Memories encapsulated in scent, colour, images, the objets d’art of our minds – our personal art gallery, the award winning movie of our life and all the people who have enriched it. How amazing is that? It’s in our grasp. We just need to frame it. 

Who are the people in the photo? When was it taken? Images of family and friends long gone, telling a story of the past, a past that is part of our story. 

Black and white photos curling at the edge are rare treasures, replaced by coloured photos and now digital – memories of one moment in time. 

Do you ever wonder why the people in the photo are dressed in their best finery? What occasion is it in a cottage kitchen? Look closely. Can you see the sad expression on your great-grandmother’s face? That was the night before her daughter left for America. The American wake or live wake, was customary when a family member emigrated to the States, leaving behind a life of struggle. She knew she would never see her daughter again. 

All the photos are images of your past – some recent, many of previous generations. His story, Her story, The history of all our lives. 



A dear friend had a wonderful collection of bone-china cups and saucers given to her by friends and family over the years. Each one held a special memory for her, and brought a gentle smile to her face when she used it. One day she decided it was time to write down the story behind each one. 

“Soon I’ll be gone and no-one will know how precious this chinaware is. They hold more than tea, and every time I use them they bring back memories of the people who gave them to me and the reason why.” 

In her beautiful handwriting she wrote the date each piece was received, who gave it to her and why. She recorded every special memory. 

“Your great-aunt Maria gave this cup and saucer to me on my 18th birthday. She told me that it would always be filled with sustenance. I didn’t understand what she meant then, but as the years went by I often chose it in times of need.” 

Picking up another cup beautifully decorated with delicate blue flowers, she laughed. “My mother gave this one to me when I was 21 years old. Periwinkle blue, she called it. I was not impressed with her gift and forevermore literally swore ‘periwinkle blue’ whenever something dire happened. It took twenty years for me to appreciate this precious gift, a loving reminder of a beautiful soul.” 

Every note was folded and placed inside each cup with added messages.

“I am giving this cup and saucer to you because you have brought great joy into my life.”

“The red flower on this cup reminds me of how vibrant you are and your passion for life.” 

“This cup belonged to your great-grandmother. No-one else was allowed to use it. See how delicate it is. She called it her serenity cup. Brought into use when she was tired or frazzled, drinking from it revived her spiritually and physically.” 

Every time you drink from one of these cups treasure the memories – a reminder of past stories, bringing you into the present and into your future. 


Focusing on what is important is not as easy as it seems. Our daily lives are a series of automatic actions, actions we don’t need to think about. I wonder how many special moments we miss in one day alone? How can we avoid that? 

Greet the dawn with a smile, not a yawn. No matter what concerns are tumbling around in your mind, sit and meditate. Even ten minutes will help you face the day with serenity. 

Make a choice to smile today. Be aware of your surroundings and the people you meet. When you ask – ‘How are you? – mean it and wait for an answer. Don’t text your friend, phone her or him. Concentrate on the conversation and share something meaningful. 

‘Did you see the wonderful sunrise this morning?’ 

‘You do know today is a special day. Just because…’ 

Focus, concentrate, hear the words that are spoken and store them in your box of memories, they are jewels of love. 



Can we change the pattern of our daily lives? Is it necessary? Why bother when it works. Can we erase the mental grooves created by worry and stress? Do we want to? Of course we can do it, and we know we want to. Change is necessary for growth. 

No matter how small the change you make in your daily life, whether it’s getting up fifteen minutes earlier, setting a tea tray instead of your usual mug, stretching your body awake, that change is like a small shock to your system, a reminder that life should be fully lived. A reminder that you are in control and the creator of your daily life and thoughts.

What about those grooves that have taken years to appear, sometimes unwittingly. What happened? Why are they there? Think deeply and you’ll realize that many of those grooves were caused by past events. 

Do you need a reminder? No! So what can you do? Back to meditation, the daily cleanse. Heal thyself. Perceive those grooves filling with beautiful colours, layer upon layer. Use those grooves as foundations for your new serenity, your new life, a life that can carry any burden more easily. Fill your mind with light and love and allow yourself to heal. That mental action will create more special memories, a treasure box you can dip into anytime. 


Inhale the scent of the roses and touch their velvet petals.Their season is short. Hold that memory. See the depth of colour around us, nature’s amazing bounty. There is no grey day, only silver. There is no dull day, only gold. Change your mental vocabulary, assign colours to all your thoughts and create vibrancy in your life. 

For one day, set aside your worries and concerns.Today is about creating those special moments in time that will make you smile and ease your heartache, special moments to hold Every day is valuable. 



Let the golden memories be the crown upon your head, 

Wear with pride and honour the cloak of life, 

Embroidered with your story, 

Trials and tribulations, joys and sorrows, 

Love, laughter and tears, 

All interwoven in a blaze of colours. 

On your feet the softest slippers adorned with the precious jewels of experience and wisdom. 

Smile at precious memories, 

Laugh at all the wonderful days life has gifted to you, 

Celebrate your unique life and bright spirit. 

Let your eyes fall upon the loved one’s around you,

Feel the joy in your heart and 

See the joy on their faces. 

Cherish every day, every person in your life, Stories told and memories saved, 

Treasures for another day. 

© Helena Abrahams

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  1. Well worth a second and third read.
    Life is after all our memories we look back on.

    • Memories are precious. They may make you laugh make you cry, but they are the jewels in the crown of life.

      Thanks Mary

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