It’s a long road that never ends. Every day you get up early, prepare for work, stand in the bus queue, or get stuck in a traffic jam – determined not to think. You know if you don’t think or focus on your circumstances, then you’ll be okay. Feeling just okay is acceptable to you. Go to work. Come home. Prepare food. Eat. Watch TV. Go to bed. Your salary is low and just enough to pay the bills. You’re getting by. 

Why should you expect more? This is your life – simple and without any expectations.This is your life and you must accept it. 

‘Really? Have you heard of a place called Hope?’ 

‘Yes. It’s a fool’s paradise, no different to imagining I could win the lottery?’ ‘Do you play the lottery?’ 

‘No way! That would be a total waste of money and anyway I’m not a winner. I’m the drone and the world needs drones. Reliable, steadfast workers who get on with their job, achieve whatever goals the powers that be have set for them. My motto is – keep it simple and don’t rock the boat. I get by.’ 

‘Is that enough for you?’ 

‘What more is there? This is the road I have to travel.’ 

‘Where does that road take you?’ 

‘Roads don’t have to take you anywhere. You can just keep on walking, keep your head down, and just be.’ 

‘How would you feel if there was an arrow pointing to A Place Called Hope?’ ‘I would be on the wrong road. There is no place called Hope. That’s just an illusion created to make us feel better about ourselves.’ 

‘Walk with me to Hope. I would be glad of your company.’ 

‘I’ve seen friends and colleagues try to take other routes, try to change what they had, and it always ended up in tears. My way is the best way. Expect nothing, just do what you have to do. Accept whatever circumstances you’re in, but I’ll walk with you if only to prove my point.’ 


It wasn’t long before they reached Hope. A sign offering vacancies for work caught their attention. 

Looking for hard-working, loyal and focused employees for our Trainee Management Programme.

‘Well, are you going to apply?’ 

He shrugged. ‘Even if I did, I wouldn’t be successful. What do I have to offer them? No chance.’ 

He read the sign again. Suddenly, his eyes lit up and he stood tall. Hope has that effect on you. 

‘May as well. I’ve got nothing to lose. It’s strange how suddenly my mind is full of new ideas. See that shopfront, it’s not inviting. And look at the window displays, they’re tired and lack lustre. Yes, I’m going to apply. I’m going to get this job and next year I’ll go on holiday for the first time ever. I might even buy a car.’ 

‘You’re looking into the future now and seeing all the wonderful possibilities? That’s what Hope does. It gives you impetus.’ 

‘Thank you for showing me the way.’ 

‘Oh, you already knew the way, but chose not to take it. You had an easy life instead of one filled with excitement and endless possibilities. You’ve made the choice now and remember to help others along the way.’ 



We do have choices in life, but they demand action. Thinking positive and throwing out good thoughts to the universe will empower us up to a certain point. Living in hope for a better life, a better future, is conducive to our mental well-being, but we need to plug that feeling of hope not only into the universal power, but the personal power we all have. 

The world turns slowly on its axis bringing us from day to night, light to darkness, the circle completing. Think of it as a balance like Yin and Yang. Two halves completing the perfect circle. 

We can choose not to see the light, especially when our minds trick us into believing that it doesn’t exist. We trudge on with the self-belief that there is no other way. This is our lot in life and we must accept it. How can we change that? 

First of all, don’t allow financial constrictions to prevent your progress. It’s amazing how many inexpensive courses are available. Don’t allow fear to hold you back from approaching your employer and discussing your career opportunities. You may be pleasantly surprised. 

Check online and find a life-coach to help you structure your plan. Many life-coaches offer free sessions because they are passionate about helping people. Research and avail of every possible resource, choosing to use all your talents and upgrading those you have. 

Define and refine your goals. Get out of the ditch and back on the road to A Place Called Hope.


The right road to travel varies from person to person. There is no ‘one size fits all’ scenario. Why? Because we are all different. We have different strengths and skills. We have different mind-sets. It’s important to acknowledge what your strengths are and know that you can develop new skills. 

See yourself as an athlete training for the Olympics, working every day, strengthening your muscles, increasing your speed and pushing yourself to the limit. Why? Because you’re passionate about what you’re doing and you want to win. 

Whatever road you have chosen to take in life – stride out with fervour, power walk, and be totally committed. Learn something new everyday and increase your passion for life. Stand tall and focused and continue on the right road. 



Be aware of where you are on the road, and acknowledge that occasionally you may have to change your route. That’s not a sign of weakness or failure, it’s a sign of development. Nothing you have done up to now is wasted. Quite the opposite. You’ve learned and developed new skills, learned how to strategize and grasp new opportunities. Most importantly your mind-set is on a higher level. You see more clearly. 

There will be setbacks, but don’t give up. See the setbacks as growth and learn how to re-align. Trust your inner instincts. You’re allowed to pause on your journey and take time to reflect. Re-adjustments of the personal goals you’ve set are a learning curve. 

Never be despondent that your time-frame on achieving those goals has increased. The reason for this will become clear later on your journey, that Eureka moment when everything makes sense. Sure the ‘when’ is important, but the ‘how’ is what powers it. 

I look forward to meeting you in A Place called Hope, knowing that you remained committed and never gave up. You’ve exceeded the personal goals you set. What a wonderful gift to yourself.

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