Every colour has a different meaning. Our attraction to a particular colour is often psychological, associated with a memory of a person or event. Different cultures have different meanings adding depth to our surroundings. Therefore, the colours we choose to wear or decorate our homes with are subjective. 

According to scientists the human eye can see up to 1000 dark to light levels of colour, and about 100 of yellow-blue and red-green. Generally, our perception is of the primary colours we are familiar with, what we have been taught. Imagine millions of colours in all their different shades, a rainbow feast for our eyes, absorbing light, shade and shadow. 

The colours artists choose for their paintings may reflect the scene they are painting, or reflect their internal conversation at that particular time. If you are a synesthete, it means you see or hear colour when you read words or numbers; shapes when you hear music, or even taste something abstract in form. Just a few examples of synesthesia, a combination of sensory experiences that meld into one glorious recipe for life. 



If paintings could be my map of life, this is what I would choose. A rose-tinted view of my life helps me to overcome those moments of unease when the world seems to tilt precariously. Splattering the dark walls that block my way with vibrant bright colours so that I can continue on my journey, with a smile on my face. 

Teasing glimpses of the blue sky encourages me to move forward, and a dash of brown ensures my journey is an honest one. The purity of white indicates a sense of innocence and shows me all the new beginnings. 

There is always more than one new beginning. That’s the beauty of our lives. There is no full stop as such and we can always start again. Touches of black are not always a lack of light or despair, but also about the great mystery of life, the wonderful story we all have to tell. 



Travelling through the maze of life is the creation of one’s story, a depiction of our inner selves, brush strokes adding the orange glow of creativity and enthusiasm, thus making our journey more enjoyable. 

Red blood courses through my veins, energizing me, mentally and physically, strengthening me, but also at times reminding me of danger ahead. 

The purple road is a wonderful mystery for me to unravel, an inner seeking for spirituality leading me to pastures new. And there the golden sun shines brightly, a wealth of sun rays empowering me, adding love and magic to my life.

Blue in all its shades from the lightest to midnight blue, a reflection of the skies above brings added depth to my life and a sense of peace, and my life ebbs and flows like the light reflecting blue seas. 

The natural world boasts many shades of green, giving birth to new growth and revitalization, elements I imbibe as I walk down life’s shady lanes, my eyes feasting on the greenery that surrounds me, giving me respite from daily chores. 



What maze shall I choose for my map of life? What colours will enhance my progress, creating a life of vibrancy and wonder? Will purple transform all that I do, giving it more depth? Perhaps the red road will make me more courageous, allay my fears of trying something new, lead me to true love. Do I follow the yellow brick road with an optimistic view of the world, seeking enlightenment and perceiving life’s trials and tribulations as minor hiccups? 

The maze of life is rich with colour, and has many roads for us to travel. The colours we choose to paint our lives with may help us on our journey. And as with anything in life they have an opposite, a darker shade, one we try to avoid, but it’s not always possible, hence the need to follow a map that allows you to grow and develop. A map with pathways leading to serenity and the ultimate of our lives. 

Finding ourselves on a dark road does not mean we won’t find a way out, or see an exit sign ahead. Use your internal paint brush and paint with bright strokes of hope and positivity. 

Remember the maze has pathways that seem to lead you nowhere. Just turn back and try again. When you exit the maze with a sense of accomplishment and start your new journey, it will be easier now that you know your strengths. Choose the colours that shade your life wisely. Choose your path wisely. 

Linear movements 




Continue forward 

Equations of colour 

Striking at the heart 

Explosion of feelings 

Once inert

Now exposed white on white 

Follow the hand 

That holds the brush 

The brush that shapes and creates 

Follow the hand 

That bleeds its story 

Onto the canvas white on white 

© Helena Abrahams 


To quote Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz: 

“If we walk far enough we shall sometime come to someplace.” 

We all want to arrive ‘someplace’. That’s the reason for our journey. Make ‘someplace’ a place that is worthy of You, your dreams and values, a place of tranquillity. You can take the high road or the low road. You can choose an easy route or a longer, more difficult one. Use your internal compass to guide you. Live a glorious and honourable life – healthy, wealthy, and wise. 

Study your A-Maze-Ing maps and ensure your journey is vibrant with colour. Remember that whatever route you take will bring you to your desired destination. Your destiny awaits. Choose your map and have an Amazing and Awesome life. 



You have now entered a new doorway, 

Leading you onto an exciting path in life, 

Covered with a mosaic of many shapes and colours; 

Your strength of character and will to win, 

Will help you to reshape those mosaics, 

Creating new pathways, 

Ensuring you live a life of glory and honour. 

©Helena Abrahams

Check out the many wonderful musicians and artists, past and present, who are considered to be synesthetes. You may experience their work on a different level, and also gain a wider explanation and deeper understanding of synesthesia.

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