These words which Richard wrote for me , in 2004, are still true.


It’s wonderful to read old cards and letters and realize that the depth of our love is still there. Yes, every day is truly special, never more than now. 

All you give me,

All you do for me,

Wrapped up in your love,

Makes me feel –

Strong and serene and secure.

You ease my pain and loneliness,

You reach out when I need you most,

You make me feel special – always.

When I look into your eyes,

I see love.

When I hold your hand, I know love.

When I see your smile, hear your laughter,

My spirits lift and my heart

echoes with joy.


I offer gratitude daily for having met my soul-mate and the love we share. Faithful, loyal and totally supportive, he’s been with me through thick and thin. Raising a family together and watching them grow and evolve into wonderful adults has been a special part of our journey.

One of life’s many treasures is the expansion of one’s family, our children’s loving partners and even better – grandchildren. The love one has for family is unparalleled. It never wanes. Regardless of any bumps in the road, love continues to grow. Thank you all for who you are and the love we share. 



The greatest gift a loving couple can share is knowing when one of them will pass away. Knowing that their allotted time on this earth plain is coming to an end. That might seem contradictory, but it gives us as a couple true quality time together. Every day becomes special. Every hour. Every minute.

When I’m away from my love I miss him and can’t wait to see him. This is how new relationships begin, the longing to be with the person you love, the person who holds your heart as you do his. Now we have the opportunity to go back to those special moments, remember and celebrate.

We have been given this amazing gift of time, albeit a short time. That makes it all the more precious. Every second counts. Every minute matters. Every hour counts. Every loving smile and hug brings inner strength. There is incredible joy and lots of love and laughter. Most of all there is serenity.



You have left an imprint of hope and positivity on the minds of the many young people you have coached overseas. Those same gifts you have left for our children and grandchildren.

You have been their inspiration. Your passion for music, history and positive psychology has influenced many people. You have made friends across the globe, always reaching out to help those in need. Passionate about learning, you graduated in 2014, with a degree in Political Science, Sociology and German. Was that enough?

No, not for you. Further courses followed in different aspects of Life Coaching, and all the new skills you learned were used to help others. I know they will always remember you, because you have made a difference to their lives.


The sun shines brighter.

The clouds form angel wings – protecting me.

The morning mist is cleansing.

The autumn leaves – gloriously gold, carpet the pathways I now walk.

Everything seems different.

My perception is different.

Dare I breathe in the new morning air?

Will it be today?

Dare I listen to the song of the river as it flows freely past?

Will it be today?

Dare I listen to the beautiful birdsong in our garden?

Will it be today?

And as I watch them fly away my heart breaks.

They will return, but not you.

Will it be today?

Courage must be mine.

It’s not –  any day.

It’s not just – another day.

Every day is now –


It’s Now – a time in our lives that must be accepted and treasured

lest any precious moments slip away,

or any precious words of love go unheard. 

Will it be today?


If I could

Celebrate the people in your life every day. Don’t look back and don’t look forward. Just be in the present and aware of every single breath you take, every single step, every single feeling of love and joy. These moments cannot be re-lived. Look into the eyes of your loved one – daily. Smile and allow joy to infuse you. 

I know my heart will break when that final moment arrives and I will find it hard to let you go. But, I also know that you will never leave me. I will hear your words of encouragement on the wind. I will hear the music you love being played at unexpected moments. I will hear your laughter. I will see your warm smile and also the crazy faces you pull, every time I look at our children and grandchildren. 


I do not know.

Now I celebrate all that you are, and I hold your hand in mine as we walk that final pathway together,

creating more memories which I will treasure forever. 

“Be strong,” you say.

And in my mind I say – I am not ready to let you go. But you know that.

“Be strong,” you say. 

“I love you.”

Will it be today?

The last rose you planted is in full bloom. It’s glorious scent fills the air.


 My love for you is so much a part of me,

Who I am, who you are,

Two souls entwined.

The one constancy in my life which never changes.

Stay with me yet a little while, My Love. 

Stay with me a little longer, My Love.

My tears fall on the last rose of our summer. Luminous pearls of love – forever. 

Will it be today?

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  1. Oh Helena this is so beautiful I’m crying.You and Richard are a great example to others.I love you both.xxxx

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