Looking back over the past few years, it’s now difficult to imagine how constrained we were under the COVID Pandemic rules. It was essential, but nonetheless difficult. I wonder if we learned anything from it all? 

Personally, I like to think I no longer take life for granted. Every day is a blessing and I ensure joyful. 

Xmas lights bring a smile to my face. I’m in Granby, Colorado, and the trees are decorated with lights. There’s something special about light. Perhaps, a reminder that there is light in the world. Even lighting a candle in my home and saying a prayer for someone, or just thinking about them is a moment of serenity. 

The thought of spending Xmas with family is heartwarming. Sharing a meal. Sharing memories. Sharing a smile. Sharing love and creating even more special memories to savour throughout the year. 


Being separated from family and friends made me think of what special gifts I could give to my loved ones. I created pictures with autumnal leaves and rose petals. I wrote letters stating everything I loved about them. They are gifts from the heart. 

Think about all the special people in your life. Remind them that they are special. I have a friend who takes joy in the little things in life. I find that inspiring. She is kind, generous and talented. She wears berets with panache and has her own unique style. 

I have another dear friend who finds all the hidden treasures in our city, especially coffee shops. When she visits me, she rocks up looking like an iconic glamorous actress. Her presence is soothing and her Haiku poems are amazing. 

Another friend whom I don’t see very often is like a breath of fresh air. She never has a bad word to say about anyone and we share a lot of laughter. 

These friends are very dear to me and they add kilos of happiness to my life. When I spend time with them, I have a smile on my face for days, and it’s yet another link created in the happiness chain I can wear anytime. This includes all my family and friends who bring so much joy into my life. 




These are the special gifts that should be wrapped up this Xmas and given to your loved ones. Gratitude. Laughter. Joy. Serenity. Love. You can create your own list. You may well wonder how such abstract gifts can be gifted. 

Write a letter of gratitude to the people you are close to, be it family or friends. Remind them of their talents and skills and their ability to overcome challenges. 

There may be moments in your life when they helped you in some way. Remind them of that precious gift. 

How many times were you in their company and laughed without restraint. Write to them and remind them of those funny occasions, moments that still make you smile. How many times were you with them and walked away feeling lighter in spirit and joyful. Was it something they said or did? Only you know. Now is the time to take that out of your treasure chest and tell them how wonderful those moments felt then and continue to do. 

Have you ever been sitting with a friend struggling to talk? Your mood is low and you don’t want it to affect them. Their hand clasps yours and you see the understanding in their eyes. There is no need to talk. You feel a sense of peace knowing you are not alone. It’s a precious moment and you treasure it. They may not have been aware of how much their serenity helped you. Remind them. 

Often it’s a struggle to deal with pain and the changes it brings to one’s life. Being offered understanding and unconditional love is a wonderful gift, along with a healing hug. 


Dear Friend 

‘I don’t walk in your shoes so it’s difficult for me to know your pain. Just know that I am here for you at all times. I may only be able to hold your hand. I may only be able to make you a cup of cheer. I may only be able to sit quietly by your side. I hope I can make you smile and perhaps, even laugh, or just be with you. 

I can’t wrap any of these things up in fancy paper, but I promise you are never far from my thoughts.’ 


Life isn’t perfect. There may be dissension between you and your family, or friends. There may be ill feelings from past issues. 

This Xmas, think about it carefully. Is there anything you can all do to move forward? Is there anything all of you can do to climb over this hill? 


The past can not be changed, so why not make the present and the future one of unconditional forgiveness. Free the love in all your hearts and allow it to heal the wounds. Acknowledge and accept that you are different from each other, but regardless of all that your love for each other has never waned. It’s merely wrapped up with resentments.

Unwrap it and discard the resentment and any other ill-feelings. Allow that love to shine brightly and to enhance all your lives. Live in the present moment. Enjoy being together and create more beautiful memories. 

What better gift could you give to each other this Xmas. It will bring you all a great sense of peace. Promise each other that not only will this Xmas be special, but also the years ahead. Life is short. You will be amazed at how your forgiveness and happiness affects everyone else around you. It’s time to share that happiness and peace. 

“Your task is not to seek love, but to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” – RUMI 

the wonder of you


You are a precious jewel beyond any the earth can offer. Your positivity shines through and you reach out to help so many people across the world. Your laughter and joy in life make everyone smile, long after you have gone. This is a wonderful gift to have and to share. Thank you for all the special moments of love and laughter and joy throughout our years together. 

May all my dear family and friends across the globe have a Xmas filled with Joy and Serenity.

Treasure the people in your life. They are the greatest gift you’ll ever have.

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  1. My goodness that was so beautiful and inspiring Helena.So many nuggets of wisdom and truth in that well written piece.
    Thank you and Merry Christmas. XXXX

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