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My name is Helena Abrahams and I’m from the West of Ireland, where we currently live. I’ve been married to Richard for almost 40 years and. (Bravery award pending). We have 3 beautiful adult children, 2 sons and a daughter. They are the treasures in my kingdom.

We also have 5 gorgeous grandchildren. Our sons and grandchildren live in Cape Town, their dad’s place of birth and our daughter lives in Arizona. We lived in London for 22 years, Cape Town for 2 years and have been in Ireland for the past 14 years.

I have fibromyalgia, but I am fortunate that the doctors and staff at the pain clinic in Galway are so amazing. I get pain block infusion and injections twice a year. Brain fog, pain, and exhaustion, are just some of the symptoms, so it’s often difficult to remain motivated. There’s no pattern so planning is difficult. I will talk about Fibro another time.

My Hobbies

Walking by our local river or sitting by the waterfall, I find very therapeutic. I love reading and on average read 3 books every week. I am also passionate about words and the joy they bring to people is amazing, whether it’s a poem, a novel or a special card. Words strung together to paint an image or a picture, to re-create special moments, to celebrate life, to tell a story.

I first started writing poetry in my teens. Well, who doesn’t? I was fortunate that some of them were published and I was paid 1 guinea each and for a very long one, I was paid 5 guineas. Guineas was part of the currency in my youth and that really dates me.

My Dreams and Aspirations

My great ambition was to write a novel, (me and the rest of the world), but raising a family and working, rarely gave me any time to myself. Over the years I continued with my verses many of which were inspired by my children and husband.

In 1999 I wrote a series of spiritual verses which were published by a small company. I wrote more verses and created a series of cards which were sold in a few shops in South London. This continued when we moved to Cape Town. I continued to write, make the cards and sell them at craft fairs.

The demand was so large that I had to find a printing company. I was elated when a company offered to make and print them and offered me royalties. Meanwhile I could continue to sell my own bespoke cards. Their role was to supply shops. No this did not make me cash-rich, but it brought very special people into my life who I may not have met otherwise.

I have written two novels available on Amazon

my page



Both are available on Kindle Amazon!


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