Whatever spiritual path you follow in life, we’re all ultimately climbing the same mountain, striving to get to the top. Whatever you call the Deity in your life: God, Allah, Jehovah, Elohim, The Supreme Being, ultimately we are acknowledging or praying to a universal power greater than ourselves. And during this world pandemic of Covid 19 everyone is in the same situation. Some people may have already lost loved ones with the added heartbreak of not being with them at that final moment. Others wait anxiously for news wondering if their sibling, or parent, or child will recover.

For many, Covid 19 is far from their minds as they experience the trauma of a dearly loved one fighting for their life, due to other circumstances. Praying and hoping the child of their heart will fully recover. Praying and hoping for a miracle to heal and restore. Trying to remain hopeful and serene at times like this is not easy. Take time today to reflect and retreat from the world.


Dear Lord,

Today I will give myself

The gift of time

With You

I will set aside all worries and cares

And sit quietly

With You

I will empty my mind of all worldly thoughts

And think only

Of You

I will then lovingly wrap

This precious gift of time

With You

And carry it with me

Throughout the day

©Helena Abrahams


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Autumn is upon us here in the Western Hemisphere. Days when we can revel in the sharpness of the fresh air, the clarity in the skies, the glorious sunsets, and gentle sunrises. Golden leaves drift slowly down from the trees creating a soft carpet for us to walk on. Sometimes they are crisp and crackle beneath our feet, ensuring we don’t forget to celebrate this season. And there is a great deal to celebrate, regardless of Covid 19.

Nature is all its glory is reminding us that now its time to rest, retreat a little. A few flowers are still blooming, having their final party before the winter siesta. Reminding us that it’s not all doom and gloom but promises which will be kept as the miracle of nature continues its cyclical journey. Open your eyes and see! Be part of that glorious journey: Retreat, rest, renew.


You gave me a garment of gold,

Shimmering in purest light,

You dressed me from head to toe,

In all your glory and might.

You gave me a cloud to rest on,

Softer then eiderdown,

Surrounded by colours so blue,

Calm and peaceful my home,

In this universal gown.

You gave me a rainbow to climb on,

Cool showers to wash away my woes,

And nature responded,

Trees reached out and sheltered me,

From all foes.

You gave me a life so wondrous,

As night-time follows day,

And skies lit up with starlight,

You showed me

The Way.

©Helena Abrahams


Finding your balance is never easy. Creating a sense of equilibrium in your life may seem like an impossible task. Close your eyes. Focus on your breathing. Inhale through your nose and feel how it fills your chest. Slowly, release, and exhale through your mouth. Feel and hear that faint whisper of sound, the air that is keeping you alive. Do this randomly throughout the day. It’s an unobtrusive moment of remembrance, remembrance of your life, remembrance of your strength. A celebration of living.

Revel in the glory of nature as you walk along rural pathways, imbibing all the tranquillity it offers. Every rock and stone has a story, centuries old, ghosts of the past walking with us on our journey. Cast your gaze up towards the vast expanse of sky, an ever-changing canopy of shade and light. Feel the greatness inside you as you become one with nature.



If you are city bound rest assure there will be a park or even some trees planted for pleasure. You may feel too embarrassed to hug the tree but do touch it. Feel its strength. Feel its energy. Alternatively, you can find a restful image online and allow yourself to inhabit that space even for a few moments. Clear your mind of all worries and cares and focus on the image. What colours can you see? How many trees are there? Is there a river? Perhaps you’ve chosen the image of a mountain. Feel your legs move as they climb up and up. Feel the soft breeze caress your face, keeping you cool. Whatever image you choose, allow yourself to be a part of it, and give you the healing respite you need.



You can hear the wind rustle in the trees,

The sound of the rain, gently restoring, washing the earth’s plains.


You can see the sunlight, rainbow colours glinting,

Shining through the clouds.


The wind caress your face, the sun warm your heart,

The depth of the sea,

The glory of the skies,

The colour of the leaves,

The Autumn barren-ness waiting to be renewed – reborn,

Yet rich in hues of gold and shades of brown.

Colours – colours of nature,

Nature in all its glory, in abundance,

Truly this is God,

God’s signature upon the earth.

©Helena Abrahams



Prayer is a solemn request for help. Whatever words you use, whatever language, whatever deity you talk to – it comes from deep within us. Stripped bare of ego we plead for guidance. It’s a heartfelt request for help, a moment so sublime as we focus deep within ourselves finding an answer, finding peace, a way forward. Sometimes it’s a heartfelt thank you, gratitude offered for healing us or our loved ones, body, mind, and spirit. Always make time for gratitude, and also for the greatness of your life. Never lose your sense of awe and wonder.


There are times in life,

When we need,

A helping hand,

A healing hand,

A hopeful heart,

There are times when we need,

Someone special

In whom we can entrust our loved ones,

You provide all that and more,

You have been there to heal and help,

Support and give willingly of your time,

You have reached out and touched our lives –

We say Thank You,

From the bottom of our hearts.

©Helena Abrahams


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