This iconic song by Simon and Garfunkel says it all. There is always hope and always someone to help at the times we need it most. You have travelled far through the wilderness, thirsty and tired, finding it difficult to place one foot in front of the other. Everything you do is a struggle.

Then you hear the sound of water and your heart leaps in anticipation. You follow the sound and emerge from the dense forest, bedraggled, but with a song of hope echoing through the dark halls of your mind. The river is wide and very deep. You walk along the banks searching for a place to cross. Your eyes are drawn to the beautiful pastoral land on the other side offering you a place of tranquillity, but you don’t know how to get there.

The river meanders in twists and turns and seems to get more tumultuous as your spirit weakens. You look up at the sky in despair, wishing for a sign that your journey is over. A ray of sun peeps through the clouds and you follow its path as it sweeps to earth, stumbling in the intensity of the light. You stop. There is a bridge to take you over the troubled waters, allowing you to cross to the other side. Hope flares once again.


high mountain

Days flow into months into years. Your journey seems endless and you struggle on the rugged terrain. Every step you take is so difficult.  Every effort you make to move forward is thwarted by circumstances beyond your control. You reach the crossroads and wonder which road to take.

Should you turn right, left, or go straight ahead? Should you stay where you are and hope for the best. You are tempted to give up but decide to move forward. A mountain looms up in front of you and your heart sinks, but someone, somewhere, is cheering you on. One step after another you forge ahead, climbing until your muscles scream in protest.

The mountain is steep and many times you slip and slide backwards, but you are determined to reach the top. Hand over hand you reach out and pull yourself up. Firm footholds give you momentum and push you forward onto the top of the mountain. You have succeeded. No mountain is too high.

YOUR LIFE JOURNEY has been fraught with many challenges, Difficulties that at times seemed insurmountable.

You have climbed steep mountains,

Slipping and sliding along the way,

Clutching onto the hard rock face,

Hurting, yet holding on,

Determined to get to the top.

So many times you faltered,

Despairing – not knowing what lay ahead.

With strength and courage, you climbed that last pinnacle,

And journeyed onwards until you reached the gentler slopes.

With courage and commitment, you have turned your life around,

Forging new pathways,

Easing the lives of those around you,

Creating a new landscape with your grace and unique qualities.

Although you have walked along the edge of life,

The love in your heart has shone like a beacon

To show you the way.

Your love,

Our love

From all our hearts – in unity.

©Helena Abrahams


Your journey has taken you through dense forests and over high mountains. The trees have offered you shade from the hot sun. The mountains have provided you with secluded caves in which to rest and revive your flagging spirits, and give you shelter from the storms.

Your hunger has been abated with nature’s bounty and given you the energy to continue your journey. You arrive at your destination, but there is a barrier. There is no way to cross over the rushing stream. You don’t know how deep it is. Should you take a chance and wade across?

Your mind tricks you and you only see the swirling waters and slippery stones. You are afraid. Courage leaps in your heart when you see the fallen branch. It is strong and sturdy. You grasp it and wade into the water using it to support you and find the shallow places. Step by step you move forward and cross to the other side.


open door

The strong winds whip around you and the pelting rain stings your face. It is difficult to move against the force of the storm and you long to rest. Head down, you forge ahead against the relentless burst of ferocity that surrounds you, fighting every step of the way.

You are afraid to look up and see the length of the road with no end in sight. You must go on. There is no choice. You know in your heart that help is near and that you mustn’t give up. A lull in the storm makes you stop. You lift your head and look ahead. An open door invites you to move forward and enter a new phase. You do not hesitate. You enter. You do not look back.


I knocked at the door, but you were not there,

I knocked again,

Called out your name,

In vain,

No reply.

I felt angry, let down 

You have always said you would be there for me,

And then,

I asked for your forgiveness,

And prayed,


You answered and this time,

I heard You.

©Helena Abrahams


life is

Congratulations to all the people who have overcome adversity of any kind, who have walked the walk no matter how difficult it was and continue to do so. Congratulations to all the people who are in recovery from any kind of addiction and have done the 12 Step Programmes and continue daily. You are all shining examples of hope and living proof that anything is possible. Thank you for the support you give to other people. Unsung heroes.

No-one knows where life’s journey will take them, what lies ahead or around the next corner. There are countless signs along the way, some of value and some that are warnings. There are bridges to cross over, mountains to climb and opportunities to grasp. There are true friends there to help and support you. Most of all there is your own inner strength. Believe in yourself and allow that strength to guide you.


You gave me life and created all that I am,

You guided me in every storm,

And steadied the boat which I travelled in,

Leading me to safety along the way.

You encouraged and soothed me in times of strife,

Holding my hand continually,

And never letting go.

What can I say to thank you?

I believe in You.

©Helena Abrahams

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  1. Wonderful Helena! I don’t actually read much, it’s difficult for me, but when i read your snapshots I can’t stop reading till the end! 😄👏👍👍🙌🌞

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