I’ve been thinking a lot about friendship and all the wonderful people I’ve met over the years. Some friendships have waned, slowly faded away with time and that’s natural. Some have grown stronger regardless of distance, regardless of age.

We meet people at different times in our lives, in different places. An instant connection occurs, a meeting of minds and a beautiful friendship blooms. No matter how far away we are from each other, that friendship remains stalwart. It may be based on shared interests, shared experiences, or just a wonderful feeling of knowing that this is one person you can trust, this is one person who will always be there for you, and you will always be there for her or him.


A FRIEND is someone

who is true to themselves and others,

A friend is someone who knows when to speak, 

when to remain silent,

A friend is someone who knows when to console, 

when to be honest.

A friend is someone who never turns away, 

but also knows when to ask for help.

A friend is someone who is loyal and loving,

And laughs with you.

You are that friend,

You are my friend.


© Helena Abrahams




It’s said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. I beg to differ. A ‘friend’ is a girl’s best friend. Indestructible like the diamond, some friendships are forever. 

Whether you have one friend or many they add value to your life. You smile when you think about them. Their company brings you pleasure and love and laughter into your life. You enjoy being with them and their presence stays with you throughout the day. You know you can trust them and that they trust you. 

No matter where you are in the world, you know you can reach out to your friend – be there for each other in times of strife, cry on each other’s shoulders, share memories and laugh at each other’s corny jokes. 

Your best friend won’t criticize you or make you feel unworthy. Your friend will encourage you, support you and love you unconditionally. You will also encourage your dear friend and love him or her unconditionally. No diamond can shine brighter..


Before we even play the game of life there are vast differences between every person: cultural differences, religious differences, language and also how they were raised. Everyone is unique and that’s part of the joy of making new friends. 

Quite often we stick to the people we know in our environment. They are familiar, non-threatening and understand our ways. However, be brave and step outside your comfort zone. Otherwise, you might not meet that one special friend. Someone who understands you and accepts you for who you are. Someone who understands when you need to be alone. Someone who understands when you need support. Someone who trusts you and reaches out when they need help and support.

You will miss all this if you don’t step outside your comfort zone. Reach out and be a good friend – a golden opportunity that will enrich everyone’s life.

precious stones


How wonderful if you forged a friendship that is indestructible like the glittering Diamond. Both of you have an amazing inner strength that has got you through life’s traumas. You are balanced and always aware of each other’s needs.

Is your friend  the Garnet in your life, empowering you, challenging you, guiding you? 

Is he or she your Amethyst bringing you serenity, a clear head and courageousness, and creating a strong bond of friendship that is forever.

Is your friend the Sapphire in your life, connecting you spiritually and bringing peace and fulfilment into both of your lives?

Is Lapis the carrier that connects you intellectually, always seeking the truth and a deeper knowledge of our world?

Is your friend the Citrine in your life – bringing light, encouraging creativity, and making dreams come true?

 These are just a few of the precious or semi-precious stones that may remind you of a special friend. We all need guidance in our lives. We all need direction. Receive and reciprocate – with gratitude and grace. Thus we can live more fulfilled lives, create joy and happiness not only for ourselves, but for others. What greater gift is that? True Friendship is a gift!



As my friend you empower me. You make me feel strong and courageous. You make me feel that I am capable of doing anything. You calm me in times of stress, albeit unwittingly. You encourage my creativity and remove that internal  doubt that says ‘I can’t do it.’ You make me feel resilient and that I can achieve the impossible. 

You soothe me. You make me laugh. You make me smile. 

You are my Red Jasper, a precious stone I hold in the palm of my hand knowing that you are there. 


I wanted to buy you a special gift to say thank you for being my friend,

For being there with me during those dark moments,

For holding my hand when I needed consoling,

For your open-ness of spirit and sharing of heart,

For allowing me to be myself and never judging me,

For your love and laughter and loyalty.

I wanted to buy you a special gift to say

Thank You – 

But no gift was precious enough, 

Could express the joy I have had from our friendship,

So instead, I give you these simple words from my heart

With Love,

Thank You My Friend,


©Helena Abrahams



There is nothing more valuable than friendship. Never neglect it. Treat it with love and care. When your world falls apart you can guarantee that your friend will be there. When your friend’s world falls apart, ensure that you are there.

Your relationship with each other is a reflection of who you are – kind, loving, giving and forever loyal. That is why your friendship has survived. That is why your friendship is so special. No diamond will ever sparkle as bright. Treasure it. 

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