As this cake is virtual it can be shared with everyone.

Easter Anti-Coronavirus Cake.

Ingredients: 1000 gms of Love

1000 gms of Thoughtfulness

500 gms of Positive Thoughts

500 gms of Benevolence

100 gms of Sweetness

100 gms of Courage

60 gms of Harmony

60 gms of Serenity

You can add as much as you want of the Spice of Life.

Gently mix all the ingredients with enough Good Cheer so that all the ingredients blend beautifully. Bake in your HEART until you are sure it is absolutely perfect. Serve it with Charisma and an Abundance of Gratitude. Enjoy and have a few moments of serenity.

©Helena Abrahams



Serenity flows like the waves on the shore

Gently caressing the sand and stones

Serenity flows like the rivers and streams

Washing away our fears and woes

Serenity flows like the rays from the sun

Warming our spirits

Our hearts and our souls

Serenity flows like the stillness of night

Embracing the world in its soft velvet cloak

Serenity flows with each sunrise and sunset

Lighting our pathway with the purest light

Serenity flows when we still our minds

Sit quietly at peace

To listen – to be


©Helena Abrahams



4 large cups of Self Belief

2 large cups of Motivation

2 large cups of Optimism

Stir gently while heating it with respect. Serve hot or cold. Enjoy! Meanwhile unpack your dreams and browse through them with love.

©Helena Abrahams



Don’t let anyone tread on your dreams,

They are the fragile treasures of your heart steeped in hope,

which colour your future,

Don’t let anyone tread on your dreams,

You are a part of those dreams,

Your Future!

©Helena Abrahams


This should be eaten daily, more than once if you prefer.

5000gms Tranquillity

2000gms Vibrancy

5000gms Wonder and Awe

5000gms Optimism

A gentle stir and you’re ready to go. Makes 500 bars of transformative thought which can be shared online.

Start the day with this dessert. Feeling sluggish in the afternoon, have a nibble. End the day with a large dose and you’re guaranteed to wake up feeling on top of the world. Enjoy!

©Helena Abrahams


Allow yourself to smile

Allow yourself to be happy

Allow yourself to hop and skip and enjoy life

Allow yourself time out – just for You

Sit quietly

Listen to the waves lap upon the shore

Watch the raindrops dance on the windowpane

Lift your face to the sun

Be warmed in heart and spirit

Allow yourself to live

Allow yourself to be

©Helena Abrahams


The coronavirus has placed us in a somewhat Yin Yang position. On the one hand our movements are restricted and social interaction is effectively banned. On the other hand, many of us, (excluding the essential workforce) are in the enviable position of being able to focus on ourselves and have the time to honour the promises we made, whether it was a New Year’s resolution or a ‘to do’ list we wrote a year ago.


If you have access to WIFI the big wide world is at your disposal. Everything you need is online. Education and creativity literally at your fingertips. Art lessons. Writing classes. Yoga. Crafting and Card making. You’ll be amazed at how much stuff you have in your home that is great for crafting. If your tastes are more on the aural plane, tune in to some amazing Opera or Musicals. Travel the world online. Be transported and allow your imagination free rein. The list is endless.



The coronavirus is a serious illness and fatal in many sad cases. It has put us all in the exact same position all over the world, regardless of colour, creed or any other individuation. Ironically, lockdown and no social interaction is the norm for many people. Right now, they are shrugging as if to say: ‘What’s new?’ As for social distancing, far too many people don’t have that choice. If you’re living in a shanty town, be it in Africa or India, tapped water or electricity supply in your home is non-existent, or any of the appliances that we take for granted.

“Fear makes us feel our humanity.” Benjamin Disraeli. Never was a saying more apt.


Heavy laden

Spiralling out of control

In a world that screams unreality

And you cry

Fear – terror driven

We run towards destruction

Whilst your arms outstretched

Reach towards us

And you cry

Outside my door

The branches of the fuchsia sigh in the wind

And tenderly I hold the blossoms in my hand

Heavy-laden with grief

With love

Your gift

And You cry

Deora De – the tears of God

©Helena Abrahams



Do not spend all this free time you’ve been GIFTED doing housework, or spring cleaning. This time has been given to us for a reason. Perhaps, it’s to continue working from home. Perhaps, it’s to make us more aware of the importance and value of socializing and meeting friends and family more often. Use this time wisely. And if you’re working from home ensure you take time for  YOU!.

The waters in Venice are clear. Pollution and CO2 levels have fallen rapidly. The universe has spoken. Are we listening?


a new world beckons


Let us build a new world

Not of steel or stone, but of enlightenment

Let us light

Thousands of candles throughout the universe

Flickering in the darkness

The power lights of hope

Let us stretch us our hands to each other

From country to country

From continent to continent

Helping hands

Loving hands

Hands of peace

That offer and bring forgiveness

The gifts of love and unity

Let us build a new world

A World of Light

That reflects the true spirit of who we are

Why we are here

A World of Light

That will reflect the truth and remind us

Of that truth and

Guide us

©Helena Abrahams

(I’ve slightly adapted a verse I wrote for the new Millennium to suit our current times; in case anyone recognizes it. It was published under my name.)




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