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One of the advantages of COVD lockdown is ‘time.’ Time to spritz and clean and explore new ways of doing all the things we don’t usually have time for. You will come out the end of this particular tunnel with a spring in your step, a gleaming façade and a weed free garden. So, start being creative and make this the first step in a different journey.

I don’t mean the PMT or menopausal kind when many females hormones react in strange and wonderful ways, and you let off steam, especially when your husband or partner hasn’t put the new blinds up on the windows seven months after purchasing them! In my teens and twenties, I would fill a bowl with boiled water, put my face over the bowl with a towel over my head and the bowl, thus allowing the steam to cleanse my face.

floor sreamer

Again, be sensible, and don’t burn your face or you will not be called spud face for nothing. Great cleanser. Maybe I should try the household steamer as I wend my way merrily around the kitchen spritzing nooks and crannies, just a quick spit of steam now and again onto my face. Joking! “Do not try this at home.” I’ve always wanted to say that. Here’s a great tip for your steamer, (not the one you use for steaming vegetables). Put a few drops of Tea Tree into the yoke, (Irish word for not knowing the correct term), that holds the water. Abracadabra! Instant natural disinfectant. Deet free.



I use this every few weeks. I mix a quarter teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda with a little water to make a paste. I clean my teeth with it for no more than 2 minutes. You can use it once a week, but I’m being cautious as wish to protect what little enamel I have left at my age. Sometimes I add a little bit to the toothpaste. I’m sure many of you have seen commercial toothpastes containing soda, even charcoal. An elderly lady told me that they used to clean their teeth with ash or charcoal from the open fire. Not something I’m brave enough to try.



When my children were small and caught chicken pox my mother advised me to make a paste with bicarbonate of soda and water and dab it on the spots. It relieved the itch. Our eldest son was extremely ill with it and delirious. Mum to the rescue again. She told me to fill the bath with cool water and add half cup of vinegar. It was a double whammy as the cool water helped to reduce his temperature and the vinegar helped the itch.



Prior to my Tea Tree before surgery prep days, I did on one occasion get an infection around the stitches. I dabbed honey on the area and within a short time the inflammation had reduced, and it started to heal.



My husband swears by this method for burns. That’s after the initial swear when he gets burnt. You know the burn you get when you foolishly take something out of the oven without using your oven mitts and you have two perfect red-hot gridlines on your arm. Richard cuts a slice of raw potato and dabs the offending area with it. I’ve tried it and it does work. Immediate relief and no scar.



hair removal

A good friend from Iran, who is a beauty therapist, recommended this recipe for facial hair removal.

Make a paste of:

2 dessert spoons of natural yogurt

1 ½ dessert spoons of chickpea flour (gram flour)

1 dessert spoon of turmeric powder

Mix well and apply. Massage softly in a circular motion. Leave it on for 15 – 20 minutes, then wash it off with cold water. Using this for 4 months should encourage permanent hair removal. It’s also good for the complexion. (Don’t overdo the turmeric or you will have a fake Irish orange tan.)



sagging neck

Warm 2 teaspoons of Cocoa Butter until softened. Apply to your neck and chin and face Massage in for 15 minutes. Repeat the process every night. Good workout for your arms and your hands will also benefit. If you prefer a treatment that you can leave on your face without massaging it in, try this method.

1 ½ dessert spoons of glycerine

½ tablespoon of Epsom salts

2 drops of peppermint oil

Mix well and apply to your neck with cotton wool ball. Leave it on for 20 – 30 minutes. Rinse off with cold water.


Smelling of roses literally, one of the best ways to remove your make up. Also excellent as a toner and helps rosacea. Rosewater does have anti-inflammatory properties. Can be purchased in most Asian shops and it’s inexpensive.



I buy a large tub of this at the pharmacy. It’s more cost effective than buying one of the smaller sized products. Put a cupful into your bath water and soak. I use it on a daily basis as it helps my fibromyalgia. It also relaxes me prior to bedtime. It’s beneficial for many other conditions, for example arthritis and psoriasis.



Add 8 – 10 drops of lavender into a cup of milk and pour into your bath water. The ultimate soothing and relaxing bath.



You should all be familiar with the saying: “Eyes are the windows of the soul.” I’m not going to offer a dose of religiosity here, just a great tip for cleaning your windows, as in the ones on the house, not your eyes! There are numerous recipes online but this is my personal choice. I usually mix one cup of vinegar with 3 cups of water. You can add a smidgen of washing up liquid. A simple, easy and effective way to get the glass eyes of your house shining like stars in the night. Your home might smell like a fish and chip shop. Take advantage of that as the queue forms outside your door. A few bags of oven chips, freshly caught “A La Packet” fish and Bob’s your uncle. Dosh for nowt!


WEED KILLER (deet free)


No! Not that kind of weed. Inhale not! There is never only one weed. They love company and socialize in my garden treating it like the greatest party on earth. I’m sure they have a Facebook page giving directions to my place of abode. The recipe I use was given to me by a kind neighbour who was a scientist.

She saw me using commercial weed killer and knowing I had fibromyalgia told me precisely what damage I was doing to my muscles and lungs (even with a face mask on). The best and most informative lecture I’ve ever had. I add approximately 2 teaspoons of washing up liquid and a cup of salt to a gallon of vinegar, approximately 5 bottles of (500ml).

The washing up liquid helps the mixture to stick to those fearsome dweebs who laugh at me every time I go into the garden. Salt dehydrates the wee devils and as they gasp for a drink I oblige, gleefully spraying them. Do this on a sunny day and in the morning if possible. I can now go into my peaceful garden with a smile. The dweebs are no longer chanting ‘Nah nah nah nah nah!’ at me. Have a fun and productive

My son Ruairi did a funny video clip on Coronavirus and Handwashing – Hilarious !



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