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In real life digging for gold is a long, slow, and very expensive process. Before that process begins you need to know where to find it. Geologists will identify the areas, surveys will be done and maps produced. You need to ensure it’s good quality and plentiful. 

So how does that apply to you? Consider for a moment that you have a seam of gold inside your mind. Visualize it. See how it shines. Perceive it as your own personal bank. How amazing is that? That seam of gold is yours to mine and enrich your life. Become a Gold Digger and reach for the gold! 


Are you leading a life of greatness? Are all your actions well thought out and positive? Do you have an amazing feeling of satisfaction when you achieve a major goal, realizing that all your hard work has brought you to a magical place? That is Greatness. 

Finding your Inner Gold will pave the way towards living a life of Greatness. Everything you do will be imbued with Greatness. You will perceive the world differently, think differently, act differently. 

How can you achieve it? It’s a thought process whereby you dig deep and find the fundamental truth, ability, creativity and talent, all tools to use in your quest. The miracle is discovering that rich seam of gold that lies within us all, and using it to master everything you do, every thought you make, thus all your actions will be a celebration of the True You. 

Everyday is a New Day, the opportunity to repair any glitches in your life, and increase your output from debit to credit. 

Everyday that you choose to live a life of Greatness will enable you to do everything with love and passion. 

Everyday you will be aware of the opportunities that come your way and you will grasp them, with the full intent of using them wisely. 

Hold your head high as you walk on the red carpet, leading you to a celebration of your life. Never forget that your life is a gala, a performance that deserves your full attention, and creativity. Be gracious to everyone you meet and ensure your life is one of Greatness. 

“Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” 

William Shakespeare 



Being optimistic is wonderful, but living an Optimal life is pure gold. Good health – emotional, spiritual and physical, will create a balance in your everyday life. Your enthusiasm will spill over encouraging others to follow suit. Contentment, often under-rated, will enable you to focus more clearly and experience the best that life has to offer. Exploring and delving deep will uncover a whole new seam of gold, one you will mine successfully. How amazing is that? 

Freedom to choose, to be the best in your field, will encourage you to continue developing and honing new skills. After all, life is an adventure, and living an Optimal Life will open up a whole new world of incredible opportunities, making the impossible – possible. 

Being true to yourself, courageous in all you do, will allow you to orchestrate your life in a positive manner. Healthy, wealthy and wise – in every way, will increase your fulfilment and help you to live your dreams. Become the Oscar winner of Best Life-Performance. You only live once. Ensure you’re living an Optimal Life. 


Are you a legend? Does everything you do impact positively on the people around you? Sharing your knowledge, your skills and talents, creates wave upon wave of positivity. Seeing how you work encourages others to become legendary, to be fulfilled in everything they do and like you, have unbounded enthusiasm, allowing them to explore all of life’s options. 

Being Legendary is not necessarily about ‘fame’ as we know it. Nor do you have to be a professor or Einstein. This is not a Kardashian moment. It’s about being inspirational and becoming the leader in your field of work, using every possible resource – inner and outer, and having a long-sighted view on what you intend to achieve. Be a luminary in your profession, the ‘go-to’ person who helps others to achieve, and also become legends in their own lifetimes. 



Retired American Olympic wrestler and coach, Dan Gable, put it in a nutshell. “Gold medals aren’t really made of gold. They’re made of sweat, determination and a hard-to-find alloy called guts.” 

If you truly want to realize your dream, desire isn’t enough no matter how great it is. You need pure determination and dedication. Ensure your knowledge is up to date and stay ahead of the game. Knowledge is power. Tap into it. 

Take a leading edge approach to life and become an expert in whatever you do. Expertise comes with the responsibility of life-long learning, listening and sharing that

knowledge, and ensuring it’s workable and applicable. There is no easy route to achieving greatness, or indeed mining your inner seam of gold. How boring would that be? Be lion-hearted – brave and courageous. Never give up. What you may perceive as failure is your inner voice telling you to re-think and move on. A small glitch that you should welcome. 

As the great Nelson Mandela said: “You never lose, you either win or you learn.” 



Going for Gold should be of paramount importance in your life. Your thought processes should be the fuel to energise everything you do. Become accomplished, and make your actions applicable to all your long-term goals. Working hard at all of these will lead you 

in the right direction to a Life of Greatness, an Optimal Life, a Legendary Life and an inbuilt Determination that will make you shine. Take a risk. Set the bar high. Set an example for all who wish to attain. There is nothing either too big nor too small that this method cannot be applied to. 

I love this quote from The Housekeeper + The Professor, by Oko Ogawa. It’s a wonderful story of a brilliant mind, and also shows the Professor’s ability to teach mathematical equations, and expand the minds of the housekeeper and her son. Greatness personified. 

“He had a special feeling for what he called the ‘correct miscalculation,’ for he believed that mistakes were often as revealing as the right answers. This gave us confidence even when our best efforts came to nothing.”

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  1. A lot of great wisdom and advice packed in here Helena.
    Yet another chapter for that book of Helena s Wisdoms I just know you have ready.

  2. An alloy called “guts”. Yes that’s gold indeed. And Rare/er than the yellow stuff.

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