God’s presence is everywhere, .

In everything, 

Answers to our questions and troubles, 

He does find, 

Salvation for our souls, 

He shows us the way, 

Though it be through vales of sorrow, 

He guides us every day, 

Everything he touches, 

Everywhere he goes 

He winds a thread of gold. 

                                                                                                                               ©Helena Abrahams 


Hope springs eternal, but at times in our lives it’s very difficult to feel that welling of hope. Like the seasons we experience changes that affect our lives. The winter coldness that makes us shiver. Trees shedding their leaves. Dark evenings that make us reluctant to venture out. Yet, there is beauty in the winter landscape.

Being able to see the trees in all their shapes and forms, albeit denuded of their summer wear – bare branches silhouetted against the cloudy skies, tree trunks strongly rooted in the ground, perhaps a reminder of our own ability to grow and bloom, and to be strong and steadfast when the winter winds blow. 

Spring beckons as the first daffodils peep from the earth, giving us pleasure and making us smile. Hedgerows bloom in an abundance of glory. The yellow Buttercups and sweet-faced Daisies adorn our gardens. Blue Bells peep shyly from underneath the trees and in the woodlands. New growth, new hope. 

The sun rises earlier boasting a new pink dress and we revel at the brighter evenings that lift our spirits.

Summer arrives bringing gifts of sunshine and warmth, glorious skies and a feeling that all is well. Our hearts expand filled with light and hope. 

Autumn arrives in a chariot of gold, scattering petals and leaves so that we may tread softly into the future. 

Every country boasts amazing sunrises and sunsets, the great artist dipping his brush into nature’s palette to create an awesome start to our day, and an equally awesome goodnight – giving us time to rest. 



Only you know how difficult 

It is for you right now, 

And no one can alleviate your pain, 

Or understand your loss. 

It’s an individual experience, 

And there are no words that can console you, 

Or make sense of this loss. 

Just know that not only 

Are you held in our hearts but, 

Also in the Lord’s. 

He holds you 

Forever in his gaze, 

Your hand in his. 

                                                                                                                         ©Helena Abrahams 

table mountain


Sitting by the bed of a loved one who is dying brings a whole plethora of mixed emotions. We don’t expect to lose our child before we ourselves have reached the autumn of our lives. 

You may be in denial and hope for their recovery. Your heart may feel as if it’s broken into a million pieces. You may feel numb. You may smile and be cheerful, determined to pass on your strength, not wanting your loved one to feel your grief. 

And when that inevitable moment comes you can’t believe it. It’s too soon. Not now. Please – not now. You may feel guilty. You may feel angry. You may feel numb inside.

Reaching out to your higher power at this time can be difficult. But you try. You pray. You pray for help. Then you feel selfish for thinking only about yourself. Your mind is in turmoil and there is no relief. 

What little rest you get from sleep is stolen away once you wake up and realize your loved one has passed away. You wonder how you can face the day. You wish you could cry. 

Occasionally, someone makes you smile or laugh. Should you accept that as a gift, or should you feel more guilt? Nothing seems normal anymore. Your life has been turned upside down and you worry about what the future holds. 

When you look in the mirror you don’t see your own image. You see the image of your loved one. You hear her laughter. You hear her voice. You see all of her in her children’s faces, her siblings, her beloved family – her features, her expressions, her smiling eyes. 

When you are out you see her in the crowd. You rush towards her calling her name. It’s a stranger. You apologise. Your heart breaks yet again. 

With time you will create a new ‘norm’. A different one. That empty space in your heart and in your life will be filled with precious memories. They will be filled with moments of joy and ultimately peace. 

You may be unaware of the threads of compassion that connect you to people far and wide. Their words may seem trite, but their love and support is holding you up. I don’t walk in your shoes, but let me hold you in my arms. Let me hold your hand. 


When you wake up in the morning, 

I am there. 

As you journey through your day, 

Let me reach out to help you, 

I am there. 

When you are sad and tears bathe your face, 

I am there. 

When you smile and feel at peace, 

I am there, 

For you, 


                                                                                                                        ©Helena Abrahams 



“You gave me life and strengthened me on my journey, holding my hand when I stumbled. You were the sunshine in my life. You portrayed everything I wanted to be. Your faith was strong and you taught me how to believe and to walk in the footsteps of our creator. You taught me how to respect all people. You taught me how to love – in all its greatness and glory. 

My time with you was so precious. Our love for each other is intertwined in precious memories – in my siblings’ smiles, my children’s eyes, in all of the family’s golden thread of love that will never be broken. 

I will wipe the tears from your face as you did for me. I will comfort you. I will hold you in my arms and in my heart. Remember, I am only a whisper away. Treasure the time we had together. Allow the sweet memories to heal you. 

Ssh! Don’t weep for me now. I am at peace.”


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    • Thanks so much Mary -its been tough on the emotions but grieving is necessary to come terms with a loss of a loved one.
      We looking forward to spending time with the family in Cape Town soon.
      Hoping to catch up with you before we go.

  1. I’m sorry to hear of your loss. Such beautiful words remind me of those I’ve lost in my life.
    Wishing everyone peace in time of loss.

    • Thanks so much for those kinds words. Richard and I are going to spend time with the family in Cape Town.
      Warmest regards Helena.

  2. This was such a heartfelt read. (A real tear-jerker if I’m honest).
    I agree with Mary, it is a beautiful (and powerful) tribute indeed.
    I’m sorry for the loss of your beautiful niece. Sending love.

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