Prince Charming travelled the land holding a glass slipper, determined to find the beautiful Cinderella. He visited every household meeting young women who were determined the slipper would fit them. Eventually, he arrived at Cinderella’s abode. Her step-sisters attempted to try on the glass slipper. Shoving their big feet into the delicate shoe it’s a wonder it didn’t break. However, when Cinderella tried it on it was a perfect fit. Thus she was able to exchange her life of drudgery for life in a palatial palace with her Prince Charming. 

In reality, none of us have a Prince Charming looking for us, and if he did find us what are the chances the glass slipper would fit? 


Let’s begin with the obvious. Is your wardrobe choc-a-block with clothes you haven’t worn in years. Why? Are they the ‘will fit into them when I lose weight’ or ‘gain weight’ clothes, or do they have memories you want to hold onto?

If it’s the former – ‘will fit into them when I lose or gain weight’ have you taken action to do just that? No! Why not? 

Perhaps it’s time you acknowledged that it’s not going to happen – unless it’s medically necessary. If you’re comfortable with your current weight then accept it regardless of what other people say. Move past that unnecessary block in your life. Feel good about yourself. Wear clothes that fit well and make you feel great. Discard what doesn’t fit and give them to your local charity shop. 

If you’re hanging onto pieces of clothing because of memories, ask yourself do you need the item to remind you of a particular day or of someone special? No, you don’t. Those happy memories are stored for you to retrieve anytime.



Do you fit comfortably into your life? If not, what can you do to make your current life fit your needs? It might be something minor, like allowing more time to fulfil your personal needs, more time to chill out. The day has 24 hours. Adjust your timing. 

Perhaps you’re  unhappy at work. Again it may be something simple that can be fixed once you recognize what the problem is. Failing that, think about your options. Be courageous and move on. Whatever decision you make about your life, ensure it’s the right one. 

Perhaps it’s not the world you inhabit that’s making you uneasy. Perhaps it’s personal issues. These have to be resolved first lest you carry them with you, and find yourself in the same situation again. We often assume that if we move elsewhere or do something different our problems will be solved. As the saying goes – assume makes an ass of you and me. Be honest with yourself before you make any life-changing decisions. 

Are the reasons you want to change careers valid? Are they the right reasons? Will it benefit you? The same questions apply to moving, be it to a new area or possibly a new country. Why do you want to move? Will it benefit you? Is it the right decision? Is it economically valid? Have you dealt with all your past issues, or are you running away? 

Assuredly, the load you’re carrying on your shoulder will go with you unless you deal with it and you’ll find yourself back at square one.

Don’t try to fit a round block into a square hole. 


I’m addicted to the online Wordscapes game, especially as there is a dictionary with the game, and learning new words is awesome. However, I occasionally try to fit an incorrect word into its relevant space. The word is correct. It should fit, but it doesn’t. I convince myself that they – whoever they are – are wrong. I try over and over again, but no luck. Then, hey ho, I find the right word that really does fit, and it’s so easy I’m embarrassed at my own stubbornness.

That’s what Life can be like. Trying to fit round pegs into square holes. We keep trying and then usually give up in disgust and grumble about it to anyone who will listen. 

Have you ever watched a young child fit wooden shapes into a board with the pre-cut shapes? They will try and put the star shape into the round space, or the square into the star space. But,… they don’t repeat that mistake a second time. They get it correct and start all over again. There’s a lesson for us to learn.

As adults we often make situations more difficult than warranted. We talk ourselves into ‘the right zone’ and end up making mistakes and confusing ourselves. 

Now check again. Are we in the right zone? What is the task or question?

Do we understand it or do we choose to show off our intellectual ability? Sometimes the simplest answer solves the problem. 



We’re intelligent beings. We have a general understanding of how the world works, but too often we make it more difficult than it needs to be. We are right and no amount of persuasion from anyone will convince us otherwise. We have the clues. We ignore them. We have a map. We discard it and then we wonder why it’s not working out. 

Our world is a complex one and our goal is to make it easier. Acceptance of where we are and what we are doing is extremely beneficial. Remove the negativity and the ‘I don’t fit here’ and strive to make your current life as easy and as comfortable as possible.

If that doesn’t work you have options. List all the reasons why your current situation isn’t working for you. If they are truly not fixable then it’s time to create a new life that fits you physically, mentally and emotionally. Ensure it’s beneficial in all respects. The only person stopping you from making changes in your life is – Yourself.

The one question you need to ask yourself is: 

‘Am I trying everything I can?’ 

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