. Water it. This will remove some of the unwarranted morning stress. Prepare your morning tea tray. That will make you smile. Leave the kitchen clean and tidy. Who wants to face a sink full of dirty dishes or cluttered worktops in the morning? That extra ten minutes before you go to bed will ensure you have a relaxing morning.

Keep your personal admin up to date. If you have a noticeboard clear it once a week and do a quick scan to ensure nothing urgent is outstanding. If your favourite shoes need re-heeling, do it today. Don’t put off any chores that you assume are not important. Do them now! Doing them is a lot easier than thinking about them. In fact, do not perceive any of your daily requirements as chores. See them as the steps that are moving you forward and giving your life clarification and clarity of thought.


You know you are. Just believe it. Walk tall and look the world straight in the eye. Confidence will guarantee you a free visa to everything positive the universe has to offer. Be passionate about your work.So, some of it is boring and monotonous, but perceive this as the foundation to the career you are building and become the person who is known for their excellence and analytical skills. Greet the minutiae of life with a smile knowing they’re the building blocks shaping your future. Think powerful and positive thoughts. Delete the negative and move forward.




Make ‘Power Dressing’ part of your daily routine. Wear the clothes that make you feel good, make you feel confident, and make you feel smart. You don’t need an overflowing wardrobe. You can decide to go monotone, choose one colour, for example a black or navy suit paired with a white blouse or white t-shirt.

Simple jewellery or a colourful scarf around your neck will accentuate the simplicity and attract the right kind of attention. Wear a smart blazer with your jeans. It works. If you’re comfortable wearing heels all day, go for it! Alternatively, wear a classy pair of loafers or ballerina-style pumps. Kick up your heels! Pump into action!

Do not chill out in raggy-rancid-slob-gear. Bin it! Omit the ‘but it’s comfy’ from your vocabulary. Instead, treat yourself to smart leisure wear. You can go the designer route with a few classy pieces, rather than a lot of dross.

Shopping outlets can offer you a surprisingly affordable choice, or the Irish high-street Penneys/Primark do have a classy range. Be a Diva and relax in style. You do have a choice so use it to your advantage. Think stylish and classy and beautiful.

You are now treating yourself and your life with the reverence and respect it deserves. You are travelling on the road called ‘Success.’ You are thinking and acting like the winner you are and the universe is smiling at you. Smile back.





HOPE is the first step

Towards realizing our dreams,

The second step is

Creating, planning, – giving hope a physical face,

Action is the third step,

Never giving up is the fourth step,

Courage is the fifth step,

Faith is the sixth step,

There is now no turning back,

Allow your companions to be,

Positivity, persistence, professionalism,

Allow yourself to hope and dream and achieve.

©Helena Abrahams


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