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No, I haven’t left Cape Town yet. This final week is catch-up time with family and friends, and it has been amazing. Finding hidden gems like The Flower Cafe, which is a wonderful flower shop in Sir Lowery Road Woodstock, added that extra va-va-voom! The entrance is on the left at the back of the shop with ample parking.

 I felt like Alice in Wonderful. I’m a fan of the artist Erica Yong so seeing her prints in Petals Flower Shop was an added bonus. This space is a melange of creativity. Flower power rules! Hession-dressed pillars, sunflower ceiling, purple velvet padded swing. Walls and ceilings artistically draped with dried flowers. Glistening chandeliers hanging from the ceiling like teardrops falling from the sky. Comfortable couches and armchairs invite you to sit and relax. 

There is a chic cafe with a great choice of teas and coffees, served elegantly in a teapot with a cup and saucer. There are only two food items on the menu, a tasty quiche and delicious carrot cake. However, now that you are all flocking there, to chill out with your pals and treat your overseas guests, they will have to expand the menu. Red Velvet cake and Apple Pie would be delicious. Hint! Hint!

We met one of the proprietors. An effervescent lady who was a joy to chat to. She is also a wedding planner, and they have a spacious room upstairs that you can rent to host any of your celebrations. Celebrating the many milestones in our lives creates a new tapestry and a wonderful heirloom. Make this your next venue.

We spent two hours relaxing and chatting. It’s that kind of place. It was lovely to be told that we could chill out there anytime. Angela, I know you love to write in a coffee shop ambience. Perhaps we could make this our new hangout, although it’s a bit far from Galway City or San Diego 


 Bella Italia was an event hosted by the Saturday Flower Club in Rondebosch. We were invited to attend and brought some family members with us. What an amazing morning. The flower arranging demonstration by Dirk Greef-Cronje was spectacular. Sheer works of art.

Click on video below to see flower arrangement!

Dirk Greef – Cronje

The club members had also created wonderful displays with an Italian theme. This was not your average flower arranging. They were colourful, bold, creative and told a story. I was speechless to see what one could do with flower arrangements. Congratulations to all the members. You are stars!

Lunch was lasagne and salad. Being a vegetarian I did not partake, but everyone said it was excellent and the ‘almost licked’ plates were proof indeed. 

Thank you all for making us so welcome and part of your wonderful event. I sincerely hope there will be many more in the future.



Many years ago (pre-COVID), we enjoyed a wonderful day at Chart Farm near Wynberg Park, in Cape Town. It’s a tranquil setting with an English rose garden, lemon trees and grape vines. Horse riding is an option for all of you equestrians. 

Our eldest grand-daughter and I strolled amongst the profusion of beautiful roses, taking our time on which ones to choose, and creating our own bouquets with great enjoyment. Surrounded by the scent of roses and the glorious colours, this was a memorable day I will never forget. Apparently, it’s the only place in the Cape Peninsula where you can pick your own roses. Afterwards, cradling our precious bouquets, we made our way to the coffee shop and availed of a beautiful lunch. 

Don’t forget to buy your fresh fruit, tasty chutneys, jams, honey and homemade fudge. Any one of these presented with your personally chosen bouquet of roses is the ultimate gift of love. This was a very special day out and a memory I will always treasure.



Nestling on the slopes of  the grandiose Table Mountain, it’s renowned for being one of the world’s greatest botanical gardens. It’s an absolute pleasure to stroll amongst the indigenous plants, along the many trails and imbue the natural beauty. The conservatory houses succulents, ferns, and many other species from the dry desert regions.

Concerts are held here during the summer months. It’s the best way to have a picnic. Sitting with family and friends, listening to the classical strains of music, one can almost see each note floating in the air, ready to be caught and held in your heart forever.



Spend some time in Scratch Patch at the Waterfront or Simon’s Town, choosing your own gemstones. Personally, I find it very relaxing and soothing. Children also enjoy it. There’s an extremely reasonable choice of bag sizes and you can sift through the gems to your heart’s content. Tiger’s Eye, Agates, Rose Quartz, Jasper,  Amethyst, and many more. The gift shop has a wonderful eclectic range of  jewellery and gifts all made from a variety of gemstones. 

We visited the Simon’s Town scratch patch in 1989 with our young children, memories that are held in our hearts and also the bowls of gemstones in our home. There is no better way to spend your time than to sift through thousands of gemstones, and you might even find Blue Lace Agate and Lapis Lazuli to add to your collection. 



In August and September, the arid valleys of Namaqualand become a captivating landscape of  glorious flowers. About 800 kilometres from Cape Town, the Namaqualand Flower Route should be top of your list. It’s a feast for the eyes with every colour imaginable laid out at your feet. There are approximately 3500 types of plants and considering that this is a desert area, this is truly impressive.

Take a leisurely road trip and imbibe the beautiful landscape. Explore the quirky towns along the way and enjoy all of South Africa’s fine fare. 

Sadly we will be departing from the beautiful Cape very soon. With so many family members and friends here, there is never enough time. A special thank you to all our lovely family here for creating new memories and a new story in my life, and for the wonderful healing prayers said by Pastor Mary today, one of my dear sisters -in-law. Claudia and all the family, this is one day I will never forget. Your love and strength humble me. We leave our hearts in Cape Town until we return again. 

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  1. Helena, I would hang out with you in any coffee shop/café in the world!

  2. Great descriptions as always -making me yearn to visit Cape Town but knowing I never will.Your descriptions have taken me there to the good and bad Thank you Helena .

    • Thank you, Mary. I always leave my heart in Cape Town. There’s so much to love about it especially the people.

    • Thanks Mary. One day you may visit this incredible city. Never say never.

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