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How many times a day do you charge up your cell phone, your iPad, your laptop, battery powered hoover and any other gadget you possess? You don’t think about it. You just do it. When was the last time you charged yourself up, amped yourself to the fullest power?

Well, today is the day that you will revAMP your life, re-energise yourself mentally and physically, charge up every cell in your body. No matter what physical ailments or mental apathy disturbs the flow in your life, it’s time to unblock it and throw new shadows onto the wall of life. It won’t be easy.

The good stuff never is, but the unvarnished truth is – YOU CAN DO IT! YOU ARE IN CONTROL! YOU ARE ALIVE! Believe and know that every thought and action today is a new discovery on this amazing journey, allowing you to reach new heights.

ALLOWING you to fathom the depths of your inner being, the INNER YOU that will be released. The inner you that will be released to acknowledge and nurture the many gifts you have.



Have you ever imagined what you would do if you won the lottery? How would you feel? How many people could you help? Guess what? You have won the lottery. Congratulations! Today you are the winner. You have the ability to bequeath and grant many wishes.

The monopoly board of life has released you from debtors prison and you can now pass GO. You have more than three chances to spend that wealth wisely, to benefit not only yourself and your family, but also those in desperate straits, those in need.

You can fill Community Chests to the brim. You can ease your journey and enjoy the scenery. You have free parking for life.


Time to play. Get your favourite music on the groove, be it fast or slow. Now Dance. Shake those limbs and let the music take you to new heights. Do a Lulu and twist and shout and move your body, and if fibromyalgia, arthritis, or any other ‘itis’ tries to prevent you, take it slow and easy.

Pretend you’re a prima ballerina. Let the music flow through your veins and muscles and every tendon in your body.

Gracefully awaken your body and dance. Move as best you can and be in the moment. BE THE BEST YOU CAN. Feel the beat as your body awakens. Dance to the rhythm of life.


Sing. Pardon, did I hear you say you can’t sing? You’re not auditioning for La Scala, or Sydney Opera house, or any of the world’s theatrical venues. You’re auditioning for your own life, your own joy. Croak it out baby! And if you don’t remember the words – google.

Failing that if you’re not technologically inclined, make the words up. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what your creative mind produces. Sing your heart out!

Sing as if your life depended on it. Guess what? It does. Every nuance in your voice will be highlighted, generating the incredible power that is inside you. This is what gives your life the SIGNIFICANCE IT DESERVES.



Stand in front of the mirror and polish your ego. This is your moment to be the XFactor in your own life. Shoulders back, head high and pose. Now out loud talk to your SELF. I am amazing. I am wonderful. I look fantastic. I am beautiful inside and outside.

I am happy. I am the BEST ME I will ever be. At this moment in time, I am at peace with myself and the world. I choose to live my life with respect for myself and all the people I love.

I choose to treat my mind and body with the sanctity they deserve and nourish them in the best possible way. I choose to live my life with self-care. I choose to be simply the best.


There are so many ways in which you can exercise those mental muscles, stretch them, and power them up. Crossword puzzles. Sudoku. Scrabble.

If that doesn’t float your boat, google Weird and Wonderful words. Treat yourself to three new words. Learn them.

Spell them. Know how to use them in context and impress yourself as well as your family and friends. Or read through my blogs again and you should find a few pearls.

Set aside any preconceptions you may have and read a classic novel. Revel in the glorious descriptions and the decadence of another era.

You can download free classics from Amazon kindle. Alternatively, treat yourself and buy one, be it new or pre-loved. The choice is endless. The choice is yours. Mentally prance and dance and free your mind and allow it access to new realms.


young couple

Find a happy place to sit and relax. Close your eyes. Time to offer the universe gratitude for all the greatness in your life. ‘I offer gratitude for the food on my table. I offer gratitude for the clothes on my back.

I offer gratitude for the roof over my head. I offer gratitude for the free-flowing water in my home. I offer gratitude for all the love in my life. I offer gratitude for my inner peace, joy, and deep serenity.

I offer gratitude for my health, spiritual wealth, and happiness. I offer gratitude to the universal power for protecting and guiding me to a place of safety. In this moment in my life all is well and I am at peace. For this I offer gratitude.

Allow yourself to smile,

Allow yourself to be happy,

Allow yourself to hop and skip and enjoy life,

Allow yourself time out – just for you,

To sit quietly

And listen to the waves lap upon the shore,

Watch the raindrops dance on the windowpane,

Lift your face to the sun,

Be warmed in heart and spirit.

Allow yourself to live,

Allow yourself to – just be.

©Helena Abrahams

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  1. I definitely agree with the idea of using this time to read a classic novel. It helps to give and maintain perspective on how the world does and doesn’t change. In order to avoid becoming too sedentary, using a library app to access free audio books to listen to while doing chores or exercising is something I find enjoyable and worthwhile–just make sure you like the narrator’s voice and reading style, or it’s just one more thing to feel angsty about, and who needs that?

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