Regardless of the amount of positive psychology we can imbibe, be it through reading material or workshops, most of us would not consider ourselves awesome. Quite the opposite. If we don’t put ourselves down there are plenty of people who will. Considering yourself awesome and dare you admit it is leaving you open to ridicule. Don’t whisper about how amazing you are. Shout it out. Tell the world you deserve to be treated with respect, hero-worshippd, loved and honoured, not despised or treated with indifference. You were created to be awesome. You were born awesome. Now live your life in the totality of awesomeness and see what happens. 


If you aren’t aware of your natural aptitudes i.e. talents then it’s time you explored them. Don’t think about the obvious things such as being able to draw or paint, play an instrument, bake and decorate amazing cakes, being athletic or a mathematical genius. Think about your ability to empathize. Your ability to make people smile. Your ability to survive so many of life’s traumas. Your ability to love, to find joy in daily life. The beauty of life is that we can learn and develop all of these and more. 

These are just the tip of the iceberg. Delve and discover all of your hidden talents. Bring them to light. Acknowledge them. When you acknowledge them you are on the road to becoming the best version of yourself. We are not supposed to sit in a dark dank cave and do nothing. We are in this world to discover and develop the most awesome creation ever made. That is YOU.  Live your life as you should.


self confidence


Yes. You are worthy. You are important. Everyone and I mean everyone makes mistakes in life. They are part of a steep learning curve and should bring you further along the road of self-realization. In order to do this you must feel worthy, good, deserving. Otherwise you will remain stuck in one place and not develop as you should. YOu will continue to make the same mistake and fall down more holes. In fact, you will dig the holes yourself. Is that how you want to live your life? No! It is neither productive nor healthy.

 If you choose not to feel worthy and it is a choice, you are not being true to yourself. So you think that feeling guilty is right? That you must punish yourself? Is that going to erase any mistakes you have made? Will it solve any problems? NO! Hear that loud and clear and get over yourself. Disrespecting yourself and engaging in mental self-flagellation is a lot more egotistical than believing you are worthy, believing you are awesome. Time to change the tune in your head.


From the moment you are born you grow, develop and evolve on a daily basis. I love the meaning – ‘come forth into being’. That should be your mission in life, to come forth, to advance to the best of your abilities, using every god-given talent that will make not only your world but the world of everyone around you a better place.  Don’t live in a bubble of selfishness. Expand. Grow. Come forth. Be truly aware of everyone around you. Reach out and bring them on the journey of evolution with you. Draw the map and share it. There is no need to compete if you allow your uniqueness to evolve and shine. 




Success means different things to different people. Academic achievement. Status. Fame. Financial wealth. Overcoming adversity.  Ultimately, our journey in life is leading us towards some of these if not all. When you learn how to walk you stumble initially and often fall. Your confidence grows and the ability to walk becomes automatic. You no longer think about it – but you should! Focus on not stumbling. Focus on walking with confidence. Focus on walking with confidence. 

When you love yourself it allows you to believe in yourself. When you love yourself it allows you to progress and succeed in all aspects of your life. When you love yourself you are open to accepting love from others. Success has to start somewhere, whether it’s your first stumbling steps, learning to avoid the holes in the road, or being able to look in the mirror and smile – 


Success is,

Understanding, being


Completion of a task,

Encouraging oneself and others,

Satisfaction of a job well done and

Serenity deep within.

Some people succeed academically,

Some people succeed manually and creatively,

With dexterity and art,

Some people succeed with giving love and kindness,

Some people succeed in all of these,

But most of all,

The greatest gift,

The greatest success is,

In giving and receiving


                               ©Helena Abrahams



Zig Zigglar

Living without optimism is like depriving yourself of water. You cannot function properly, nor can you develop. If you continually focus on what is wrong with your life, you are denying yourself the right to progress and to live your life as you should, as you deserve. To quote Zig Ziglar – ‘Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being positive about what could go right’.

Optimism requires work. Only 50% is genetically inherited. 40% we determine ourselves. 10% depends on other people and the environment we live in. Already you are in the lead from the moment you are born with the gift of 50% optimism. Awesome! Validate that by deciding to become 40% more optimistic. Challenge all negative thoughts. Drown them in optimism. Decide you want to lead a more productive life – mentally, emotionally and physically. However, that decision is not enough. You must work at it. If your mindset veers more towards pessimism don’t accept it. It’s not beneficial in any way. 

There are myriad ways in which you can do this,  many of which I’ve discussed in previous blogs. It doesn’t mean you pretend that there isn’t a hurricane forecast. That would be self-defeating. Be realistic and use optimism to build a strong fortress of emotional balance and mental strength. 


barack obama

Practising the power of being Awesome goes hand in hand with Magnetism. Your power-thoughts and make you confident in word and action, and accordingly attract the kind of people you need in your life, be it for business or pleasure. As the saying goes: ‘Like attracts like’. Magnetism will make you approachable. Be the person everyone wants to seek out, the instigator of brilliant ideas, the influencer, the person who can be trusted. Always prepare for any meeting – business or pleasure. Do your research and know what you may have in common. It’s common sense and it will result in a positive outcome. 

Being Awesome and Magnetic is the key to your kingdom. Put the two together and you’re well on  your way to creating a life of success, a life of fulfillment.


You can’t have a ‘Blah Blah’ attitude to life. Even if you don’t verbalize it it will show in your body language and in the way you speak. What’s not to be enthusiastic about? Why not? Rev yourself up like you do your car. You may have the most amazing ideas or business plans but if you don’t talk about them with enthusiasm who will be interested? Give yourself a break. You want to be awesome. 

Acknowledge what you need. Worthy – believe and know you are totally worthy. Evolve – never remain static. Success has to be worked at. You can do it. Optimism and Magnetism are your tools. Sharpen them daily and use them to our advantage.  Enthusiasm will bring life to your persona, and attract every positive ion around you. A recipe for life so that you can be  the awesome person you wish to be, deserve to be and truly are. Free your awesomeness today and live your life with joy and laughter and total awesomesauce!

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