How many times have you said – ‘If only I had done…’ or ‘If only I had known…’ You assume your actions would have been different, or that a particular catastrophe would not have happened. Dump the assumptions. Dump the ‘if only’ scenario. By looking back and wandering in the ‘IF’ territory you can’t see the road ahead. How can you plan for the future if you are living in the past? From now on whenever that two letter word tries to trip you up, give it a good shove off the planet.

You are now living with purpose in a land that sees and knows the glory of your future. Your actions and thoughts today and every day from now on will be positive
and forward-thinking. No more adverbs that make you look over your shoulder at scenarios that are done, dusted, and defunct, stuff that can’t be changed. Therefore, you are now striding forward with confidence.

‘Therefore, my actions are clear and I am working with a strong purpose towards my goals.’


But I have no confidence. But I don’t understand. But I can’t do it.’ BUTT that ‘but’ right out of your mind. It’s clouding your judgement and creating unnecessary doubts. Hence, you are clear about your objectives. They are clearly sign-posted and there is nothing in your way. Move forward. Stride out with confidence. And if one more ‘but’ dares to trip you up on your journey, DO NOT hesitate to kick it out of your way. Thus, you are achieving your goals with ease and speed. Thus, (such a lovely word) you are henceforth in the future of your choosing.

‘Henceforth, I choose to be optimistic, successful, and the champion of my own present and future.’



How many times have you said – ‘I can’t do it. I can’t swim. I can’t write that essay – it’s too difficult. I can’t! I can’t! I can’t!’ STOP! Get off the ‘I can’t’ train and cop on. Of course, you can do it! ‘But my teacher said… But my friend said… But…’ When I told you to kick ‘but’ out of your way I didn’t tell you to follow it. The only person stopping you from doing anything is Yourself. So, enable Yourself to do all these wonderful things in life. Learn to swim and tame the waves of the universe. Sit down and write and win the Pulitzer Prize. Run the London and the New York marathons. Climb Mount Everest. Don’t think about it. Just do it. Someone has to. Why not you?

My husband Richard was a I can’t write essays person. ‘My teacher told me I was no good at essays echoed around his brain and built a huge wall in front of him. He had an essay to write and was stuck. ‘I can’t do it.’ Seven words were on the screen, so he had made a start. He couldn’t move forward and just kept repeating his negative mantras. Unusual for him as he’s such a positive guy. We encouraged him and within a short space of time he started to write. Seven words developed and grew into thousands. He moved forward not only believing he could write but KNOWING he could. I’m proud to say he gained his degree. Enabling yourself to do what might seem impossible, you are therefore enabling yourself to be the best possible You. How amazing is that!

‘I can do it. I can reap the rewards of my positive actions. I can choose my future. I can be true to myself. I can do it.’



‘When I lose weight, I’ll go swimming. When I lose weight, I’ll join the gym.’ Huh! Paradox looming on the horizon. Who cares about your thunder thighs or flabby bits? Tell that bitchy voice in your head to take a hike, or a running jump into the deep end. No-one is looking at YOU! Seriously. Change your thinking pattern. ‘Consequently, I will lose weight when I go swimming. Ergo, toned bod!’

‘When I win the lottery, I will be so happy.’ First and foremost, it would help if you played the lottery. Secondly, you don’t need to win any lottery to be happy, but there’s nothing wrong in dreaming and visualizing. What’s makes you happy? Having coffee with friends. Ring them NOW! Arrange a date.

What else makes you happy? Writing makes you happy. Then DO IT! You don’t need a special pen, or a fancy notebook, or top of the range computer. Just you and your thoughts flowing into Times New Roman or filling the blank pages in your notebook. Make those pages smoke and sizzle and sell 100 million copies like Stephanie Meyer with her Twilight Series? Personally, I’ll stick to a sizzling cookery book.

What else makes you happy? ‘Walking, but I don’t have time.’ Time is not your enemy. You are your own enemy. If you drive to work leave home ten minutes earlier and park further away, or just take a brisk walk before you prop your butt on a chair. Take a walk at lunchtime, instead of catching up with the gossip. A brisk walk in the evening, even ten minutes, and you’re on the road to success. Thence,
you can see yourself in a bright future, motivated and successful. Ergo-exercise-ergo-fitness-ergo-wellbeing.

Give yourself a special gift, the promise that you will NOW permit yourself to live life to the fullest, to create the small dreams as well as the big ones. Paint, draw, crochet, do the London Marathon, write poetry, write a novel, learn how to ice a cake, do an aromatherapy course, do a mechanic’s course so you can look after your own car, gain more qualifications. The choice is endless. The choice is yours. Not ‘When.’ Consequently – and thence it will all happen.

‘I promise myself to be the best that I can be. I promise myself to achieve and learn and be successful. I promise myself to be happy and serene.’



Dump your negative thoughts in the refuse bin now– refuse to entertain them. By moving the rubbish from your life, your path is now clear so you can move forward.

Remove the chip from your shoulder and leave the self-pity in the gutter where it belongs.

Like the page settings on your laptop set your thinking pattern and centre. Reset the map of your life that you have in your mind. Ensure it’s pointing you in the right direction.

‘The past does not define you.’ What you do NOW will define you. Action. No replay.

Set new parameters. When negative thoughts attempt to derail you delete – cancel – deny. Do not give them space. Instead, fill your mind with positive thoughts that leave no room for those wriggling niggling worms.

Are you on the right path in life? Stop. Think. Peruse. Check the Satnav of positivity. Shift into gear and move forward. There is only way to go. Remove all the nasty boulders and the blockages. The road ahead is clear and you can ROCK IT! Zoom! Zap it!

‘I’m the creator of my own destiny. I’m the driver of my own life. I’m ROCKING IT! OH YEAH!’

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