Write down 20 new things you can do this year and do them.

Most people begin the New Year with one or two resolutions, determined to stick to them. It doesn’t always work out and the best of intentions get lost as the weeks progress.

Well guess what, 2020 is the year you will make your resolutions achievable and come true. Why? Because you have made the resolution.

You want it to happen. You know you will be successful, and you know how good you will feel. Congratulations on taking the first step!



‘I must lose weight.’ Change that to ‘I will lose weight.’ A few days later to ‘I am losing weight.’ You can join Weight Watchers or Slimming world whichever one appeals to you, or do it yourself.

Weight Watchers, for example has a very long list of free foods and there is no calorie counting. Neither is it restrictive. Normal food for normal people. You might prefer to have a one to one with a dietician. Some pharmacies offer this service and it can be as little as five euro a week.

Don’t think: ‘I have to lose two stone.’ Think ‘This week I will lose two pounds’ You can now say ‘I am losing weight,’ because it’s true. We all lose weight at different rates, our metabolisms our different and if someone wants to lose seven pounds, that could be a little slower than the person whose goal is two stone or more.

Don’t let that put you off. If you get on the scales one week and you haven’t lost any, so what. You’ve haven’t gained either. Don’t listen to that negative gnome in your head.

And just because you may have what you consider a bad day and you eat a huge piece of cake, work out the points or whatever system you’re using. Get back on track and don’t dare say: ‘What’s the point?’ Don’t give up! Each step is taking you closer to your goal.

Congratulations. You have done it! Enjoy that feeling of accomplishment.



Let’s look at the excuses people use not to exercise. ‘I can’t afford to go to a gym. I don’t have time. I’ll start next week. I’m too tired. I don’t have the right gear. Now the excuses you can use to exercise. ‘I don’t need a gym. I have time. I’ll start now.

It will give me energy. I don’t need any special gear. So here we go! If you’re going solo on this exciting expedition have a look online and You Tube for some ideas or get a book from the library. A bit of research will motivate you. Wear comfortable clothes, tracksuit and trainers, or whatever is best for you. Do a few stretches to warm up.

Don’t forget to remind your partner to bath the kids and put them to bed before you leave the house. Walk briskly for three minutes, then slow down for another three or so.

Do not over do it. You want this to become a habit. So, make your first walk 10 minutes. Increase it daily until you get to 20 minutes. Perhaps you prefer to do 3 walks a week.

The secret in sustaining any exercise is to keep it to a manageable level, something you enjoy and will keep doing. You’re not training for the Olympics. Congratulations! You’re on the road!


If you decide to take this route, have an assessment done by one of the instructors and a 6-week plan. Going to a gym 3 times a week is quite addictive.

You feel so good afterwards. Some days you think: ‘I’m too tired,’ or ‘I’ just skip today.’ NO! You can do this! You do not SKIP today unless it’s with a skipping rope. Go to the gym and do your workout. If half-way through you really do feel exhausted, that’s fine. Go home.

You’ve done half a work-out which is better than no work-out. That’s my motto. You’ll find as your serotonin levels rise you really get into the groove and the move.

Gyms aren’t all about machines and fancy equipment. Your instructor will have given you floor work to do on the mat; resistance work at the bar with the stretch bands and muscle building with light weights.

If you suffer from neck or back problems this is the best place to be, provided you have told the instructor and of course got your doctor’s approval. Some of you may be appalled at this.

I have fibromyalgia and back and neck problems. I go to the gym 3 times a week even if I’m away from home. The pain clinic I attend is totally in agreement and wishes more of their patients would follow suit. My aim is to strengthen my muscles and remain mobile.

Oughterard, where I live, has a fantastic community gym with excellent instructors. It’s affordable, even offering 2 midday sessions twice a week for 3 euro a class; special deals if you’re over 60 and for students. The list is endless, and they also run a ton of classes if you prefer those instead. Check your area. You might be pleasantly surprised at what is available.


Why not get a few friends together and make a plan. You can walk together on a regular basis or run if that’s your preference. You can encourage and motivate here other and even have your own weigh in.

It won’t cost you anything and the only thing you will lose is a few pounds and probably more! You will gain a lot. Muscle tone. More energy. ‘Me Time – we all need that, and quality time spent with pals.



Start with 5 minutes every day. If you want to increase it do it slowly. Build it up to a level that you know you will continue with. All you need is a quiet area, a cushion if you like sitting on the floor and some contemplative music just to get you in the zone. Get up 10 minutes earlier. You know you want to. It soon becomes a daily habit, and an amazing start to the day.


‘I must re-organize this year.’ What’s stopping you? Just do it! Set a start date and a completion date. Be practical about it. Write down the plan. Focus on one room at a time.

Watch Marie Kondo for some tips and to get you in the mood. Make sure you have enough time and preferably the house to yourself. Remember one room at a time and the sense of achievement when you’ve completed the task is awesome!

Congratulations you have decluttered. The charity shop will collect if you have (of course you do) lots of stuff to give away. You found those precious earrings you thought were lost forever, and you found a treasure trove of old photos and love letters. Now these can be stored in a beautiful box. Why not go to craft lessons or watch UTUBE and make your own treasure chest.


Tai Chi, Yoga, Art, Calligraphy, Tapping, or whatever takes your fancy, they are all available online or at a local class. The world is at your feet offering you an incredible choice of amazing stuff you can do in 2020.

Even if you only do 1, whether it’s a daily walk, or to lose a few pounds, or take up art, it’s the greatest gift you can give yourself this year. Make 2020 the year you focused on YOU.

Make 2020 the year of personal achievement. Make 2020 the year of ‘I CAN DO.’ Congratulations. You have done in with ease and joy. Happy New You.

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