Life is like one of those huge jigsaw puzzles with thousands of tiny pieces. Our life’s work is to put them together to form a cohesive picture, a map of our life which will guide us. Some people sort out all the colours first. Others set aside the edging. Others dive in with enthusiasm. If there’s lots of blue sky, have fun. 

Occasionally, we can’t understand why a certain piece doesn’t fit. It’s the right colour and the right size. We try to jam it in, but it doesn’t work. The process is a labour of love and how we approach it will determine how well and how quickly we finish it. 

Throughout life our minds are filled with stuff we need to do. Our emotions may well be in turmoil as we attempt to solve problems. There is no time to meditate or pray. Possibly, on a Sunday we may check in briefly with the Big Boss, and even then our thoughts are scattered. We are inundated with words of advice on how to live the perfect life, solve problems, achieve goals, and be positive. It can be difficult to decide what’s best for you, what fits your lifestyle. 

Unravel the images in your mind and form the picture that is right for you. Complete a bit more of the puzzle and soon it begins to make sense. 


moment of truth

Where are we at physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually in our lives? That might seem like a strange question, but stop and think about it. We hurtle through life doing what we have to do and rarely pause for thought. There is no time for introspection, or is there? Have we found all the jigsaw pieces we need to fulfil our life’s promise? Are we half-way through completing the puzzle? Have we lost any pieces? How can we retrieve them? Search and you shall find.



Time to ask yourself some questions and be honest when you answer them. Are we treating our bodies well and with respect? We ensure our cars are checked annually and repair them when necessary. Are we doing the same with our physical selves? This does not necessarily mean joining a gym, unless that is something you know you’ll enjoy. A daily walk can always be fitted into your lifestyle, even at lunch-time if you’re working. A few exercises will stretch your mind as well as your body. 

Whilst staying in Arizona, during the extremely hot summer, I took an early morning walk around the canal at 6.30am. I was not alone. Besides being the coolest time of day to walk, many people told me that it energized them before work. (Yes, I chat to everyone.)

If the climate where you live is cold and wet, wear suitable gear that will encourage you to step outside, morning or evening. The first five minutes might make you groan, but then -Wham! Your body shifts into gear, your brain becomes more alert and you actually enjoy the experience. 

If walking doesn’t appeal to you, try running, cycling, a martial art class or yoga, or use the apps on your phone. The choice is endless. Any form of exercise will give you that ‘feel good’ factor, even starting with fifteen minutes of stretching and basic exercise at home. 

This all feeds your mental, emotional and spiritual health. It’s a form of daily strengthening that enables your SELF to perform efficiently. 

Feed your body with healthy food. Feed your mind with positivity and good thoughts. Feed your soul with love, be it meditation, a daily mantra or attending a spiritual service regularly. It’s all about grounding ourselves, ensuring that all the pieces fit together and work well together. 


Do you know what the missing pieces are in your life? Is it something you sigh over and say – ‘I wish… if only…’ It’s time to take a good look at yourself and your life. Don’t hesitate or put it off until the New Year. This is YOUR LIFE and it must be lived now. I assure you time literally does fly and you don’t want to find yourself still digging the same hole ten years from now, or walking down the wrong road. 

Focus on what you have and where you’re at. What can you do to make positive changes? You might be surprised to find that very little change is needed, just a tweak here and there. Complete the edges. Find the centre and begin to see the whole picture. It’s an exciting feeling and will encourage you in all aspects of your life. 



Physically, our personal space in the world is small. Within that space we must perform with agility and energy and successfully, and putting these elements into practice will enhance and increase that space. 

Are we where we should be? 

Are we in the right place? 

Are we secure – emotionally, physically and financially? 

Are we happy – at peace? 

Are we authentic? 

Thinking about all this may seem oppressive and we give up and just ‘stroll’ through our lives. We convince ourselves that it’s fine and about as much as we can manage. We tell ourselves that ‘this is life’ and ‘get on with it.’ We basically convince ourselves that we don’t deserve any more or any better, and we shrug it all away.

It’s easy to make excuses and not lead authentic lives. It’s easy to be physically and mentally lazy and cast the jigsaw pieces aside. After all, it’s too difficult and what possessed you to buy a 1000 piece set? 

Staring at an incomplete picture will not make it any clearer and it won’t complete itself. Take action. Focus, find the missing piece and jump over the final hurdle. It’s your life, your choice. Make it complete. 

Slot your life together and form a beautiful image that will make you smile, a beautiful image that will encourage you to do more, a beautiful image of you – Your Self.

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  1. All solid advice Helena and another chapter for that book this should be in. I know I’d buy it.

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