Dance With Me One More Time


Do you remember our first walk to Spiddal village, in Ireland, before we got married? How little we knew then about what paths we would travel in life, how many bridges we would cross. So many cities, so many countries, creating a wealth of stories and memories that will never be erased.


London where we met, became our home for many years. We explored all the parks with our children picnicking at our leisure. We visited Chessington Zoo many times, and seeing the joy on our children’s faces as they swooped and twirled on the rides made us smile.


We brought them swimming every weekend and visited museums, their favourite being the Science Museum. We danced at the Cafe Royale, one New Year’s Eve, and walked home hand in hand along the frosty pavements, music in our hearts.

Friends invited us to a South African braai outside London. Another fun day of love and laughter. There was a discussion  about who the best band had been in Cape Town. One lady adamantly replied that the best band had been Vernon Abrahams and his Tempo Band. I replied – “That was my father in law, Richard’s dad.” So your knowledge and love of music was inherited from your father, along with the gentleness and serenity of your mother.



Our first visit to Paris was awesome. Walking along by the Seine. Visiting museums, our eyes amazed at art, old and new, and gorging on tasty street food. Strolling along the Champs Elysees, hand in hand, and St Michel in the evening dusk. We danced in the metro – full of energy and joy.

Milan became our second home for many years, spending time with our daughter. Every morning we sat in a cafe by the Duomo, relishing our coffee and pastries. We walked along Montenapoleone, amazed at the prices in the luxurious shops. Do people really spend one hundred euro for a pair of children’s socks?  How happy you were to attend the opera at La Scala, one of your many dreams come true.

Dalai Lama

We went to see the Dalia Lama, in Milan. Wow! One could hear the proverbial pin drop although the hall was full to capacity. One of those moments when you hold your breath, not wanting to miss one word. A remarkable human being and a remarkable event. Who else could share such a precious moment with me – only you.

Many times we visited Cape Town, where you grew up. We lived there for some years and watched with joy as our family graduated and grew. Bittersweet memories for you from the time of apartheid, and also many funny stories. We were so happy spending time with our precious children and grandchildren and all the extended family, and dear friends. Reconnecting and creating a new story.


Literally – we pranced through the snow the winter we spent in Colorado. Surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, our Xmas with family was truly magical. It may have been minus six and more outside, but that didn’t stop us from wallowing in the natural sulphur and magnesium pools. Awesome!



In New York, we marvelled at the lights in Times Square, the hustle and bustle. We went to see the Yiddish version of Fiddler on the Roof, and afterwards strolled around grasping our hot chocolate. Yes, it was a cold winter there, but our hearts were warm and our laughter rang in the air. Every time I heard the song – New York, New York, I danced and sang and you laughed loudly.


We attended an open air concert in Washington on Independence Day, amazed to see the White House, to be there with our loved ones enjoying another new experience.


We laughed in Las  Vegas, amazed at the crazy energy, glamour and glitz, and the city lights reflected everything that was in our hearts. One of many visits to a city we both love. The shows we saw were spectacular. Do you remember my Fremont Street experience? I flew across the zip line – over seventy feet above the ground. Awesome. Staying in a grand suite in the Bellagio Hotel was truly amazing, even if I had to use a chair to climb into bed.


Spending time with South African friends in Vancouver was a time that was filled with raucous laughter and wonderful memories. Catching up after forty years I heard about all your teenage shenanigans.

Meeting friends in Los Angeles was wonderful and we took a cruise from there to Mexico and Miami. We danced every night onboard the cruise. We laughed and quite often lost each other. You know I don’t have any sense of direction, but I always found you. How could I not?


We took a three week cruise from Cape Town to Venice, exploring African and Mediterranean cities along the way, excited at seeing so many new places and making new friends. Every evening we visited the theatre, enjoying the wonderful shows and afterwards we danced. Standing on the deck watching the sun set was truly special.

Our road trip from Arizona to California brought us through many beautiful towns and cities. We hung off the tram in San Francisco, as it travelled up the hill. We went to the amusement park in Santa Monica. We strolled along the boardwalk, the sun shining on our faces. We spent time with a dear friend in Balboa Park, San Diego. You fell asleep on the grass. We strolled through the streets in Hollywood, eager to see all the sights.

San Diego

Visiting The Grand Canyon together and feeling the spiritual energy reminded me of when we first met. To be with you amidst such natural grandeur, sensing the energy, surrounded by the incredible beauty, became one of those special moments embedded in my heart.

We danced in Paris. We danced in Virginia City. We danced in Milan. We danced in Cape Town. We danced in Cabo in Mexico. We swam with the dolphins. We danced anywhere we could and laughter filled the air. So many wonderful memories, flashes of happiness that make me smile.

Waiting for you. We will meet. Where? When? I see you. I run. Breathless – I reach you. I touch your shoulder. Slowly, turning around. It’s not you. Despair fills my heart. I close my eyes wondering where you are. You said we would meet here by the fountain.



Impatient, yet focused. Engines roar. Take off. I will find you. Clouds part to reveal the setting sun. Smoothly, the plane lands. I am tired, but there is no time to sleep. What city will I meet you in? Where will will we dance again?

I see you in our children’s smiles, in the love in their eyes. I see you in our grandchildren’s eyes, the love in their eyes. I see you in the comic faces they all pull, learned from you. That makes me laugh. I hear you in the echo of their laughter. When their hands hold mine, I feel all the love that has been passed on from generation to generation. I feel the joy. These gifts are from you and I know that in my heart and in their hearts, you are with us forever.


Memories echo, a sweet resonance, a song in my heart – always and ever. I see you. I run towards you. I can’t reach you. Wait . Stay. You promised you would never leave me. I hear your words. “I haven’t left you. I am still here.”

You have woven precious memories into the tapestry of our lives. Our children and grandchildren have inherited your strength, positivity, and deep serenity. The seeds of love you have planted have grown and strengthened throughout the years. Dance with us all one more time.

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