Let me tell you a story. Come with me and meet my friend, Maya. She spent most of her life wishing and dreaming of owning a beautiful home, earning enough money to enjoy life and not just survive, being able to afford a better lifestyle.

She had created a mood board, PMT, but that was depressing. She read all the positive thinking books and twee-idioms and attended workshops on everything from how to ‘Smile and Mean It,’ to ‘Don’t Smile if You Don’t mean It,’ and ‘Free Your Inner GAS’.

Not what you think. I’ll explain later. She had invested in seminars that promised to enhance and change her life. The bookshelves in her home groaned under the weight of  books and tumbled onto the floor. Maya had scrutinized, studied, and savoured every word, purchased every book on positive thinking, or thought she had.


You know that precise moment when something feels right? That feeling you get in your gut. No, not the too much curry the night before feeling. Stay with me. That precise moment when your heart goes bippity bippity bibbity! That precise moment when everything in the world is perfect. The sun is shining. Your wallet is full. You are in love. You feel ALIVE! Yes, that eureka moment. Well, this had happened to Maya at exactly 1.21pm on a Tuesday.

She was browsing in the second-hand bookstore in her lunch break, Charlie Byrne’s in Galway City. It was a magical book shop and so well organized it was easy to find what you wanted, assuming you knew what you wanted. Do any of us know? This particular day Maya had no idea what she was looking for. She was distracted and suffering from a slight sense of ennui which hits us all occasionally. Strolling past the packed bookshelves, her hand trailing along the spines of the books. Jolt! Electric shock! Kaboom!



The book leaped off the shelf right into her hands. Her lips shifted into sneering mode when she saw the title: Free Yourself – GAS. ‘Oh, puleeze! Who does that?’ she exclaimed. Exasperated and feeling hard done by, she tried to put it back on the shelf. The book fell and the pages fluttered open with a gentle sigh. Maya picked it up. The words FREE YOURSELF – GRACE AND SOAR resonated within her. Sitting at a nearby table, she opened the first page and started reading.

“All of our actions in life have consequences. There is a right time for everything we do and say, a time when it all appears to be taken out of our hands, out of our control. That is when we must trust and believe, knowing we are protected. All of our thoughts create internal dialogue and allow our story to evolve. Let those thoughts be true and filled with grace. Let them soar and fashion your life.”



Her eyes were drawn to one particular word – Unique. This resonated with her so strongly and she smiled. Her parents had constantly told her she was unique, one of a kind and to live her life accordingly. She continued reading.

“We are all unique and our journey through life is different. There is no ‘one size fits all’ scenario in life, nor one solution. The universe is joyfully singing Your Song. To hear it you must Soar. Listen carefully to the words. There is a special message just for You. Allow the music to embrace All that You Are, releasing the sanctity of your inner spirit. Allow the music to help you Soar to New Heights, releasing the chains that bind you daily.

The written word is powerful and yours to create or imbibe. Be it a book, a poem, a proverb, you will find those special words that resonate with you the most. You will find a story to enhance your life, develop your psyche, and powerlift your thoughts. How beautiful is that. And as you journey onwards your chosen words will maintain your equilibrium, adding strength and individuality to your personal story.


You are unique and

One hundred per cent yourself,

You are everything that is good,

You are everything that is loving,

You are everything that is and can be,

The best you and all that you offer,

Unique and true.

You are a shining light that is pure

In its sincerity,

You are a guiding light

Unknown to yourself,

And so much more,

Believe in and be

Who you are,

Trust and know that

You are Unique and

One hundred per cent yourself.

You are so special,

You are you,

And that can never be taken away.

©Helena Abrahams


Today is your opportunity to follow me on a journey of discovery and blitz your life. Refresh your mind and re-read all my blogs on positivity. Some of them will resonate with you more than others. One word or one phrase will suddenly pop and flare into a cascade of new thoughts along a clearly signposted road, demanding your full attention, demanding action. Do not hesitate. Months of preparation, research, and focus have led you here.

“Taking action on a positive thought demands courage. You have that courage in abundance. Your desire to change your life is strong. You have all the necessary tools to make possibilities into the true realities of your life. You have the key to open the door to this new life, where you are the master of your own destiny; a life where your skills, talents and creativity have already written your new story. You have mined the depths and discovered new jewels. Wear them with pride.”



You have earned

the bright jewels of courage, creativity, and choice,

Wear them with pride.

Courage – to be a unique individual,

Creativity – to develop and never stop learning,

Choice – to be the best that you can.

All these jewels are yours

to hold and treasure,

Polish them daily with a dose of love and positivity.

©Helena Abrahams


Maya purchased the book she had been reading, knowing she would refer to it many times. It became her map as she travelled onwards and upwards. Courage became her friend, awakening the creativity within and allowing it to develop and become reality. She made the right choices and never looked back. Remember never to judge a book by its cover, or its title. Thus, your journey begins today. Take the first step. Free your inner Grace and Soar.


Wishing you all a week full of joyful and unexpected surprises, a week full of happiness and serenity. Make it a productive week. Do something creative. Use your skills and talents to enhance your lives as well as the lives of others. Smile! Laugh! Think joyful thoughts. Never forget who you are – your inner strength and individuality, all that makes you special and unique. Be true to yourself. Most of allow LOVE to colour all your thoughts and actions.

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  1. A very, very inspirational read, discovering the uniqueness in the mundane. The Indian goddess stands for illusion. She has four arms or more. As she dances she moves her arms quickly up and down creating the illusion of solidity the way the spikes of a wheel create the illusion of solidity as the speed round and round. Only when they stop can the truth be seen.

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